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PPC 2nd surgery go around with HIPEC treatment


I did my research and decided to go to Piedmount Hospital in Atlanta, GA. and use DR. McBroom for the HIPEC treatment. He did debulking and the HIPEC on 4-26-18. For chemo during the treatment he used MITOMYCIN-C. He filled my abdomen area with chemo for a long time. After the surgery I was able to get up the next day. I spent about 2 weeks at the hospital then was release to come back to Florida. Last week on 7-05-18 I had my first CAT SCAN and waiting for the results. The Georgia doctor recommended an inhibitor drug called Zejula for treatment for life. I have not had any kind of chemo yet after the surgery. I feel a lot better than the first surgery and getting better. The first surgery left cancer tumors behind. I received Carboplatin and Taxol chemo intravenous infusion. This caused a lot of damaged to my sensors: tingeling sensations, numbness, loss limb control, hair loss, etc... This time I feel a lot better and no hair loss. I will be going back to work at the end of July to resume my career at aged 66. I made this post as short as possible, if you need more info in details please you're welcome to ask. I will try to keep you updated on my treatments and how I'm doing.

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I think you made a wise choice and I totally applaud your courage in seeking out this treatment.

Best wishes for your continued recovery,


Hi, Mariahmd. Thank you for sharing this. Just today I went to Yale for my 3 month follow up. I originally had surgery for stage 3 oC in 2015 and had 1st recurrence this past February. It was a tiny nodule 5mm and gone now after 6 sessions of carbo/taxol. They talked to me about zejula today and are strongly urging me to go on this so as to keep any upcoming recurrences at bay. Last chemo has left me with the numbness, tinnitus and joint pain. Not so bad once you get used to it. My dr. will be contacting me once he gets approved through insurance. My co-pay will be $600 per month.

Just mostly wondering how you are feeling on this drug. Any insight would be wonderful as I am pretty ridden with anxiety.

Thank you!


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