Did anyone with PPC have rectal pain?

Hi everyone,

This is my second post. I'm so grateful for this forum. I have stage 3 PPC and have just completed my first round of chemo (carbo/Tax; Tax; Tax). I have two more rounds (six weeks) scheduled followed by surgery. OMG I have so much more empathy for what you all have gone through. Thanks for the support.

I have rectal pain that is not improving. Years ago I had hemorrhoid surgery and the feeling is the same - a deep, bearing down pain inside the rectum. It's agony to go from sitting to standing. My oncologist says it is cancer pain and that it should improve with treatment. I am treating it with Tylenol (acetaminophen) and additional Advil (ibuprofen). I don't want to go the opiod route because of the constipation aspect, which has also been difficult.

Did any of you struggle with this rectal pain? Did it go away with chemo? With surgery? I'd appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks.

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  • Yes, I think I had that. I had trouble sitting in the chair for chemo first time - also I had got very thin and bony. And yes, it went away after one or two chemos! I'd forgotten about it until you reminded me. I'm well now. I'm classed as ovarian 3C rather than PPC, though they did wonder initially if it was PPC.

  • Hi Kat - Yes! This was one of my biggest problems. It was to do with the tumour pressing on the bowel. I had carbo and taxol chemo weekly for 18 weeks and after about 4 or 5 rounds it was improving (and by the end completely went away) I also was put on pregabalin (was on opiates too which did help) but the pregabalin is good for nerve pain and there are a LOT of nerves in this area which is why it can be so excruciating. It may be worth asking aboout being put on that until things start improving.

    Sadly mine has recently returned and so has the rectal pain so am back on the drugs just so I can function while waiting for chemo to begin. Wishing you pain free times asap. I really know how awful this type of pain can be and it's sure not fun. xxx

  • I too have PPC - 3 1/2 yrs down the line having had 3 lines chemo plus debulking surgery. Just wondering if you suffer from constipation at all because I do during chemo and the pain you describe is just like my acute constipation when it comes. As long as I follow the regime of one sachet Laxido at night followed but one capsule Dioctyl the following morning, I am OK. I have to do this now whether on chemo or not.

    Just a thought!


  • I too have PPC.I had one reoccurance.I am stable right now.No scans unless I get symtoms. About a month ago I went to the hospital with extreme pain in the same area.After 4 hours was given pain pills and bowel meds.I take milk of magnesium now so not to become constipated.I know what your going through.It was worse pain ever since having my children.Keep your bowels moving.I will see my oncologist in two months to go over this with her.She may do a scan to see If I have reoccurred. Hopefully it was just constipation.I don't want to go through that again.Best of luck with you. Take care.Hopefully you get this under control soon.Lynn💙💙

  • Yes I had terrible rectum pain but it went away after second chemo, after surgery I was classed as ovarian 3c cancer but surgeon seemed to think it started in my Fallopian tube and spread to the peritoneam. Good luck with your treatment and know we are all here with you.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • Thank you all so much! I can't tell you how relieved I feel to know that I am not alone with this problem. I will have my 4th chemo tomorrow and hopefully the rectal pain will abate somewhat with the treatment, as you all mentioned. I'll ask my onc about the nerve medication too. I work daily on constipation issues trying to find a routine that works for me, and I've definitely incorporated many of the suggestions I've read in this forum. It's funny, though, because I'm in the US and some things are named differently! I definitely feel better (pain is better) when I'm not stopped up. Having had IBS most of my life, elimination issues are not new to me, but this is over the top. Onward I/we go on this crazy journey. Thanks for the support and information. Angels that you all are. Love from across the pond Seattle, WA

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