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feeling positive

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today was the day i got my ct scan results and to say i had nightmares and didnt sleep much last night was an understatement! I had a panic attack whilst driving to see my oncologist but came out with what she said was good news. The ct scan said my cancer had responded to chemotherapy so another 3 more cycles of carboplatin then another ct scan and hopefully watch and wait. SO HOLIDAY ABROAD is planned thanks for letting me share this with you all


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Time to celebrate. 🥂

The best news. So pleased for you. Enjoy your holiday xxxx

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amandanewe2 in reply to Kryssy

thank you I am scared though as i know at some point i will get bad news but for now i feel positive xxx

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Kryssy in reply to amandanewe2

Don't worry about that future point. Enjoy the now. xxx

That is great news! Very happy for you! 😊🎉

xx Gina

Great news, woohoo! X

So pleased to hear that, not just on your account, but because I am just starting on second line, and hoping for same result of scan after three lots! Always good to hear positive news.

good look hun hugs xxxxx

Great to hear such positive news!! Celebrate and enjoy your holiday to the max!! 😎🍹

Liz xx

Brilliant news xx

Brilliant news xx

Good news / enjoy the now - worrying is natural but it would be shame to waste the time we have been given in fretting about the unknown xxx

thank you xxx

Great news onwards and upwards

Fantastic enjoy it and celebrate!

Very pleased for you. Enjoy your holiday .

Great News! I have a scan in 3 weeks and although I'm feeling really well there's always a bit of uncertainty there! However, you're on the Right Track! Enjoy your holiday! I'm sure there will be many more to come! Take care! Dawn!xx🥂🥂😀😀🍰🍰☕

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amandanewe2 in reply to babyboy1

thats exactly how i felt after the shock of diagnosis,he realisation, the not working, the fatigue i couldnt believe i'd get good news but its ace.

Excellent news, go enjoy your holiday, the future will take care of itself so try to enjoy the now. ❤️Xx Jane

So pleased for you, Amanda! Happy holiday planning. Solange xx😊

Very happy for you. Now get yourself off on holiday and have a brill time. Gwen xx

Always makes the holiday MUCH better to go away with such nice news. Congrats and enjoy! ox Judy

Great news, onwards and upwards with a big smile. Xx

thank you xxxxxx

That's Wonderful News! Start planning that Holiday!xxxDawn!🌺🐞🐝

Congratulations that's great news. ❤Liz

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