Lung Nodules

Hi, I got a letter today from the hospital re my scan I had on the 9th January. It said there was no residual cancer in my abdomen but I now have a 9.8mm nodule in my lung. I have to go for another CT scan in April to check if it has grown. I was just wondering if anyone else had been told they had a nodule on the lung and if so what was the outcome.

Thanks All Babs x x

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  • Hi Babs,

    I had nodules (but not on the lung) after my first scan, they keep an eye on them, they haven't come to anything, when I had a recurrence it had nothing to do with the nodules.

    Best wishes love x G x

  • When i had a scan investigation they found i had a nodule in my lung also pancreas, the out come was they chose to ignore it , they said they were happy it was not cancer. I didnt ask the size. I have since had an hystrectomy to remove falopian tube, appendix which was the primary. I am now having chemo to clear up anything left in pelvis bed. Dont know if this helps you. love Marg xxx

  • Thanks Marg, I am sure my nodule is nothing serious I have also had my tubes and all the other bits removed and finished my chemo in November.

    Love Babs x x

  • Hi Gwyn, Thanks for your reply I feel so well I am sure my nodule is nothing to worry about, I have had several replies and everyone says not to worry.

    Love Babs x x

  • Hi Babs xx

    I have pleural nodules and have done for over a year. Thankfully tho they haven't changed , I have been on and off chemo since diagnosis oct 2010. I did have a lot of problems with pleural effusions but I had a big op feb last year and touch wood , no problems since. I get occasional aches around that area but nothing else.

    I m so glad your scan was ok other than that and don't worry yourself about it. You would know if you had a problem effecting your lung.

    Loads of love

    Coco xx

  • Hi Coco thanks for your reply. I feel great in myself and Im back working and doing all my normal daily chores. I am sure the nodule is nothing to worry about but they are giving me a CT scan in April just to check things.

    Love Babs x x

  • Dear Babs

    I'm at a loss to know what to say. You'd have thought your hospital would give you a shout to make an appointment to give you this information so you can ask any questions. Can you arrange a meeting very soon. It's probably nothing to worry about but it is worrying to have a letter and no one to ask

    I hope you can speak to someone soon to reassure you this is all fine. What is good news is the report that your abdo scan is clear. That is brilliant.

    Hope you're well apart from this. I know you were a bit worried a while back but I've assumed you're busy working so all is well.

    Loads of love and hugs. xxx Annie

  • Hi Annie, Yes I have been busy working but I still enjoy my job and would hate to give it up. I did speak to the hospital today and they are booking a CT scan for me in April to check the nodule. I am sure all will be fine I am not going to have negative thoughts.

    Love to you Babs x x

  • Hi Babs

    I completely agree with Annie. The only positive is that it may be possible that the hospital did not deem it serious enough to tell you about the nodule at an appointment I hope someone will tell you sooner rather so you don't have to worry about it. Fantastic news about the that the abdominal scan is clear.

    SA100 X

  • Hi thanks for replying everyone says not to worry so I am not going to worry until I have my next CT scan.

    Love Babs x x

  • Hi Babs, I am so glad that the scan results were so good. It sounds as if the nodules are not a real cause for concern, you probably want to get it checked though. Have you got the number of the CNS at the hospital. How are you feeling in yourself? Hope the work isn't too hard to cope with? It's a busy job! :-o

    Let us know how things are going

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy, Well Im feeling great at the moment, work has been busy but I still enjoy it. They are booking me in for another CT scan in April and I have an appointment to see the doctor on May 20th to see if the nodule has grown. I am sure its nothing to worry about as you know I never look on the black side its chin up for me.

    Love Babs x x x

  • Hi Babs I started out with lung nodules which put me in the stage 4 camp but I had no symptoms from them at all until just before my first chemo - they are shrinking with chemo so I am imagining them shrinking more and more, they give me no trouble and my onc always rattles off a list of symptoms which I never have, so I figure no symptoms no worry and like you refuse to look on the negative side. Good luck with your scan and thinking of you xxxx

    Amanda xxxx

  • Hi Babs

    So glad to hear the abdo scan was clear. As regards the nodule it seems to me they are just monitoring it and not that concerned. Try not to worry too much- yes, I know that's easy to say but it won't help.

    Pleased to hear that work is fine.

    Love Anne xx

  • Hi Babs

    All I can say is we do have the same oncologist and I find she can be a bit dismissive of things sometimes. When I first saw her at my diagnosis in December 2011 she gave me all the details then almost said as a parting shot "there is a small amount of fluid on your lungs but we won't worry about that at the moment." Nothing was said again until I saw her last November when she said it was "slightly bigger." It has never given me any trouble so I tend not to think about it and would suggest you do the same. Stay positive and only worry about things if they give you problems, enjoy your life!

    Love Linda xxx

  • Hi Linda, I know what you mean about Dr J she is always very cheerful and always says things are fine. The nodule does not seem to cause any problems so lets hope it stays that way. I also showed her my back as I have a rather large lump on my shoulder blade she said it was a lipoma and in the letter she says they are going to scan it as they could not see it on my CT scan as its on my back.

    Still feeling positive and dont plan on giving in yet.

    Love to you Babs x x

  • Hi Babs

    Its certainly a worry when they drop something like this into the conversation but don't seem particularly worried about it. I have had 'things' show up on my lungs in scans that have sent me into a right tiz imagining the worst, but they have ended up vanishing. They explained that it could have just been an infection or something.

    I think the word 'nodule' just means they don't know what it is. It may even have vanished when you have your scan in April.


  • Hi Vicky,

    I thought my oncologist said he didn't know what my nodules were , but he did say they could be cause for concern, when I later queried this, he denied ever saying that he didn't know what they were, and said "of course I know what they are" but didn't (or wouldn't) expand on this, so I still don't know, what I do know is they haven't come to much, it is now four years down the line, but I don't think they've gone away either (not grown or shrunk) I am not going to worry about something that is not doing anything, but I hate not knowing...I wish the oncologist could understand this that I like to know the ins and outs of everything... arggghhh! but I am no worse off not knowing haha....Love x G x

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