3rd line treatment in less than 2 years!

Finished 2nd line carbo taxol on 28th March'17, CA125 still 150. Oncologist said wanted to keep me stable for 6 to 12 months. Wasn't too happy about this so my GP referred me for 2nd opinion at The Christie. Saw PJ, he examined me and said all was fine and expected CT scan to remain clear as it was before 2nd line. He said The Christie do not treat on raised CA125 alone. They wait until symptoms & / or evidence on CT scan. He said they scan a lot, every 2 months. Had my planned CT scan on 4th May'17 and told results on 15th May. Disease has progressed, nodules on omentum and diffused bits on peritoneum. Ca125 520. Seeing oncologist tomorrow for treatment plan. Think it will be Caelyx. It appears last 6 cycle of carbo taxol have not worked so would have been better to have been 'watch & wait'. Hey ho more treatment for me!

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  • Hi there, I am on my third line in just 2 years this time Caelyx. I have only had one so far my second Caelyx will be next week. The side effects haven't been too bad so far. I was shocked to find out I was starting my third line in just 2 years but I am back in fighting mode once again.

    What ever your team comes up with I wish you the very best. Please keep us up dated in cause you need questions answered. Good luck take care Cindyxx

  • Thank you. I've been on treatment since sept'15 & just so scary x

  • Hi there, sorry you haven't had a break its very tiring. I have had 29 treatments so far. It is very frightening you start wondering if anything is going to get you in a good place.

    Everyone is different & your next treatment could be the one that works well for you. I think we need to keep our finger cross. Take care Cindyxx

  • Hi sorry to hear that you are 3rd line, I've just started my 4 line in just over 2 1/2 years I know how you feel I'm so tried of being on chemo, second line was caelyx for 6 month it was not always easy but I managed the whole treatment and one good thing is it's every 4 weeks, so you do have a break, I did have some success on Caelyx stopped for a break my choice I wonted a Christmas with no chemo but my 125 started going up, so 3rd line was taxol this did not help at all so now I've had my first treatment of Carboplain and Caelyx, be course I had some success with both before.I'm hoping this will give me a remission for a while so I hope when you have your treatment is in place it will also give you the break you need and time to small the flowers🎉🎉...Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • why on earth to the give you more carbo/taxol when you recur in short time? anything less or near 6 month is considered platinum resistant.

    there is a trial for PARPs for women with platinum resistance. I don't have details but you can search and ask your onc about it.

  • Will ask today. Guess the cancer is just so unpredictable!

  • Will you stay at Christie's now to be treated then? I am also there, ( results on 16 th May!) nearly the same as you, but going onto 2 nd line soon, also caelyx as second scan in 2 months shows further progression... didn't ask about CA125 as I know it is rising fast!

    hope it goes well for you . I have made the choice to defer for a few weeks as my symptoms are not too bad - so we can get to Vancouver and see our daughter and young grandchildren.

    Janet 🌈

  • I'm not moving at the moment as Manchester over 2 hours for me. I'm at Nottingham and will find out treatment plan today. The Christie said they would see me whenever I wanted xx

  • Sorry to hear you need more chemo. It does get wearying being on it so long, mentally as well as physically. But caelyx wasn't too bad for me. I got away for weeks with family while I was on it, staying in cottages so I could rest when I needed to.

  • Did it work well? Do you lose hair. Mine is just starting to grow xx

  • I'm so sorry your having to go on third line treatment already. Are you having symptoms? If not, could you delay for a bit, say a month, just to give you a bit of a break. Chemo is tough and I so understand why you are finding this difficult. My oncologist is also of the same opinion as the Christie.

    Best wishes. Ann xx

  • Only just starting to have symptoms 8 months from when CA125 started to rise whilst still on Avastin. Feeling a bit bloated above belly button & lack of appetite especially in the mornings x

  • Then your doing the right thing starting chemo again. I do think we come to realize ourselves when the time is right. Hopefully the regime you are put on this time will give you a longer chemo free time. Best wishes. Ann xx

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