Had my third monthly calyx yesterday

Hi folks, got my chemo yesterday after seeing another doctor, my own oncologist is away on hols. Was OK till the doctor said my c125 had risen over a hundred now, last month it had gone up to 80 from 30 something. I will be having another ct scan before my next chemo, so keeping fingers crossed that it's not got any worse. Have a good weekend everyone, seeing my grandchildren today so that something good to look forward too. ☺ xx

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  • Enjoy your day xx

  • Enjoy your day with your grandchildren, Best of luck for the next scan

  • Grandchildren....... best medicine in the world :)

  • Thank-you for your posts, and yes I agree our grandchildren are the best medicine. They moved away two years ago so we didn't see them as much as we use to. But in two weeks time they are moving back to be nearer to us, they are looking forward to it and so are we. As anyone's ankles swollen up with the chemo they are on, not had that happen before today, wondering if it's the type of chemo I am on. Just a thought, hope you all have a great weekend, love Julie xxx

  • Could your swollen ankles be the result of surgery, did you have any lymph nodes removed? it could also be the hot weather,chemo or a combination of all three things.x

  • I think it must be the chemo, I will see the nurse on Monday when she comes to flush my line, and see what she says. Thankyou for your help. And best wishes sent to you. Julie xx

  • Hi my ankles started swelling after 2 nd line of Carbo / Taxol.


  • Thanks ellsey, I was on that last year but it didn't affect my ankles well I don't think it did 😃, this what I am on now is caelyex and I have just had my third treatment and I have it every four weeks, and this is the first time my ankles have swollen up so maybe it's a side effect of this drug. :-/ 😞xx

  • Grandchildren are such a tonic aren't they?

    Enjoy !

    Judy xx

  • Thanks chamber, yes they are xx

  • Sounds like a lovely day. CA can be just a blip try not to worry

    LA xx

  • Thanks LA, it was lovely to see them. Best wishes sent to you. Julie xx

  • Hello Juliette, I have only just joined this site and this is my first post. I had my first calyx last Friday & it 'kicked in' Tuesday - Severe pain where disease is and orange urine! And still like this now. Just wondered if you could let me know your experience with calyx.

    Hope you're having a wonderful time with your grandchildren.

    Very best wishes, Shannon X

  • Hi shanlynn, I started this caelyex on the 24th of may coupled with a glucose drip. I had pain in my stomach last year after I had the chemo and then had an operation called debulking surgery,. But I was on carboplatin and taxon, I lost my hair with that. But my hair has now growing back and not loosing it with the caelyex. The pain you are experiencing could be the chemo attacking the cancer, mention it to your oncologist or nurse. Thinking about you and sending you big hugs, you will find the people on here very helpful,. Keep in touch and the pain hopefully will soon go, they said my wee might turn orange but so far not not done. Love and best wishes Julie xx

  • Thanks for your reply Julie, very kind of you to get back to me so soon and thank you for your kind words - yes, hopefully it's attacking the disease, will stay tuned.

    Very best wishes, Shannon x

  • It's wonderful seeing our grandchildren, mine live up in Scotland but my daughter has already been here down South England with my wonderful grand children on numerous occasions as she knows it lifts my spirits being with them.


  • Good luck with your scan! I am sure you will enjoy being with your grandchildren today and have a great weekend. All the best!

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