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Feeling Positive again

Hi Everyone,

I had been feeling a bit down since I came out of hospital last week, having to sit and do nothing. I was also suffering really bad pains in my left side the only way I can describe it was like having a sword stuck into me. I went to my GP yesterday and apparently the pain was due to ibuprofen which I have now stopped taking. Today it feels like a carving knife in me so the pain is getting less now.

I have been reading everyone blogs which I did not always have time to do when I was working. I have picked up a few tips and read many different things on the Internet. I have listened to Dr, David Hamilton and I have been reading about The Bugwig Diet.

My thoughts are now very positive now and I'm going to be well again just as I was before the Cancer was diagnosed. I am not sure who wrote it but someone said they think of their cancer as weeds as their doctor had said it was seeding itself in her tummy. So last night when I went to bed I imagined myself weeding my tummy and filling a bag with weeds I had pulled out. ( No I am not going mad it is supposed to help) I have also been out today and bought the ingredients for the cottage cheese and Flax Seed oil mixture.

So come on ladies join me in positive thoughts and lets all feel better soon.

Love and Hugs Babs x x x

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Lovely blog Babs. I thought sitting doing nothing much would get you down.

I've also located my local health store you recommended for Flax Seed and Flax Seed oil. Apparently you can add turmeric, ginger and other things that are positive if you have cancer. I'm looking forward to reading a blog with the tastiest ever Budwig breakfast!

I rather liked Sandy's leaflet. It tells you to get out in the sun after breakfast, and have a glass of champagne and nibbles later on. Now that's my sort of complimentary medicine!!!!

love and positive hugs coming your way. xxx


Hi Babs

Glad the pain is easing a little and hope it will soon be gone.

It is lovely that you are feeling positive, I read the post about visualisation and was very impressed with it - must check out the webside it linked to before it disappears and I can't find it!

Sandy's leaflet sounds excellent!

Monique x


Thank you for this uplifting blog, Babs.

I am glad you are feeling positive again. It really helps the recovery process if we feel positive.

I am glad to hear that you have stopped taking the ibuprofen. I am surprised that you were not prescribed lansoprazole to take with ibuprofen. The two drugs should be given together after surgery. I found taking paracetamol 3 or 4 times a day for the first few weeks helped. I stopped taking the ibuprofen when I came home from the hospital since I had been given my 4th chemo. The pharmacist advised me not to take ibuprofen when I am on chemo when I first started chemo in July.

I wish you a speedy recovery. Lots of love, Samixa XX :-) :-)


Hi Babs, it is amazing how we can get quite plagued by the darkest thoughts and then can become so positive again and fight on, I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I take apricot kernals, tumeric tablets and cinnamon and honey along with the usual vitamins and minerals. It certainly helps me psychologically and people say I look well! love Diane xxx :)


Positive thoughts winging your way as I write Babs!

Now I must get up and do some positive things! I too find sitting 'doing nothing' hard especially as sitting is currently painful so I cannot do my embroidery! Grrrrrrrr! I am ok on my feet so I will cook!

More positive thoughts being summoned up!


M xxxxxxx



This relaxing business is difficult. We've never had sit on the beach and lobster in the sun type holidays, but prefer to be active and see stuff, so taking it easy requires a lot of effort. I'm fortunate that the chemo is going well. However, my mind and body crave more activity. After the first dose of chemo I did too much, though it hadn't seemed much at the time, and got a couple of infections. Now I'm endeavouring to be sensible, and really limit what I do. I keep telling myself that it will all be over sooner (fingers crossed) if I'm careful.

So, lots of sympathy, but no helpful suggestions on how to adapt to the not doing much mode of life.

Love ChristineX


Hi Babs

Hope you are in less pain now. Hope the flaxseed helped. Have you tried ginger capsules- they are supposed to help if you stomach has been upset- you have to be so careful with Ibuprofen.


Anne xx


Hi everyone. One thing I found helpful when I was having chemo and didn't have much energy for doing things was to do something creative like painting - nothing elaborate but it is quite therapeutic or knitting - again nothing too complicated that would need too much concentration- but it is something to do and something to show for the time you aren't able to do what you normally do. I still have a jumper I knitted at the time and a painting by numbers picture of St Ives which I did at the time, a sort of badge of honour.

Best Wishes



Hi there Babs ....

So glad you are feeling a little better now and much more positive too are doing very well you know .... remember its small steps .and try and enjoy this time you have to your self as part of your healing process as far too soon we find our selves back in the hustle and bustle of life ....Here is one that knows that perhaps she is doing too much at times ! I never could sit still ...

Take care now xxx

Love Jan xxxx


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