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Vagus nerve issues

Has anyone experienced these issues ,

Post surgery laparoscopic removal of cystic mass , ovaries and Fallopian tubes, difficulty in recovery kept for about 20 hours.

I am experiencing faintness breathlessness and low BP dipping and diving sats the same really .

Blood results fine HB13 injecting fragmin and B12 as I am PA anyway .

Dr thinks it's vagus nerve affected by the cystic mass and even more so after surgery ,

I am just hopeful that it will settle wondered if anyone else had experienced issues with the vagus nerve ?

Hope your all enjoying the warm weather x☀️

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Dear Christie,

Just wanted to offer my support and let you know how much I understand your symptoms...I hadn't heard of this nerve until my dad explained it to me.He used to be a consultant and it was also mentioned by my nurse at pre-op.

I had a 6cm ovarian cyst with 2cm solid area picked up on ultrasound on May 30th....it was making me ill...dizzy,nauseous and my heart rate was also affected.Apparently,the vein runs down the central nervous system and is intrinsically linked to the tummy and thus affects the gynaecological areas!I had robotic hysterectomy/ovary removal on June 28th....just awaiting biopsy reports and genuinely I feel better.I

Whilst I do appreciate surgery my not be appropriate for every case I do believe some of us lovely ladies are very affected by this nerve and I sincerely hope things improve for you soon.I am so very sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time but,you will feel better soon....

Do hope this makes sense it is written with much compassion!

Take care Clare xx


Hi Claire

Thank you for your kind and considered reply I had my surgery on the 30 th June last Friday see my previous posts we had very similar issues it would appear and I await results too. I do generally feel better it's true but the breathless feeling and occasional dizziness is a nightmare . I do believe it was the vagus nerve and still is my cystic mass was attached to the pelvic wall and momentum .How are your symptoms now are you having any dizziness or breathless issues ? X

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Just to mention Claire I have a understanding of the vagus nerve ( I am a nurse by trade ) I really believe more ladies with this dreadful condition must have issues of this type it's all such a complexity x



Bless you and huge respect for nurses you people are complete legends!I have had wonderful care,I'm in the North East in Newcastle....I have had breathless feeling and also dizziness and a fast bpm was picked up continually before surgery.

It's beginning to calm down now but,I'm still experiencing some symptoms but,certainly not as bad.I pray seeing as I am 2 days ahead recovery wise you will be feeling better also.

I never like to bother the good folk of the NHS as I know how much the system is under pressure but,isn't it true that we really do know our own bodies?I was certain my cyst had ruptured as I felt so ill prior to surgery and ended up at A and E after calling 111 about 2 weeks ago....docs thought it was appendicitis but,lo and behold when the surgeons operated the cyst had gone!Had to have peritoneal washings and omental biopsy I am just praying now the cyst was benign but,if not one is ready...

Chrissie I do hope you are feeling stronger soon it's a tough old ride for us lovely ladies I do hope you have some support....

I'm 45 and was already peri-menopausal and I've had some symptoms but,praying the herbal supplements will keep the surgical menopause at bay until the future is clear...

Sending you lots of good thoughts...keep taking deep breaths we will get through this and hopefully feel better soon,

Clare xx


Hi Claire ,

It's so lovely to talk to someone who's experiencing issue with this too , thank you for your thoughts we must keep in touch like you I wait in trepidation for results my cyst ruptured as he tried to remove it !

I live in Cornwall but believe it or not I was born in Bedlington in the north east Cornish father Northumbrian mother I ve still relatives Nr you !!!

I echo those sentiments of hopes and prayers isn't it strange how similar our position was !!!

I find this forum a god send don't you so grateful for the support ,

Thanks again

Christie x



Bless you totally agree it's so good to know you're not alone!

Wow can't believe it I'm in Gosforth not far from Bedlington!Cornwall is so beautiful....Do hope you are getting some sunshine....

Prayers will be said for good news for us both,I've very little left to take away they took it all the other day!My biggest decision was the ovary removal,but to be honest I would most likely have been back!

Fingers crossed and please do let me know you are okay....sleep well Clare X


Claire , I can't believe this either my uncle died from psp and I ve cared for people with this condition much respect . My uncle brian was a geordie he's son and daughter are in Morpeth and ashington ....

Small world isn't it

Much love night night xxx


Dear Christie,

Just wanted you to know you are very much in my thoughts!

I can't believe how much we have in common and I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle...My husband's mum died Dec 2015 with complications relating to PSP.It's a very distressing disease...she used to refer to it as PPI and that gave us all a good giggle so I never liked to correct her,bless her heart!

I was self-employed at the time so was very fortunate to be able to offer lots of love/care.That's what it's all about is it not?!

I do hope we both get good news soon and you slept better last night,you sincerely deserve it🙏I'm still having a few symptoms but,getting over that surgery certainly takes time...

Hope the sun is shining for you take care,Clare xx


Hi Claire , life can be cruel sometimes but love compassion and care for those we love and others in need is true humanity .

My son who still lives at home was diagnosed with leukaemia last September it's been months of treatment chemo transplant miles from home supporting him as he's only surviving parent it was tough my husband died in 2013. He's doing well always fingers crossed though my issues and possible outcomes are simply further insults honestly but it is what it is . Head down I am feeling battered and bruised and hate giving him more to worry about he's been through so much ......

I am so grateful we've made contact it really helps having people feeling the same I also use the Facebook forum perhaps we could private message using this ?

Cornwalls misty today but poldark tonight !!!!

Always look on the bright side ☀️

Much love xxx


To follow up on my previous post it's now thought the fragmin the anticoagulant could be causing the hypotension , dizziness, breathlessness etc . After using for 11 days have now been advised to stop first day clear today so time will tell but my head does seem somewhat clearer if you get my drift !

Thought I'd post as it may inform others x



Bless you so pleased to hear you have some answers you deserve to feel better....the healing is enough to contend with.

Praying we both get good news soon🙏I hope you sleep well tonight.

Best wishes,Clare xx


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