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Ovarian cancer

I am 69 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2015. I had 6 rounds of chemo followed by a hysterectomy. Thacancerreturned in 2016 and I was given a course of the drug Tamoxifen followed by another course of Letrozole . Neither worked so I was given chemo again. I finished that in Feb 2017. My cancer has returned pretty quickly and my consultant has suggested Caelyx. Has anyone had any experiences of this drug and was it successful

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Hi lovely,

There are plenty of ladies on this site currently on Caelyx my special person is on Carbo/Caelyx and like you on 3rd line treatment she is having her 3rd a week on Wednesday 1st she was high as a kite lots of energy 2nd she's had mouth ulcers and blisters under her eyes still high as a kite lots of energy, she's also been advised by her CNS to wear dark nail polish as there is a chance of nails could come off.



Hi, I ahavig Carboplatin and Calyx fora second line treatment. I had my 3rd dose on Wednesday and touch wood until now minimal side effeccts.I had some nausea for first 3 days first 2 doses but well controlled with metroclopromide 10 mag 3 times a day Was constipated for first 3 days 2nd dose but tool Movalax an it sorted itself out Had neither of these problems th time round although I Did taker a satchel I Movalax am pm first 2 days.Energy levels not great but not devasting.Moisterising feet hands reguarly.

Have managed to getaway for a few days and Had a great time went t Beverley Races yesterday and had a good day. So getting out and about.Tge regime is good because ugly have it once a month Anyway hope this helps and I hope you have very few side effects. Forward and onwards. Love Chris


Hi there havent been on Caelyx as yet but just want to welcome you to the site, Hopefully you will get replies from the ladies who have had this regime. I wish you well in your treatment

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Hi, I had 6 month of single Caelyx and yes it was hard at times but I managed the whole treatment with some success, First month was great the second month I had a bad rush and blisters under my arms due to the heat, Caelyx does not like heat keep yourself cool and also moisturizes hands and feet do not wait till symptoms start do this from the start of treatment and I'm sure it will help to keep side effect down.

while on Caelyx I still mange my part time job it helps that it's one every 4 weeks.

I'm now on my 4th line treatment Carbopline and Caelyx as I had some success with both so my oncologist is trying this combo.

We are all so different and hope that this is the one to suite us. Hoping this is the one to kick the beast in the butt. Keep in touch with us wishes Lorraine xx


If you enter "caelyx" in the search box top right and press return you'll get all the discussions there've been about it. I'm on it at the moment and tolerating it generally very well. My CA 125 coming down. Good luck!


I had 3 cycles of caelyx a few months ago with little obvious trouble at the time, though before I had surgery a few weeks later they gave me a couple of units of blood, as my blood count was low. And my toe nails had become very soft. Di


Thank you to all you ladies who sent me replies. I am sure that your comments will help me on my way. Although I know it's going to be hard with it being my 3rd lot of chemo


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