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Stage 3 cancer ovarian

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Hi friends I an newly diagnoised with ovarian cancer stage 3 with cancer on bits of bowel and diaphram i am geting chemo starting on tuesday morning. The dont know if its possible to operate as the cancer has spread so much. So the chemo for 6 times hoping to get most of it and shrunk tumour.

Im shocked and its like im talking about someone else. Has anyone had 6 chemo and no operation is there a quality of life after x

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Hi, So sorry that you have to join this forum but there is a lot of information on her. I just wanted to say l was diagnosed in 2012 stage four and was initially told chemo only as tumour was inoperable but fortunately for me the oncologist did a CT scan after 4 lines and said the tumour had shrunk and that he would operate l then completed the course of chemo. I have had several recurrences but l am still well and alive and kicking now on a parp inhibitor for maintenance. I hope my post will reassure you a bit. Good luck to you

Many thanks for replying you have gave me hope. So happy for you that you are going well.

Take care

Hi I too was diagnosed stage 3 but in my case they were able to operate initially then follow this up with chemo. Having said that my diagnosis was in October 2007. As you can see despite 2 recurrences I am still here , currently NED, CA125 working full time and on a trial for a parp inhibitor. Hopefully this will give you some hope! You may have been told you are inoperable but believe me things can change. I was originally told I had a couple of years. xx Big hug xx Kathy.

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Thanks so much Kathy it does give me hope x all good wishes to you.


Hi. It's normal to be in shock. I think I was in shock through the surgery and frontline chemo and for a few months after. As someone else said there are quite a few people who end up being able to have surgery after chemo because the cancer shrinks so much or disappears. I would get a second opinion from a major cancer hospital if you're not at one, maybe after three chemo treatments. There is some variability among gyn onc surgeons, I believe. There's a lot to be learned from the many experiences of people on this forum, but take one step at a time right now. Hugs.

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Many thanks Delia

This also gives me more hope. One step at a time. Take care x Ann

Hello! Sorry you find yourself here but yes there is lots of hope to share with you. I was diagnosed stage 4 but after 4 chemo I had optimal debulking op and was cancer free for four and a half years. Normal life resumed and I went back to work. It is a terrible shock to be diagnosed with this cancer and you will need time to adjust but there is a way through and you will find it xx

Thank you so much Lyndy, trying to get my head round it more and its so good to be able to read others journies.

Take care and thanks


Hi, I am also stage 3, and had many implants on my diaphragm. My surgeon did her best to scrape them off, other problems too, so 7 hr surgery. Then 16 months chemo, because I did a trial. It’s too bad we have to make such critical decisions at the time we’ve just had the existential slap as they call it. I fully understand feeling like it’s happening to someone else. I would just choke on the words when I had to tell people I had cancer. It really takes time to adjust, and talk to people who will listen. I just want to say hang in there. 🌷


I am stage 3 as well. I did get surgery and chemo. I just wanted to tell you that with each day, you will become stronger. You will get to the point where you have become stronger than the cancer.

Stick to the treatments. Take care of your body and mind. Remember one thing, any dr can say what they want. Doesn’t mean they are correct.

There are many women in this group who have been diagnosed [edited by moderators] and have managed to make a grand comeback.

As far as quality of life after chemo.... you will have one. Just need to place all bets on yourself. Knowing that the chemo has blasted cancer cells will be the motivation you need on the road to recovery.

Hang in there. Consult a nutritionist who specializes in this. Most oncs do not get involved with the nutrition part. They are just on a mission to kill the cancer.

Sending you hugs and best wishes.



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OvacomeSupportPartner in reply to Mptelesca

Hello Marisa

Thank you for your reply.

We'd like to mention that in the UK dietitians are legally recognised and regulated health professionals, whereas nutritionists aren't. This means that they need to have qualifications and meet certain standards in order to be registered as a dietitian. You can find more information at:

It may be possible to be referred to a dietitian via your hospital team, if their input would be clinically appropriate.

If there's anything that we can help with, please get in touch with our Support Service.

Best wishes

Julia (Ovacome Support Services Officer)

It certainly is a shock isn't it! But things can improve once chemo starts. I had stage 3c, the first 4 doses killed off active disease then surgery removed all areas where disease had spread, 2 more doses of chemo and now 15 months of Avastin. So far there has been a very good response. We have to remain positive , try and look for the good in a not good experience because they are there and you will meet some very special people along the way. Take care you are not alone.

I was diagnosed at stage 3b and mine had gone all across the peritoneum so I was told it was too extensive to operate. I had 4 chemos, a scan and then they did do surgery. I had 3 more chemos after, a total of 7. As the others have said you will feel better once the chemo has started, apart from the side effects. My advice just take it easy, rest as much as you need and take all the anti sickness meds and bits they give you and you will get through. Please keep us all updated on your journey x x

Hi. I had exactly the same, and this is normal. I had three lots of chemo to shrink it all, then an operation followed by three more chemo. You will find many of us are the same. Best of luck.

Hello, like yours my ovarian cancer tumours had spread to my diaphragm and bowel. These were removed in surgery and I have now just finished chemo. It is hard to believe that after a diagnosis like ours you could go back to feeling just like you did before, but sometimes I do and it seems unreal. All the best and keep sharing.

Hello and welcome. The chemo is to shrink then operating could be possible after depe ding on how effective

You are probably on carbotaxol...very effective esp the lst time. You might get neuropathy tingIing in hands and feet so take glutamine daily and ginger tea...good luck

Hello from Brisbane, Australia. I was interested in your comment regarding glutamine for neuropathy. Is this something you get from a pharmacy or health food store please ? I must admit my fingers are now ok but I still have some in my feet. Thanks in advance.

Good morning. I got it on line Amazon. 500gr 5gr per day dissolved in water. It's working for me. Also homeopathic phosphorus granules. Good luck

Thank you so much

Hi Anamcara, I was diagnosed January 2019 with stage 3c & to say I was shocked was an understatement so I and all the ladies on here know how your feeling. I was lucky to be operated on but it was an 8hour op & like you it was also on the bowel so I have a stoma. Then I had 6 chemo infusions & am now on maintenance treatment every 3 weeks. I am getting stronger all the time & recent scan was clear. I have heard of plenty of women who have some chemo first & then op & they are doing well so keep strong & I hope the outcome for you will be positive. Wishing you all the best Xx ( Anamcara ,are you Irish by any chance ?)

Hello, so sorry to hear you are going through this, would you mind if I asked what your symptoms were & how it was identified to be on your bowl?? I have endometriosis on my bowl and now two cysts on my ovaries, ca125 of 51 and waiting for CT scan. I am petrified, have burning sensation I can feel when I lie down in my groin area. Please let us all know how your treatment goes x

I was diagnosed in March and due to Covid no operations were taking place. The cancer had spread to the omentum, peritoneal and bowel with suspicion that it is on the liver, too. MRI was to confirm it but this didn't take place.

So, I was put straight into chemo. Had 4 rounds so far while waiting to hear about my interval debulking surgery hopefully with a few weeks.

How you react to chemo is very individual? How many the body can take is also individual. Try to keep the body strong with good nutrition. I take supplements, too, which the oncologist was OK with.

Here is my first experience with chemo:

First time is always apprehension and the fear of the unknown which is in the heart of having cancer, as well.

My first chemo was better than expected. I met the oncology nurse first then she took me to the "chemo suite".

The nurse who looked after me was very gentle and caring. She first gave me 3 types of steroids and Benelyn, followed by Taxol ( 3 hrs) and Carbopaltin (1 hr). She said we'll start slow for the first 15 mins and see how you respond. Then full load.

The chemo session started at 10:00 and I was home by 16:00. During the day, they offered tea and coffee, then sandwiches around 13:00. I had packed my lunch and perhaps you do the same in case they don't offer you any (happened during the 2nd chemo) or you don't fancy what's available.

Noting that I have a compromised bladder capacity with two tumours pressing it, it was easy for me to unplug and go to the toilet as needed.

They'll give you some anti-nausea tablets to take at home and during the two days post chemo which they'll hopefully do the job. These drugs cause constipation, so drinking water to flush them and the chemo out is important during the first 48 hrs and I personally take a good dose of magnesium citrate to help loosen my stools. Otherwise, a Senna tablet can help.

They also gave me Filgrastim which I self inject for 3 days starting 24hrs after chemo. Usually more common with older patients. This will help the body make neutrophils and WBC which usually drop with chemo.

The first two days post chemo I was fine as I was loaded with steroids. Then I felt like I was hit by a train, followed by big bloating for a few days which made me really scared, then things will ease as days go by and by the time the 2nd chemo was due, I felt much better and the cycle repeats itself.

You'll be monitored with blood tests the day before chemo.

I started losing my hair on week 3 after the first chemo so I chopped my hair gradually each week, until week three when I had a shower and all hair got stuck together - This is when I cut it all as close to the scalp as I could manage. All hair or what's left of it is gone now to include eyebrows and eye lashes.

I hope this helps. Keep strong and take it one day at a time. I read inspirational stories on here from people who are ahead of us on this route.

Very good post gives me a clue what to expect tue. Keep well and many thanks x

Dear Anamcara 63

I am RachelFaye and I live in Co. Limerick, Ireland.

I am sorry about your diagnosis and proposed treatment.

I found just after diagnosis was my worst time of fear, panic and worry.

I hope your treatment plan works out well and that you go on to get the debulking operation.

At least there is a treatment plan.

I was diagnosed with a large mass on my birthday in July ‘18 while having kidney ultrasound.

Total abdominal hysterectomy bilateral saplingo oopherectomy and omentectomy in late August 18.

On 9/11/18 was diagnosed with Endometrioid ovarian cancer 1(a) grade 1

No chemo just watch and wait for a recurrence

I have ct scans and ca125s every 4 months

Post diagnosis for me is a new way of living but I pray and hope to live on.

Please try and go on with your diagnosis each day.


Thanks so much Rachel im in Ireland county Tyrone. I hope everything will be ok with you too. My first chemo on tuesday im ok just getting used to the thought of it.

Take care


I have been thinking of you today.

Fortunately/unfortunately I have no experience of chemo at present.

I have underlying kidney disease so chemo would be hard on my diseased kidneys.

I am on “watch and wait” for a recurrence and iI pray my ovarian cancer will not return.

I hear your NHS is very good.

I try and live in the present day.


Rachel Faye

Hi Rachel hope you are well. I got my first dose of chemo tuesday and it will be a week soon. My pains are bad at times and the ascities has come up again so maybe the doctors might drain it again.. just very drained atm and taking it a day at a time. X

I used to have lots of pain. The chemo somehow has helped. However, I cannot confirm what exactly it has done to the ascites.

I thank you for your email and I hope the chemo is not too rough. Good that it is destroying the cancer cells. Accept all help. I think too there is enough to cope with in any one day without looking ahead. Be kind to yourself. I find the fear the worst part. Every blessing, RachelFaye

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