Life changing smear!- Hysterectomy- cancer- chemo!


January had a smear, February had a biopsy from uterus,March CT scan then 13th March radical hysterectomy, washings comtained some cells,onmentum removed 5mm node, 12 lymph nodes taken but all clear.Diagnosis Stage 4B Papillary serous carcinoma. I am currently starting week 5 of recovery from surgery and go to intial chemo appointment to get the plan for what happens next. I am physically fit( been at the gym all year), very positive 59yrs old!! This was not the 60th birthday present I was looking for. I have found the comments on here very helpful so far and I am very hopeful of a good outcome for the years ahead.

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  • Your positivity shines through in your post. All the best for your recovery from your op and forthcoming chemo. Do keep us updated. Big hugs, Kathy xx

  • You sound very positive. stay in touch with the forum we will support you. Best wishes for your recovery and treatment. Onwards and upwards!

    Hugs D x


  • Really sorry you find yourself here with the rest of us, like me I am sure you would rather not be! Just don't look too far ahead, concentrate on your recovery its important. I had my hysterectomy last Aug, did a tiny bit of gardening two days ago and am paying for it! Wish you all the luck in the world, keep that positivity going! xx

  • Wishing you all the very best for the future and your upcoming chemo. x

  • Some say attitude is 50% of winning the battle. It sounds like you are ready to plunge in and face the next steps in treatment with positivity leading the way. That works to your advantage in so many ways and gives your family and friends a message of hope and determination.

    I call my cancer journey an adventure. Every step of the way was embraced as an opportunity to learn and experience something new.

    I wish you a complete recovery from surgery and successful further treatment. Hugs! Jill

  • Sorry you are going through it. The ladies on here are so knowledgable , caring and supportive. We all truly do help each other.

    You sound very positive and that will really help with treatment and recovery etc.

    Best wishes. Xxx

  • Hi

    Wow. You have been through a traumatic start to the year but it's good your surgery is out the way and you will soon have a plan for chemo . Your fitness pre surgery will definately help with your recovery and coping with chemo. I am stage 4 high grade serous. Needed chemo pre surgery, had surgery in Nov and finished chemo in Jan . Was never a gym person but do lots of dog walking which has definately helped and with the help of some physio am hoping to get back to my Zumba class next week . Am 54 and determined to get my life back !

    You have a great attitude and sound strong but remember to also be kind to yourself . I learnt that it's ok to have a wobble , we all have our down days and also take your recovery one step at a time . Before you know it you will be back at the gym .

    Sending you love and best wishes for your recovery and treatment. Stay strong love Kim X

  • Turns life round on a sixpence doesn't it? Love your attitude - it will serve you well. Welcome to the club and hope you're treatment goes well. Sandra x

  • Hello Jan. Sorry you've had to join us but glad you've found the forum. I hope the chemo works for you, as it did for me. I was diagnosed stage 3/4 in December 2010. I've needed more treatment but had some long remissions in between. Your level of fitness will help you to cope and I hope you can keep up with some physical activity on all but the worst chemo days x

  • Welcome to our community. Your fitness should certainly help your recovery from your operation, also coping with chemo. It's good to be able to go for a walk every day during chemo, even the days when you're feeling poorly.

    From your amusing subject line, am I right in thinking you were diagnosed as a result of a smear test? I've read that many women mistakenly think a smear test also detects ovarian cancer, which it rarely does.

    All the best with your chemo!

  • Hi Janscancer

    I think from reading your post you have been diagnosed with womb (uterine or endometrial) cancer, is this right?

    If you have been diagnosed with womb cancer, you may find the following charities more helpful, as this forum is for people affected by ovarian cancer:

    Womb Cancer Support UK - wombcancersupportuk.weebly....

    The Eve Appeal (all gynaecological cancers) -

    The Eve Appeal also has a forum on HealthUnlocked:

    I do apologise if I've misunderstood your post. Please get in touch if there's anything we can help with.

    Best wishes


    Support Service Manager

  • Yes you are right thank you for the help.

  • Hi! This is a good place to be. Reading through other women's experiences will give you courage and the stamina to face the next step. Being in optimal physical fitness is a major bonus, as is your positivity! Remember we were all rather uneasy prior to having the treatment, however once you're in it, keep yourself well informed and stay on top of things! It will all pass, you'll see.

    Good luck and keep posting! xxxM'Anne

  • Hi Jan......So sorry you've had to join our "club".....but, you have a wonderful attitude, and you're otherwise healthy. Those two things are a huge plus! I was a healthy, active 68 year old when I was diagnosed with stage 4a OC. I had the surgery and chemo and have been in remission for a little over two years now, so take heart. There is light at the end of this challenging tunnel! I wish you the very best going forward. Hugs from JudyV

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