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Chemo treat. VS without “life quality” ?

Stage 4 OC and nodules all over the abdominal & in the last 12 months, I have tried three different of Chemo (almost believ I am a chemo refractory) & the worst from the side effects is the last chemo (Etoposide-daily tablet). A lot of abdominal pain plus vomiting/nausea as well as diarrhea/constipation and bloating have been experienced. There was not good response …however no major progression and no remission at all. No hope for any surgery the only potential advantage of the chemo is to control the disease. To improve my life quality, I decided to take break from the chemo for at least three months and I already noticed the improvement (pain free so far), but I am not sure if I have taken the right decision or not. The plan is to have a CT after three months then revisit my current plan. Your feedback please, in my decision “to stop the chemo for the time being”?

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Hello Eyman,

It's a personal decision for everyone but I for one applaud your decision to take a break from a treatment that left you so miserable. Quality of life is so important. We all put up with this or that side effect or symptom but what you describe sounds like much more than that. So taking a break sounds just right for you. Even long enough to be pain free to have the space to think further about how you want to proceed, is a good thing - if that makes any sense! Nobody can or should decide for you, and so by taking this step you are also taking control over what is happening. I would do the same in your situation.

Hope things improve for you and thanks for sharing your thoughts and situation.




I think it is very brave of you to stop the chemo and enjoy life free of side effects, as it appears that you have been suffering for quite a long time. I hope the break will give you time to restore your strength and resources for the next stage of your treatment. I wish you all the best.


I think this is a very good idea to have a break a nd gain some strength after all your horrid side effects and you may be able to tolerate some more treatment at a later date. Enjoy your free time as best as you can. Gillxx


Hello there

Well done on deciding to have a 'quality of life' and not have chemo. It's a long hard decision but you also need go think of you and your well being.

My mum has stopped chemo (too weak) so the oncologist has told her to have a quality of life.

I hope whatever decision you make be strong and keep fighting

Alison xxx



Dr Castillos

His office is in Tijuana Mexico

I'm here with my mom

She has PPC,


I think you have to go with your instinct, you will always worry, but for me choosing not to continue with chemo was the right decision, although your OC is further advanced than mine was.

If you feel better without the drugs, maybe your body is self healing.

Good luck please let us know how you get on

LA xx


Thanks soooo much for all the positive feed back...

As an update, it is almot 20 days now without chemo, from the pain point view and life quility far the best few days (with out chemo..) since the last 3 months with chemo.

As I told u, I will continue for the coming 3 months get a CT, then will decide what to do. In the mean time I will keep looking to enrich my food program which Beleive is the best thing, even though it is indivitual body dependence and not easy to desgin and excute such thing...wish me the best luck in this challenge chemo-free treatement journey.


I just read your post and sincerely admire the decision you have made. It is also so good to hear that you are feeling much better with a break from chemo and giving yourself an opportunity to regain your strength and enjoy a better quality of life. There will be many of us facing this decision at some point in this journey we are on. Hearing your experiences is a real help to us. Please let us know how things go.

With very best wishes, Maureen


Hello Eyman, I have had PPC since 2010 and after 11 months remission post chemo surgery etc, I have spent the last three years on and off chemo. Some have been easy and some I have had to stop. I spent last December to this April on Paclitaxol weekly which kept me stable but by August it was back with a vengance. I had 4 litres of ascites on board again and had to be desensitised to a platinum drug called Cisplatin as I had a reaction to my second line treatment of Carboplatin 3 years ago. The Cisplatin I did not have a reaction to but the side effects were terrible. I think if you had knocked me out for a week and a half and let me sleep through it I could have kept going but the mental side of it just wrecked me. I have always been positive and up throughout and just ended up this depressed woman sitting on the couch feeling really sick etc. I didn't want to have the next round but did it anyway and after another ten hour day being filled with fluids etc, I went into this depression again and felt even worse than the time before so I decided that I didn't want to do this anymore. It was my last option anyway and they couldn't say what results I would have with it. The hardest part was telling my children (who are grownups) but they were great and my husband had already told a friend of mine that he thought the treatment was a bit rough and he didn't know if it was good for me so we were on the same wavelength. As soon as I made the choice to accept quality I felt so much better and happy. Its a huge decision and scary but at the same time I would rather enjoy the months my oncologist said I would have than be stuck at home feeling miserable for ten days then dreading the next week because it was chemo time again. I hope all goes well for you. I don't know what when and how it will happen but I have excellent support and friends so am living my life now. Regards Chris.


Thanks Chris/Moureen/LA/Alison/Gillxx/Jo-Bo and Judith...As an update to all of u (wonderful people):

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my GYN oncologist Dr (with long discussion) and he concur with my plan and he is happy (as well as me) with my decision so far …

As matter of fact, I was discussing with him after three months I might come back for the fourth line chemo, he told me not to discuss (not to rush) it now. After 3 months, I will get another CT and compare the overall results (the delta with & without chemo) & will decide what to do. I have few drugs to take now (~ two types with a pain control) and I feel much …much better. I know my diet program is the major key player (in my overall situation) and to fine tune it and satisfy/balance my selfishness & my health (delicious food vs what suitable to my health-Individual body-optimu needs), this is the biggest challenge journy I am facing now …wish me the best luck



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