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Life after ovarian cancer

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In march 2012 I was given the shattering and completely unexpected news that I had ovarian cancer. I was 34 with a 2 Year daughter. I had had no symptons but had a small lump in my c section scar which was removed and then the cancer was found. I was told it was stage 4, tho this was later changed to 3c, I underwent 4 chemos then a complete hysterectomy with bowel surgery ( which resulted in a temporary ilestomy ! Just to add to the fun!) then 3 more chemos. I was lucky that my cancer actually came back as low grade and I am currently nearly 1 year in remission, fingers crossed. I just want to share my experience and let people know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that a positive attitude can achieve wonders. Keep positive.

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I am really pleased you are doing well.

Very interested that your cancer was regraded from a high grade to a low grade.

Is this normal as I haven't heard of doctors re assessing the grade of the cancer.?

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Saragnu in reply to HopeP

My oncologist says nothing is normal with me! The original lump that was removed looked like low grade cancer but came back high grade. My chemo I had before surgery seemed to make no difference to anything and then after my surgery I was told that every removed and tested had come back as low grade and that's why they thought the chemo hadn't changed anything, they then changed my chemo for 3 sessions after my surgery just as a precaution to make sure my bowel was clear. So far so good but well aware the wars along way for over.

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HopeP in reply to Saragnu

Well done and keep positive, thank you for your response x

I too am really pleased you are doing so well, especially as I was under the impression ( rightly or wrongly) that this cancer is rarer under 50. You have certainly given me hope as I start my first chemo, thank you.


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Saragnu in reply to baxbird

Thanks you and good luck, just try to stay positive it can be really hard at times but does really help. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Great too hear you are doing well. I'm 48 and was diagnosed with grade 3c last January, so far so good, i have my oncology appointment tomorrow and i'm thinking its back!*!**! Hope not.

Well done to you


Elaine xx

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Saragnu in reply to coochy

Thank you and I have everything crossed for you, I have a review the end of the month, I must admit I don't like them its always a worry.

Hi Saragnu. I'm a similar time line to you. Diagnosed July 2012, Stage 4, was 38, kids were 3 and 1. Had 3 chemo, surgery then 3 more chemo. Finished chemo in Jan 2013 so am one year NED. It's mind blowing, isn't it! Best wishes to you for continued remission and enjoy every minute with your little girl. X

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Saragnu in reply to Missfitz

Thank you and well done to you, hoping that at my review at the end of the month it is again good news. Great to hear positive outcomes. x

It sure can be 100% positive really feel near to finding a cure for OV we just keep taking the medicine till that happens Addenbrookes Hospital testing new drug AMD3100 that has great results in apparently destoys the deseased cells that protect the coating around cancer doing human trials later this year.

love Jenny xx

Well done for being so positive, it really does help, so pleased for you that things are going well. I was diagnosed at 29 as 1c and have a son who at the time was two yrs old. I'm now 4 and a half yrs clear. I had a hysterectomy 4 wks after a laparoscopy for an ovarian cyst that they thought was endometriosis, it's difficult being so young and dealing with the menopause on top of cancer but I'm here to tell the tale. My positive attitude has brought me this far so stay positive. All the best for the future.

Well done for keeping things positive. There is a young women's group which is run by Ovacome. I think the details are on If the details are not on there, there is an email or phone number you can contact for more info

I hope you will stay as well as you are now. Good luck

Love Wendy xx

love your positivity . xxx

Definitely positivity all the way.

I had a 13 year old daughter when I was diagnosed, stage 1c, when I had the news I was really shocked but the team were very positive, CT all clear, CA125 7, so yes there is a light although during treatment it flickers a lot.


Hi just wondering how you are now? And recovering well after chemo? My mum (aged 51) was diagnosed 2 months ago with Clear Cell stage 1c, starts her first chemo tomorrow. Iam very anxious for her as she has lost alot of weight and really hope the chemo does the trick. Our gyne/onc consaulant was very negative about Clear Cell cancers and well, quite frankly we have lots of complaints about him. But our oncologist is lovely! Just shows when your referred to the right people you are treated like a person and not a number xx

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