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Can You Go From Palliative Chemo to Curative Chemo?

Hi All, I have just recently came out of a really bad patch and I am doing a lot better than I expected. During my bad patch my husband was on here quite regularly asking for advice. Thank you all who helped him out. I had two hospital admissions March-April and April-May. I was discharged heavily medicated and had a period of depression, but I now feel my old self which I had not expected. On the back of the bad patch I was given weekly taxol for 6 courses and my ca125 has dropped from 550 to 228 but will find out the final level once I have my final dose this Wednesday. has anyone been told they will only get palliative chemo to find they have responded to a 5th line chemo better than expected and then put back onto a curative course?

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Hi Luk4ward, We were discussing the meaning of Palliative the other day on the forum. It is really a term used when OC is manageable and treated like a chronic illness same as high blood pressure or Diabetes, You can become stable enough to have a chemo free time. I suggest you ring the Ovacome Nurse or your Macmillan nurse in your hospital and get more detailed information. I am glad the taxol is working away for you and that you feel good at the moment. I remember your husband coming on and asking questions so it is good to hear from you personally. I wish you well on your final treatment on Wednesday. All the very best

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Thanks Suzuki a chemo free time would be a welcome bonus.


I asked why it was described as adjuvant and in my book it said palliative. I was told because I had recurred it is always described as palliative, as one recurrence leads to another, but the time frame can be years, usually, although I have to say with OC nothing is predictable. I was reading on another forum of a lady who has been 12 years NED after her second recurrence, so I would say enjoy today, tomorrow is never promised OC or otherwise.

Best wishes

LA xx


Hi Luk4ward

As the other ladies have given such good answers I don't have much more to add. Now that I am back on chemo after my first recurrence in 5 years I have been wondering if my chemo is now referred to as palliative . I guess it must be even though that word palliative is quite scary. It is great that you have come so far . I love your name by the way which is a name of hope. Good luck in the future and keep in touch


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Also, new treatments coming along all the time! Hang on in there


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