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3pm outpatient surgery with arrival time at 1pm


Hello all,

I am having a left salpingo-oophorectomy due to a cyst on my left ovary that has not responded to birth control and a right salpingectomy via laparoscopic surgery (my tubes are already tied as i have two children already) . I know with having a later time for surgery the chances of them starting on time is slim. So is there a chance that if they dont start on time that i will be admitted or that my surgery would be cancelled? The only other surgeries i have had were a leep also outpatient but it was early in the morning and 2 csections wich i knew i would be staying at the hospital. Thanks have a blessed day.

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Hi, I think you'll get the most accurate answer by speaking to your team / hospital. Are you in the UK?

There may be people here with some experience but as it is a site for ovarian cancer, surgery usually proves more complex...

I think the answer to your question will be specific to your team and hospital.

Good luck & best wishes, Sx


Similarly I would say that the best people to ask are your surgery team.

I'm in the UK and I went in for my surgery (total hysterectomy, oophorectomy, omentum removal) knowing I was second on the schedule. I had to go into hospital at 7am though, reason being that if they couldn't do the first one for any reason I was already there and ready to go.

I did have the first attempt at surgery cancelled. This was because the first patient's surgery was more complicated and they over-ran. I sat there from 7am until around 3.30pm before they made the decision and sent someone to tell me. Frustrating though it was (exacerbated by hunger and thirst) I accepted their decision as the right one. After all, if the surgical team think that they won't be at their best to do the surgery who wants them poking about with a sharp object? Not I!!!

I was back a week later, again on the second sitting. It got to 3pm again and I was certain that I'd be cancelled again. However, I was told that they hadn't expected to get me in until 3pm so I was bang on time. In between that I'd also been offered an earlier surgery slot with a different surgeon. As I'd already spoken with my surgeon at length and felt comfortable with her I stuck with her. I was assured that the extra week made no difference at all to the progression of the tumours.

The reason for my cancellation was less about starting on time and more about the welfare of the surgical team. They had already done a longer surgery session in the morning and hadn't had a break. Their 'ideal' surgery time would have elapsed around half way through my scheduled surgery. I wanted the surgery to go as well as it possibly could, so it's a no-brainer to me that they needed to feel comfortable with the time available to do the best possible job they could.

Whilst that first day was horrible with me feeling anxious and teary for most of the time, I must admit that the second time I was sat in the surgery waiting area for hours I was a lot more relaxed and had a lovely nap. Also the staff were understanding. They were stood ready with tea and toast when I was told I was cancelled. And when I was on my second trip and asked for progress updates every half hour they indulged me because they knew why I was asking so often.

I was also told that when you get cancelled you become a priority for the next available surgery slot. I'm not sure why that meant that I was second on the schedule again, other than they must have been very confident that the person before me would be on time.

I was also told that it's not very common to have your surgery cancelled at that late stage, i.e. when you are sat waiting to go in.

Hi, agree with the other posts that your best bet is to speak to your team/hospital.

My first op was done privately and went ahead in the morning as scheduled, but my second op was done NHS and i was due to have a morning slot (so subsequently clocked in at 7am as requested) only to be 'bumped' down the list as the day went on (I think because i was the youngest by a few decades and perhaps less complicated a case for recovery?) and eventually was operated on at 5pm!!! I was panicking they'd cancel but I think my Oncologist made an real effort to get me done as she knew I had long haul travel plans 3 weeks after the surgery, which could have been cancelled had I not had my op that day.

I believe it is all very dependant on the day and the cases that are also on the books. I have all my fingers crossed that you have no issues and the op goes smoothly. Thinking of you xx


Surgery went well. The unofficial results did not show that the cyst i had was cancerous but we are waiting on the final results to be sent back from the pathologist. The laparoscopic surgery is not as bad as a csection. I honestly just feel like i worked out to hard during an ab workout. I did have some blurry vision problems with the motion sickness patch they put behind my ear. However after i took the patch off my vision returned and is now back to normal. Thank you for the prayers, positive vibes and guidance. I did end up having surgery at 7:30 am not 3:00pm like they told me. Thanks yall.

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