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I'm booked in to have the 20cm 'mass' (which we've named Bella - anybody else named their tumour or is it just me?), removed along with full hysterectomy and removal of omentum on 22th Feb.

Surgeon says it should take about 2 hours.

I've read here that others have been in surgery a lot longer than that. My CT scan shows that it's confined to just one tumour, but is the surgeon just trying to stop me worrying about the time I'll be in theatre or have others had such short surgery times?


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  • Hi, I wasn't very imaginative and just called mine "this thing". I would imagine if it's confined to just one tumour then surgery won't take as long. However don't take this as a definite as I was told 3 -4 hours and was in for over 8 hours. It was because my tumour had leaked what was like "snot" (my surgeons words) and it took him ages to remove it all. Good luck on the 22nd, I'll be thinking of you xx

  • It depends really on your ct scan, if Bella is just confined well go with the surgeon, we have all had different experiences with operations, some were longer than others. I never had a name, just the bump and actually when I went back to have it completely removed the gynae surgeon was shocked at how it grew. However almost eight years later and I am still alive and kicking very hard.

  • Hi val

    Yes I named mine Boris he is on a long vacation at present

    Think I was only in surgery about two half hours but make sure you take it easy once back home lots of rest and don't be expecting be running round back to normal straight away takes a good while for your body recover fully x

  • Hi Val. .. I had a few names for it but nothing at all pleasant! Your surgeon would try to be honest. Sending you a big hello. Xxx

  • I had a mass of similar size and was told my op would take about 2 hours. As far as I know it did. I have to confess that I was not in any state to notice if it took longer, though!

    Hope your op goes well, with no complications afterwards!


  • Mine was the 'alien' (35cm). My surgery was 4 hours. Good luck.

  • They told me up to 5 hours but was out in less than 2 as Tumor was easy to remove and organs were not stuck together and parted easily. Mind you they also told me afterwards that it didn't appear to be malignant but it was. I actually found the surgery and recovery very much easier and less painful than I expected. Good luck. The not knowing is the worst part.

  • Hello. My mass was 18cm and I just called it the lump. I didn't ask how long the op would last and can't remember how long it did. Good luck with your op and take the time you need to rest and recover. Will be thinking of you


  • Lol mine was the size of a football so we named him Rawlings. American football maker. With all we are going through it's great to have a sense of humor.Good luck with your surgery. Mine ended up taking a little over 4 hours. Good luck and hugs for your surgery.


  • Didn't name my tumour but gave my stoma the name Stanley- definitely had male characteristics!!! Might have been complicated if I had named my tumour as well! Stanley has now being removed! Good luck with the op. Mine took around 5 hours. Surgeon just told me it would take as long as it takes xx

  • It's 11th Feb - typo - Kindle has a mind of it's own!

  • Thanks everyone....Oh the waiting!!!! And the worrying.....I'm sure Bella is growing. CT scan was Xmas eve, so she's had weeks & weeks to keep going.....Not to mention all those mince pies she's had. Each day hurts a bit more too - the bloating, the cramp.

    V x

  • Hi Val - Mine was Spawn of Satan - I posted on your last thread. Lots of dodgy jokes about the immaculate conception, Rosemary's Baby etc. Yes, hold on to your sense of humour. We had a guess the weight of the tumour sweepstake - tho' my surgeon was a bit surprised afterwards to be asked how heavy it was. His guesstimate was 2 kilos.

    As with you, he said the op would take 2 hours, and, as far as I know, it did. I remember waking up on the ward, looking out the window at the Thames and the Houses of Parliament - St Thomas', best hospital view in the world - and feeling the most euphoric state of relief that it was over.

    Recovered remarkably quickly - only in for three nights, instead of four - and could do everything I needed to do, just not for very long. But then it plateaus and there will be a lot of resting before you're back to normal. Lay in some box sets!


  • I've never given any of my tumours individual names, but currently have 4 little aliens making mischief in my abdomen. Three are currently slowly getting smaller thanks to hormone therapy, but the biggest alien is still getting bigger.


  • Hi Val,

    I 've been home 2 days now, after long surgery hysterctomy/omentum/removal of everything else suspicious looking) and 12 days in hospital . To be honest, the length of time you're in there is immaterial as you're asleep anyway! The main thing is that they get as much as possible out. I was told 4-5 hours, I was in there 7. Good luck for Feb 22nd, it seems ages away I'm sure, but then it is suddenly on you! I found advice from other ladies on this site invaluable for my hospital stay, so thank you to everyone.

    Love Phia xx

  • Thanks Phia,

    What tips can you give me before I go in?

    What should I take with me? Anything you didn't take that you wish you had?

    Anything I should avoid doing?


  • Hi Val. Mine was nicknamed Melonie, as I felt that my abdomen was the size of a watermelon. Was tempted to call it Ripley, as in alien, but thought that mjght be tempting fate. Lolxx

    Loraine. 😄

  • Hi Val,

    My op was 5 hours, it all depends what they find when they get in there I think? I was warned it would be four or five hours. So Im assuming that they are hopeful yours will be two hours.

    I call mine Connie! Its so much easier than saying the cancer, when talking to friends and family.

    A mini fan may be helpful to take in with you. My hot flushes really kicked in, also peppermint water for the wind.

    I will be thinking of you, it is almost a year to the day I had my big op.

    Caz x

  • Thank you Caz,

    yes I have a small fan at the ready, although my flushes stopped a few weeks back - they've been stopping and starting over the past 3 - 4 months - hospitals can be very warm places without the flushes!

    And I only drink peppermint & nettle tea, so I'll be taking some of that in too.

    We seem to have approached this cancer malarkey in a very similar way.

    They brought my surgery forward a week, so it's next week - a week less to fret :-)


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