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Time to interval debulking surgery

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My interval debulking surgery is scheduled 6 weeks after the 3d cycle of chemo. Then I have to restart chemo # 4 in 2-3 weeks. I do not understand why the surgery is not going to be done sooner. I wonder if I will develop resistance to the chemo with 2 month interval. Is anybody willing to share when their interval debulking surgery was done? thank you

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I waited 5 weeks from 3rd chemo to surgery - they need you to be recovered enough from chemo to be able to have the surgery. My 4th chemo was 4 weeks after surgery (9week break altogether), and no problems with platinum resistance! Good luck with your surgery xx

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Thank you, Yoshbosh. Your post made me feel better. I will try to relax and live life for another 4 weeks before surgery.

Hello, I had my surgery three weeks after my 4th chemo and restarted just short of three weeks afterwards.

Hi my surgery was 4 weeks after 3rd chemo, the started 4th chemo 4 weeks after that. My ca125 was 27 after my fifth chemo and will find out what it is now on Thursday appointment with onc.

Hugs Ellseybellsey xx


Have also had cycle 3, scanned today , if results are good then they will do the op on the 22nd Nov.. asked the nurse whether the cancer will continue to grow in the meantime, she said it won't make any difference at all !! A wee bit of comfort in this crazy 😜 journey!!

Jackie x

Thank you very much for everybody's responses. It is comforting to know that it won't make a difference if the cancer continues to grow in the meantime.

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