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About to start chemo

Hi everybody have just been told that I have oc,had surgery in Dec and start my chemo next week it was a very complicated as the cancer had grown into my bowel also had spread into my chest so surgery was long and very painful,as anyone else had it spread into the chest also my back is giving me so much pain when I ask about this I keep getting told that nothing to be worried about,but at the moment I am worried and scared about the chemo going to be as bad a I think it is

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Chemo isn't bad love,but I don't know what chemo you will have, I had 6 months carbo/taxol and got through, 2 years after finishing in March and still no evidence of disease.

I didn't have the spread that you have, but there are lots of ladies that can help you better than I.

All surgery is painful, but, everyday will get better, take it easy,nothing too much, too fast,take a long recuperation.

Don't be worried and try not to be scared,we are all in the same boat and we are all still here,

Lots of love,we are always here for a chat,

Carole xx


Thank you so much for your reply just feel so alone just now,but know it will get better just need to get the first session under my belt xx


The unknown is always the worst! You are never alone, all the ladies are here for you, you will be fine,we have all been there,chin up, you have everything to fight for,

Carole xx


Hi flower 🌺,

Have you got a stoma? My ov also spread to my bowel , so this was operated on too resulting in a ileostomy.. its a bit of a rough ride , but chemo is manageable, you will probably have carboplatin and pacitaxel.. This is the standard chemo that is usually recommended for the first time .. There are side effects, however you may not get them all and if you experience some, they may well be mild..

Always feel free to offload, ask questions or have a rant about anything on this wonderful forum..

keep in touch honey ,

Lots of love ❤️

Jackie xx


I think when you start chemo you might feel a bit better. I did as I had a lot of fluid on my lungs and tummy, chemo got rid of it and also the little bits of cancer that had spread .

If you have other concerns just get in touch and I'm sure the lovely ladies on here will always reply. Xx


The thought of chemo is worse than when you actually start it. My first ever chemo I was sick walking up the garden path to the car and I know it was nerves! The side effects aren't great but once you're started you'll just get on with it and count the weeks until it's over! Sending you a big hug x


Hi Hun as everyone has already given great advice but the thought of chemo is terrifying. First one for me was daunting and upsetting, it's the reality of it all. For me, the side-effects happen after a few days and chemo is cumulative by the 3rd treatment I was very ill and hospitalised as my temperature was too high plus I'd lost weight and generally not good. Everyone reacts differently and in the main it wasn't too bad. I lost my hair by the 2nd chemo, bought loads of beanies and a very nice wig which I loved wearing. It was upsetting at first but for me became part of the journey and I accepted it. Try and remain positive, it does help and talk about it with friends, family and on here.. we all understand how you feel. Once it starts you'll be counting the weeks! Keep a log book on how you're feeling oh and buy some Laxido.. chemo makes you constipated and drink loads of water! Hope this helps, I wish you loads of luck and keep posting. Love Michelle xx 💐

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I got in a right state at my first chemo. I imagined I'd have bad nausea and ulcers etc. I'm having my 6th and last pacitaxel/carboplatin next Tuesday and I guess I've been lucky as I've had tiredness as my only side effect. I am getting a few nosebleeds now but think that may be the avastin I'm on rather than the chemo.

I actually quite enjoy going to my chemo sessions. I read m book and eat lunch etc. Chat to the nurses. I really don't find it too bad. I hope you find it ok. Please don't worry. We are all here for you. Xx


jennydunk, I must admit the chemo was a walk in the park compared to surgery. I hope you have a titanium port installed. Here in US port installation is standard procedure and they are WONDERFUL! No infection, no special routines, just a nice, clean, comfortable infusion. I had steroids and anti nausea meds prior to each infusion. The infusions themselves were slow and comfortable and I never suffered any type of side effect from infusion itself. Please read my profile for more details. You'll get more and more tired over time, but you'd be surprised at how chemo is not as terrible as you might imagine. Currently nearly 6 months NED, I am prepared to have chemo again should this wretched disease reoccur. Tesla

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Back pain is dogging me too, and they told me it's not related. I too had bowel surgery so maybe it's related to that.

Try not to worry about chemo, the worst part is the unknown when you walk into the room. Take plenty of reading material and drink plenty of water to wash the chemicals through your kidneys.

Good luck



Hi, firstly I'm sorry you've had to become a member of our forum. It's a lot to come to terms with, major surgery, diagnosis and then chemo but you will come through all this a much strong person.

Chemotherapy can be tough, there are lots of side effects but crucially not everybody gets them. I presume your having carboplatin and paclitaxol (carbo/taxol) as first line chemo treatment. You should be given written information on these drugs and their potential side effects. If you haven't, ask for it.

Everybody reacts differently, for instance apart from the hair loss that we all have with this combination, my chemo buddy had no other side effects, I on the other hand had quite a few but I'm still here.

It can be tough but here's a few tips to help get you through.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

Fresh pineapple helps to take the metallic taste away.

Make sure you don't become constipated.

Rest when you need to.

If anyone has a cold or infection, make them stay away, only healthy visitors.

Try and have a little walk each day - little, no marathons lol.

Now's the time for a hobby if you haven't already got one. You tube is a great resource for learning to paint, sew, crochet, knit etc.

Don't feel guilty if you don't feel up to cooking or cleaning a few days after your chemo infusion, let others do it for you.

Be KIND to yourself.

Hope it all goes well. Ann xx

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Hi Jenny, just wanted to welcome you to the site, although i'm sorry you find yourself on this journey. As you may have already gathered, there are so many wonderful people on this forum with a wealth of knowledge and experience which i'm positive you will find useful. I wish you well for your upcoming treatment and will be thinking of you next week.

Jemima xx


Hi Jenny! I was diagnosed with clear cell endometrial adencarcinoma of the uterus in June 2016 and had a total hysterectomy done.The following month started my Chemo: Carbol/ Taxol 6 sessions followed by 25 shots of pelvic radiotherapy. Today I finished my last session so I am totally overwhelmed with relief. I remember being terrified of starting chemo sessions but believe me it's the fear of the unknown that has to be superceded. Once you start you will handle it as all of us have. Take reading material, plenty of water and tasty food like risotto with crunchy veg. Ice cold pineapple chunks are delicious and offset the nausea. A thermos with tea also helps. Speak up immediately if you feel pain or heat flashes whilst being given the chemo. The nurses are usually watching you intensely so you will be well looked after. Expect to feel tired afterwards...Day 3 was always the worst with joint pains and fatigue but after 6days you'll bounce back to normal. The meds they give you will help. Good luck.. It's tough but you're a woman and we're exceptionally supportive of one another. You'll be fine you'll see. Xxx


Thank you so much you have been a great help,I know that once I have the first session under my belt I will be fine and will hit this thing head on xx


It is a scary time but everyone reacts differently to chemo and surgery. My case a bit different but have had bowel cancer within last 2 years, with 2 lots of surgery. Had chemo after first bowel op, a different one to the ovarian regime and did not tolerate that too well but managed. Had major op at Christies to remover omentum, fallopian tubes, ovaries womb etc , peritoneal stripping etc in June as bowel cancer count had kept rising but no evidence on scans| Thats when they found evidence of ovarian cancer. Like you they may well be connected but nobody has said that to me directly. Just finished chemo carboplatin.taxol etc, 6 rounds. Have managed ok, nausea, neuropathy in feet/hands, constipation, etc but all manageable. Not stopped me golfing etc. You may well tolerate regime ok. I am awaiting a ct scan in a few weeks. Be positive, lots of very positive posts and so many people are living with this for a long time. Met someone at our Maggies centre not long ago who was diagnosed stage 4 8 years ago. Had two long remissions, three lots of chemo regimes and still living a full life.


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