Chemo mid review ?

My last chemo was 28th Feb . I looked in chemo book today but no appointment for next treatment so rang chemo suite .

The nurse said I will have a mid treatment review ? I'm due treatment no 5 21st march so how is that mid treatment ?

I'm unsure what this means ?

Do you have the full 6 treatments as per NICE guild lines ?

So far all my bloods have been ok and have improved from initial first carboplatin .

My chemo is adjuvant due to 1A serous cell and being NED after surgery .

Has anyone else had only 4 treatments if CA levels have been really low ? Treatment number 3 my count was 15

I'm really confused ???

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  • Hi -I had a scan after first 4 chemo..I suspect that some teams do review to make sure it's all working for you. Not something to worry about but it would have been better if someone had explained! xx L

  • I know the nurse said it's procedure , I said well it would have been nice if someone had told me !!! I feel that the whole situation hasn't been explained only the basics . It's the fine details that make you worry and I guess because they do it day in day out they become desensitised to your feelings and you just become another number .

    I was thinking that because I'm only adjuvant chemotherapy and if my CA levels were really low I wouldn't need the full 6 carboplatin ? I've been NED since surgery in November and CA levels continue to drop so therefore why more chemo ? Maybe this will be the case I won't know until 20th when and if I see the consultant I've only met him once and seen the registrar the other times who I might add is rather dismissive of my questions ... thanks for your reply x

  • I've spoken to a different nurse this morning and it's a decision point meeting . To see how things are going and if treatment will continue etc .

  • Hey Coxsar!

    I was same as you stage 1 with NED after surgery! Cells were high grade so had to have chemo! Doc said to me that he would do 4/6 chemo would review after 4 and decide whether or not to do the last 2! I tolerated the chemo pretty well so he decided to do the last 2 for belts and braces as he put it!


    PS: Should have said that my CA125 was 26 on diagnosis and went down to 6 second last Chemo. Haven't asked since as it was never above normal its not a good indicator for me. I am however having a 6 month review on the 11th April (one year after chemo finished) and my GP is going to have a CA125 done for me for that! For me once a year is enough!

  • Thankyou for this information this was what I was wondering . On diagnosis my CA was 47 3rd chemo 15 forgot to ask 4 th time . In my mind I'm wondering if this time my levels are really low will I have to make the decision to have the last 2 . That decision will be really hard because although I've tolerated the carboplatin with only nausea for around 7 days it's really affected me mentally and each cycle I've been really depressed and low crying etc . I'm fed up of feeling like that because I'm not that person . My head would say have the last 2 but my heart wouldn't be saying the same thing .

    I know it's only 2 to go but I'd rather he say your having the next 2 I don't want the option because in my heart of hearts I think I would turn it down and watch & wait . It might sound crazy and I'm a nurse so should be gearing up for the next round but I've had enough xxx

  • I know exactly what you mean Chemo is not pleasant and prolonging it any more than is necessary is a difficult choice. My Chemo doc sort of gave me a choice but didn't really so I just bowed to his superior knowledge at the time! If your doc says their only doing it to make sure then I would suggest you lay all your cards on the table and tell them the impact it is having on you from a mental perspective and they may just suggest that 4 is enough!

    When I went in for the "mid term" review I was hoping he might say 4 was enough! If I had been very sick he might have but I wasn't too bad so he said we would continue! I am finished Chemo one year on the 30th March and I have recovered well but it took a while to get to a point where I am happy with my energy levels in particular and my mood and perspective too and I still think there are some after effects but that's to be expected I suppose!

    I wish you the best with your decision making its a hard one!

    Let us know how you get on!


  • Thankyou for your reply .

    I feel more geared up for the meeting and glad that I asked on here because if I had gone in next week it would have been a total surprise and I would have been unprepared but at least I know sort of what to expect now so thankyou xx

  • Hi, I was diagnosed 1b, high grade serous and just finished 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. The final two were reduced by 20%. My last CA125 was 17. Having a scan next week. I imagine doctors treat each on an individual basis but if you feel unsure always best to ask more questions. Hope everything goes well.


  • Hi thanks for your reply .

    My 3rd chemo my CA was 15 and I forgot to ask what number 4 was ( chemo brain) I'm only on carboplatin . I meet with consultant next week to decide , if I have to make a decision to have any more that's going to be hard because my head will say yes have all 6 but I'm so tired of the side effects and want my life back if you know what I mean xxx

  • I know it can be really hard going- a week after each treatment I said that's it , no more! I often thought that with chemo you might do it once but 6 times! It's counter intuitive to allow yourself to be pumped full of chemicals and to know that you'll feel rubbish shortly after.

    All I can say it does feel like it goes in forever but it will come to an end.

    Take care and keep strong.


  • Thankyou . I just hope onc takes it out my hands and says we are going ahead with the last 2 and then I can accept / deal with it 💪😁

  • I've had chemo no 5 !! 1 to go yippee 😁😁😁

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