More chemo!

Hi folks, I've not posted for some time as I've been enjoying good times since last chemo ended last may. Unfortunately the cancer has progressed and CA125 shot up so its 6th line chemo starting on 9th March with carbo and caelyx this time. I've never had caelyx so hopefully it will have a strong effect on the cancer. I am dreading it but having survived nearly 11 years with this horrid illness I'm not ready to give up yet and have had some great times in between treatments. There is far too much to live for especially my little granddaughter, Lily, who will be one in 4 weeks time. Before I start I'm off to Benidorm for 4 days on friday for my final fling until I finish treatment. Anyway I need to have a line put in and have had 2 hickman lines in before but am considering a portacath but still not sure. If you have experience of one can you let me know how its been please?

Thank you and good health and happy days to all

love Francesca xx

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  • I had carbo calyx the beginning of last year and it gave me a wonderful summer well worth it.Enjoy your break will be thinking of you x

  • Thanks for your support, it does help to know that, F x

  • Hi Francesca

    It's good to hear from you, though I'm sorry you're looking at treatment again. You are an example of a great survivor and I hope the next line goes well. You'll be on the same as me.

    Enjoy your holiday in Benidorm. Just the job to build up your strength and wellbeing before starting chemo. xx love Annie

  • hi Annie, Its good to know that I'm in good company, maybe we can compare notes! Good luck with yours. love francesca x

  • Hi Francesca ..

    I'm really glad you've had a nice break. You're right, it is a horrid illness. It'll be nice to get some winter sun. It will give you a boost you need. We were thinking of going away but we think our adopted cat will miss us. Silly, I know. He's got us where he wants us. I'm sure you'll get some good advice on line regimes here. I'll send a note to a wonderful friend to us here to see if she's able to message you. Best wishes xx

  • Hi Francesca

    Just to say I have had a power port for approx. three years ( the second one!) and can't recommend it highly enough. It can also be used for CT scans and blood draws.

    In haste!

    Good luck and have a great break


  • thanks Janice, thats really helpful, I think I will go for the port this time

    F x

  • Hi Francesca, Just want to wish you all the best with your next chemo. "Keep on rocking it girl" your doing well. Hope you have a fantastic 4 days in Benidorm. Love Trish xx

  • Thanks Trish, I'll certainly do my best to keep rocking! F x

  • Sorry to hear you are going back in treatment, I am glad that you are focusing on having some" me time" Well done and I hope you have a nice few days and then plan for four months time. You give me hope, I have been off chemo just with Avastin for a year now and doing ok. I was diagnosed in 2006 and on the bandwagon since but look we are here and able to tell the tales. Have a good time in B enidorm

  • Thank you and I'm so glad you're OK at the moment. Long may it continue Fx

  • Good luck with your sixth line treatment. Enjoy Benidorm and your grandchildren. Jo

  • thanks Jo, x

  • Hope you enjoy a lovely break and wish you well on next chemo

    I had carboplatin and caelex as 3rd line treatment last year and am in the process of having a good time

    Italian holiday booked for early June

    It's so heartening to hear from long term survivors, although I am just a junior at present - coming up to 5 years. Lots of hugs. X Christine.

  • hi Christine, Thanks for your message. So glad the chemo worked for you and enjoy Italy

    F x

  • Hi Francesca, you truly are as n inspiration. I can't help re the portacath but am sure someone will. Enjoy your trip to Benidorm and good luck with the treatment. Give that little granddaughter lots of cuddles, that will help you through. Ann xo

  • Thanks Ann, it really does help to get support from you and the others who have sent me messages. One thing that upsets me at the moment is not getting as many cuddles as i'd like as Lily has started nursery recently and is catching everything going so having to be a bit careful and even more so when I'm on chemo but I still her quite a bit. Can't believe she's one in 4 weeks time, where does the time go!

    Francesca x

  • Hello Francesca! Gosh, can't believe your lovely Lily is nearly one- I remember so clearly your delight in her arrival! Have no insight or experience in the port or chemo but would very much like to add my very best wishes and admiration for your strength and atitude towards this b*****y disease and its treatments. It was so lovely to meet you at the Manchester Experts day last year.

    Have a great break- sounds just the thing and I wish you strength, hope and much love, Sx

  • thank you, I do appreciate your support F x

  • I've got a port-a-cath and I love it. I can shower, swim, splash about in the sea. I had a peripheral catheter for 6 months but could only bathe with my arm on the edge of the bath, leaning sideways, and developed reactions to every dressing in the arsenal so they eventualy allowed me a port-a-cath.

  • thats really helpful, thanks Lesley

    F x

  • Lovely post Francesca! What an inspiration, what a trooper! We can all learn from your attitude to OC. Been feeling sorry for myself this week after treatment last Thursday and this has firmly put me in my place (In the nicest possible way, I add!).

    Got to get planning and booking holidays etc instead of just thinking about it!

    Lots of love

    Annette xxx

  • Thanks Annette, I think we're all entitled to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes, especially after treatment (pretty sure I will!) and yes get those trips booked

    love f x

  • Just to wish you all the best for the next round. Never had Caelyx - so can't offer any comments. My veins are still holding up and the nurses manage to get a canulla in every 3 weeks, think the veins have turned to rubber!!!


  • I am due my sixth calyx in four weeks , second line Clemo I think it's fine , iv hardly any side effects , take care xx

  • What an amazing post. How positive are you, have a great holiday and the very best of luck with your treatment, may you enjoy the next 11 years.

    LA xx

  • Can only agre with everyone else ! You are such a trooper and such a fabulous example ...some days in the warmth before you start , such a good thing to do when the days have been so long and mostly grey .

    Just recieved 1st Caelyx ten days horrid side effects but swamped by fatigue in the last few days . Port fitted January a year ago: the best decision after veins gave signs of fed upness .

    Enjoy everything x


  • I think of Fransescah and the word indomitable comes to mind. I hope you enjoy your trip and the chemo gives you more time with your granddaughter

  • For those like me who've only had first line treatment the idea of years of treatment is mind-blowing but reading posts like yours gives me strength and hope to face it. I had weekly chemo so they fitted a port straightaway to save veins and it was the best thing - it is visible under the skin but mostly covered by clothes just had to avoid lower cut tops! You just have to get it flushed every month when not on treatment. Hope it all goes well and you get a good response.

    Madeline x

  • ThanksMadeline, that's good to know. Which hospital are you under? I'm at the Christie. I've been enjoying a day sat in the sun on the beach in benidorm before I start treatment in a couple of Weeks. Good luck with your health

    All the best

    Francesca x

  • Hi, go Francesca! 11 years on, gives all of us such hope, long may you soar. I've not had caelyx or a port, but I'm here, 8 years since diagnosis, and posts such as yours give us great strength. Have a wonderful holiday, and good luck, love Meryl xx

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