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Today I am getting anxious as I get my scan results after 6 carbo/ taxol and 18 Avastin. Been a long wait as the scan was 4 weeks ago but I have tried to put it to the back of my mind. I suppose it could go one of two ways and I am dreading a bad result but hoping for a period of watch and wait. Having tumours in the liver has been the greatest worry as I am guessing that Ca125 wouldn't necessarily show a rise even if they are growing again. Keep everything crossed for me! Love and hugs to you lovely ladies xx

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  • Everything crossed for you! Sending you a big hug, there will be an army of us ladies there with you in spirit x Do let us know how you get on. xxx Kathy xxx

  • good luck with your scan results, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a good result, please let us know the results.



  • Hi Jane,

    Hoping it goes the right way, 4 weeks is a hard wait so let hope it was worth it.

    with a long,long rescission.

    Cheers Lorraine xx

  • Thank you all I will! I am on my fourth cup of tea since lunch! A stiff drink is what I want lol! 🍷

  • Again thinking of you as you wait. It's hard and as much as we try and embrace the new normal it can be difficult can't it.

    Clare xx

  • Thinking of you.. everything crossed Love Michelle x

  • Everything crossed for you katsmum 🤞🤞 xx

  • Praying you get some good news! 🤞🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻

  • Thinking of you with fingers and toes crossed Pam x

  • Everything crossed for you Katsmum!


  • Everything crossed xxx

  • Hi, as the other women say I am thinking about you and hoping so much for a positive result for you

  • Four weeks is quite a long wait but as you know whatever it is, the scan already shows. You're doing the right thing trying to put it to the back of your mind. Not sure when you get your results but wishing you all the best that the results are good.

  • Best of luck! Xx

  • Good luck with your results . Everything crossed for you. Jessie. X

  • Big hugs and fingers crossed for a positive result, in our thoughts let's us know your results ❤xx Jane

  • Well clinic was running an hour late so been a long afternoon. There is concern over the appearance of my liver apparently, so now going for an MRI in the next couple of weeks. They have said it could be any of a number of things but I have no idea what!! On the upside there doesn't appear to be anything in the rest of the abdomen and I haven't turned yellow so will try to carry on as normal for now. Thank you all for messages of support - it really helps. Xx

  • Hi there

    Sorry im late with my best wishes but my posts are always late. Now I know you have already had your scan and that your abdomen is clear that is positive news. I hope that your MRI will not show anything worrying. As you say your skin is normal that is a very good sign. Let us know how it goes . Here's wishing you a successful outcome . Take care.


  • Good luck - as others have said everything crossed for you x

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