News Update on Scan Results

Hi friends, just spoken to the cancer nurse at the hospital and she has emailed my consultant to make me an earlier appointment to discuss my scan results. I've got to wait for the appointment through the post.

This is where the mind works overtime. Consultant said they'd send the results so if I am now having an appointment it makes me think there's something to discuss. Or, have the two of them got their wires crossed. I'll just have to wait and see and I hope it's before my holiday. (Have I mentioned I'm going on holiday. Not more than 50 times I shouldn't think.)

She has also emailed the BRCA team and I'll get an appointment through the post. She'll also emailed them so the appointment isn't for when I'm away. There's no hurry for this any way.

Hope everyone is good today. I've been to Rainham Marshes bird watching. It was lovely. Saw a spoonbill. Hadn't even heard of them before today. I only know common birds like robins. Good therapy.

Takes care, Zena xx

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  • I think the waiting for the appointment is sometimes worse than when you actually see the consultant as your mind goes into overdrive. Hopefully it will come through soon or even chase your nurse as you are going on holiday.

  • Thanks Avis, I'm feeling hopeful. xx

  • Hi Zena

    I’d be inclined to wonder if the reason for the appointment is because of BRACA???

    Otherwise if it were me I would ring your nurse and ask her outright if their is a reason

    I’m sure all will be ok, hugs, Marian xxx

  • Thanks Marian. I haven't even had the BRCA test yet. There seems to be new stuff to find out every day. xx

  • I know the feeling.... whatever your team do you are always suspicious that they are not doing something else! I used to think the presence of my useless CNS at Onc meetings meant it was bad news but the truth seems to be that she turns up when she feels like it. Don't consume yourself trying to read stuff into their actions about some holiday prep to take your mind off it? xx

  • Good idea Lyndy. There's nothing else I can do now so I'll just have to wait a bit longer. xx

  • The waiting is hard and yes there could be a mix up. but you do have the right idea to get out and enjoy the weather and watch the birds, nothing like nature to cheer us up

  • Thanks you Suzuki. xx

  • It's a lovely time of year to get out and enjoy the healing power of nature.

    Not here right now, who. We just had a tornado warning and it got scary for a few minutes. 😯

    Clear your mind if you can of it's incessant chatter! If it would make you feel better, I got the results of my scan via telephone and was told to make an appointment as soon as possible. Yikes! It turned out, the info was just explained in more detail at the meeting and the doc wanted to share info in person.

    I know you have been fighting to get these results and hope they are the bearer of good news. Remember, good things are worth waiting for.

  • Tornados! Gosh, what would my bees do?

  • Thank you. They certainly know how to scare us, don't they? The hospital rang this morning and the scan shows no abnormalities. Relief. Thanks for your reply. xx

  • I've never heard of spoonbills either but I've just looked them up on the RSPB's website and I can see why they are names so. It's so good to get outside into nature, really calms the mind.

  • I can't believe how excited I got to see it. I can see now why bird watchers travel so far to see a rare bird. I might have seen a rare bird but I wouldn't know it. I find it really difficult to distinguish one bird from another unless it's really obvious. I hear a bird like noise and by the time I've discovered where it's coming from the bird takes flight. I'd never manage to get any pictures. People who do must have the patience of a saint. xxx

  • I’ve learnt the names of lots of garden birds since we moved from London to East Sussex as they are all busy eating our pensions from the bird feeders. I dont think w get anything exotic but I think even a great spotted woodpecker looks exotic.

    I’d like to learn which song belongs to which bird rather than just go by appearance.

    And as for bird baths, although the word “bath” should have been a giveaway, I thought they drank the water so I was surprised when six or so get in and splash away and then all the water has gone!

  • I think we need bird baths. Another massive bag of food arrived today. I don't know what they're going to do while we are on holiday. xx

  • Hi Zena. This is just about birds ! I'm a birdwatcher, hence my blue wren image. Mind you, have to say I'm a "fair weather" bird watcher and I think it's not the best time of year for you. I hope you do continue though. I grew up in the English countryside and have always loved birds. Have now lived in Australia for longer than I was in the UK so have learned about lots of new birds. We have 2 bird baths in our back garden and have been visited by about 50 species. Even birds passing through, heading for colder/warmer climes can tarry for a short time, as they know there's a reliable water-source for a drink & a bath. We even get an ibis with a beak about 18" long - has to lay his head down to get a drink. There's a lake not far from here where I've seen a spoonbill - probably a bit different from the one you saw. I get great pleasure seeing them every day in our garden. Anyway, enough of that. I hope you will develop the interest & I also hope your scan results will be fine and so will the weather on your holiday. Best wishes. Pauline.

  • Thanks Pauline, I'd love to learn more about birds. Another hobby to take up. (hobby he he). You're so lucky to get so many birds. All we get are pigeons, sparrows and robins with the occasional dove. I live next to a golf course so I see kestrels every now and again. We have bird boxes, bird tables and feeders all over the garden but we've only had babies once. There's a camera in the bird box which is going to waste. I've joined the bird watchers group at my local U3A but as they go out on Tuesdays and that is my baby sitting day I can't go out much with them at the moment. It doesn't really matter though as they know nothing about birds either and I think they only go for the chat.

    Nice to talk to you Pauline. Results are in. Scan is all clear. Yippee. Got a phone call this morning. xxx

  • Hi again Zena. Excellent news about your scan. I had 2 done (on a trial) - both clear. So happy. CA125 still good. Bone density test good. An excellent week ! Every year Australia does a back-yard bird count. We just list the species sighted in out backyards for 20 mins per day for a week. Doing it this week.

    Best wishes. Pauline

  • Ours is one hour for one day in January/February. We rarely see anything but we have a glass of wine and some chocolate. Perhaps that's why we don't see anything.

    Glad your scans and CA125 are good. I don't think they tested my bone density. If they did they haven't mentioned it to me.

    Enjoy your bird watch. Take care Zena xxx

  • Hi again Zena. The bone density test was coincidental. I had one done around 25 years ago. Recently saw a notice at the local shopping centre saying pensioners could get a free bone density test with a referral from their GP. So I thought I should have it done, as you never know what a year (2 lines) of chemo might do to you. So it was just a coincidence that the results came thru at the same time as the other results, making it a Grand Day to be sure.

    Hope you can get somewhere with the bird watching and not too distracted by the wine & chocolate ! Also hope that the bird box gods shine on you soon. We get the occasional bird of prey, since there are so many little birds for them to pick off. We have an owl that might interest you, called a Boobook owl. It sounds just like a cuckoo calling at night.

    Best wishes. Pauline

  • Oh Pauline, you're so lucky. I love owls. They're so beautiful. I'm not sure if they're wise though. I've never heard of a Boobook owl. You get so many more interesting or perhaps I should say different animals than we do.

    I'm trying to talk my husband into getting a bird bath. We've got lots of feeding stations but it sounds as if it's a wash they'd like. We have a lot of water where I live so maybe they wouldn't bother to stop off at our house but it's worth a try. We have a small nature reserve only a half hour walk away with a large lake. I really should make more use of it.

    Best wishes, Zena x

  • Back again Zena. The bird bath has certainly been the secret to my success. The first one turned out to be not substantial enough to hold the heavier birds (ravens etc), so we brought that closer to the house; the little birds use it. The bigger one we then installed is the most popular. The red capped parrots bath like no other bird - so thoroughly soaked that you can no longer see the colour of their feathers - they then are so weighted with water, they can hardly get the lift to get them up onto the fence ! We have shrubs that attract birds but it's the water that brings them in. The Boobook owl was named by the Aborigines due to their cuckoo-like call. One day I could hear the little birds giving alarm calls for hours - finally got my binoculars and saw a boobook in the tree next to our house trying to get a bit of day-time shut-eye. He didn't roost there again !

    My brother (Norfolk UK), had a deer in his garden a few weeks ago - sent me a pic. I lived there for around 10 years, always out on the highways & byways but NEVER saw a deer.

    I have a brother in law in Corby with a lovely tree'd garden. He gets lots of birds. I've seen long-tailed tits & 2 types of wood-peckers - lovely.

    It sounds as if you live in a lovely environment.

    Best wishes. Pauline

  • Thanks Pauline. I love reading about your birds. Please keep it up. My bird bath will be more for sparrows and starlings but they're all birds however big and beautiful. Maybe I'll get a surprise.

    Best wishes, Zena x

  • The waiting is just awful. Really hoping for good news for you.

  • Thanks Neona. Had the results this morning. All clear. Yippee. xx

  • Good luck for good news Zena.

    Gwen xx

  • Thank you, Gwen. I've had a call and all is well. What a relief. xx

  • What great news, Gwen. Enjoy the moment and relish in the relief. Have a great holiday and treat yourself to some new binoculars or outdoor gear for bird watching. You deserve it.

    Tweet tweet, Kryssy (the lesser spotted fruitloop) xxxx

  • Zena...I went to Rainham Marshes between my CT initial diagnosis and my treatment starting

    ...have such fond memories of the visit where I bought lots of Christmas cards...just over two years ago...also lots of my school friends lived in Rainham and it is lovely to see bits of London in the distance!

    Actually, almost better than the US in my book....hope the BRACA testing goes my experience a very gentle Chris xx

  • Thanks Chris. I think I'll have to wait until after my holiday for the BRCA test but I'm in no hurry. xx

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