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Scan Results

Hi all,

I had my appointment with my oncologist today, scan showed the tumour has shrunk, and Ca125 down to 5 which he says is normal. I don't have to see them for three months, but he did say "it will come back" , which knocked me back a bit, he said he didn't know when, but sure that it will. I am seeing gynae surgeon next week to discuss surgery now or later, and feel very mixed about it.I was guided by them and had the six chemo's and the response has been good, but will have to wait and see what the surgeon says,It's hard making descisions when in new territory.


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Hi this is good news about your tumour is bound to be worrying for you... but you have had a good result so far and it looks as if you can trust your team...sending you best wishes love x G x


That is excellent news about the tumour shrinking and the CA125 marker. Your onc didn't have to tell you about it coming back though! It might do but then again it might not and I really hope it doesn't. I'm sure you're feeling really anxious about your next steps but stay strong and be brave - you sound like you've done brilliantly so far.

All the best xxx


Hi! This is great news, although I can completely understand you being worried about what your oncologist said. Why do they do this? All consultants and oncologists are supposed to have been on training courses to improve their patient communication skills :-(

However, it often depends on your age, your family situation (have children/want to/ priorities etc) as to whether you have an op. I had mine nearly ten years ago and I am so glad I did. I have never felt better. My surgeon gave me five to ten years, and I intend to prove him wrong by keeping on going ;-) in those days they operated first, waited six weeks and then decided on the chemo/radiotherapy options. I was lucky in not needing any chemo.

Wait and see will be the best option. Get your strength back, relax a bit and enjoy treats of something you can enjoy, food, music, massages, wine, whatever. Then see what your medical team says. It sounds as if they are doing a great job so far are you :-)

All the best

Love Wendy xx


Hi you have had some brilliant news. Hope everything goes well when you meet the surgeon.

love Chris x


Dear M

Wonderful news, sounds like your ca125 is well down! Mine is 8 at present and anything under 30 is normal!

I have known from the start that it will keep recurring!

Later today I am going to post the story of my journey over the last three years to give soeme encouragement to newbies so I will not rehearse it here but, believe me, it is not the end of the world and I am having great fun!

Do try to get on with enjoying life while you are in remission and don't waste this precious time worrying about the next bout!

I am thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts!





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