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Twisted, blocked bowel and ascites. Over a month in hospital

Hello ladies haven't posted in a while as just felt too terrible. Ambulanced to A and Eafter horrendous vomiting, arrogant doctor sent me homa after 4 hours of anti emetics evennthough I knew what was wrong, my GP had written them a note, ignored. Surprise back again after which lef for a week to see if it would sort itself out, finally when I was screaming in pain they did an emergency op, when I woke up my bed had been given away!!! So I spent 24 hours in recovery. Surgeon cheerfully said if we had left it another day bowel would have slice right through, very helpful. Another week no bowel action. Me, it's because the ascites is pushing so hard on everything, at this point barely able to talk, finally had first drain and sure enough manged to go to the toilet. Had a semi permanent rocket drain in which I will go home with and a morphine pump as now misses one session of chemo so pain worse. Honestly didn't think I was going to make it out of here a few times but here I am o fight another day! Nurses have been fantastic, doctors not so much, they simply will not listen apart from the odd exception and I think I coul have been saved a lot of suffering if they had. Anyhow after last nights blood transfusion feel like a new woman! Happy Sunday to you all,

Claire xxxxx

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I'm so angry for you, why oh why don't these people listen? You know your body, you know your pain, thank goodness this ended up ok but what an ABSOLUTE nightmare for you.

It's so so wrong that we have to fight our own position when we are so ill but we do as its our lives.

Having been in a similar position recently with an A&E doctor who told me he couldn't help me as I hadn't had a stroke and would I like to go to ultrasound for my Ascites scan .......he was a bit shocked when ultrasound DID refer me and on the Wed a brain scan showed I'd DEFINITELY HAD a TIA on 5th March and probably another one two days before.

I can still see that A&E doctors face and have a PALS letter to write .. In reality I could write at least 4 and I'm a polite person who has been amazed at what I and you and others are having to go through.

Thinking of you and your strength - ALWAYS put yourself first.

Clare xx


thank you Clare, just when you think you have seen it all..... Yes I will be implanting when I get out is here. I do hope you are OK and that you are being treated well now


Claire xxxx

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Hi Claire, I too am angry for you, in fact I'm really really cross on your behalf that you have been treated so appallingly, why do some doctors not believe what other doctors and, more importantly, what patients say, this is total arrogance on their part. I know that the NHS is under increasing pressure to manage on an ever decreasing budget in real terms so had the doctor you had seen reacted correctly then potentially money could have been saved as well as your treatment been more relevant, timely and far less traumatic.

I know, from experience of working in the NHS, that there are patients out there who can be a total nightmare, but, if the doctors you saw had factored in your recent history together with the letter from you own doctor and your own knowledge of this awful disease and its symptoms you could have been saved so much unnecessary suffering.

I would be inclined to write a strongly worded letter to PALS. Sometimes people need to be made aware of their own shortfalls in order to improve their patient facing skills. Some of these doctors think they are on pedestals and need to be brought back down to earth.

I am so glad you have come out of this on the right side, thankfully you were treated in time and can now look forward to feeling a little better. Take lots of care and look after yourself, big hugs and lots of love ❤xx Jane


Thank you Jane, my sons girlfriend is training and is almost a Junior Doctor, she is very critical of the listening skills and general rudeness and arrogance, in particular it appears surgeons. We are in 2017 not the 1950's.

Claire xxx


Hello both Clare and Claire

Your stories have shocked many of us I think and having heard other stories of delay and bad treatment of women with recurrence I wonder if this is a more systemic problem for the NHS which ( understandably)

focusses on first diagnosis. I am wondering if this needs to be raised with the charities that represent us as a wider issue.

On a personal level though I hope you both now get the dedicated treatment you want and deserve xxx L


Totally agree with what has already been posted so aweful that you have had to suffer due to this incompetence and lack of respect of the patients views and experience. Would also agree with Lyndy definately seems to be an area that needs improving and something the charities could maybe help with . Women who have already been through so much shouldn't have to be fighting to be heard and be put through any more unnecessary suffering .

Glad you are feeling alot more comfortable and hopefully you will be back home soon to recover . Sending you lots of positive vibes and best wishes for your future treatment and recovery . Love Kim x

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Sorry to hear you have had such a tough time and great that you have come out fighting. My doctors do listen so it's such a shame yours don't. Inhofe you are home and recovered soon x

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I'm sorry you've had to endure this. I agree with the others and I also think you need to put this in writing to the complaints Dept in the hospitality. Perhaps you should copy your letter to the Health Secretary at Westminster too. Ann x


When I am home, hopefully tomorrow, I will be on to it!! Xxxx


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