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Just got back from seeing the Oncologist for my PET scan results. Nothing to see!! except a very small blood clot on the lung, which in turn means 6 months of injections to disperse it! Because I am on Avastin I can only have a low dose as anything more would interfere with the Avastin hence the 6 months. He still doesn't know why my CA125 went up, but he is just going to monitor it with my blood tests. So apart from being a pin cushion, yay all ok! Have a lovely Christmas everyone and hopefully a brighter New Year xxxxx

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Long may this steady situation stay and nice to be in a good place to start the New Year.

Happy festive season to you too.

Lesley x


You too beaniejean, have a great one xx🌲🌲


Good News beaniejean!

Long may it last!

Happy Christmas!



Great to hear this Beaniejean. Hope you get to celebrate with those you hold dear!

All the best, Netti x


Happy Christmas beaniejan 🎄🎄


That's fabulous news!

Long may it last, now sit back and enjoy Christmas x


Merry Christmas xx


Hi beaniejan, Congratulations on the clear scan, you must be really relieved. I was diagnosed with a small blood clot in my lung at the same time I was given my OC diagnosis. I self injected heparin daily for 8 months. My oncologist actually said that the heparin protected my veins while I was on my carbo/taxol and extended my injections from 6 months to 8 months until I completed the chemo. The hardest thing I found was remembering which side of my tummy I had done the previous day (I was advised to do alternate sides to help reduce soreness 😂 this in itself was a tad ironic). It's really not too bad and in the whole scheme of things a small part. Good luck with this have a lovely Christmas and a healthy new year. Big hugs ❤️Xx🎄 Jane


Get a second opinion. My friend was told she had a blood clot on lung that turned out to be both cancer and a blood clot.


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