Travel Insurance sorted!!!

Thanks for all your advice and MIA have come up trumps. I can't get insurance until two months before I travel which is one week after we will have paid the flights off in full. So I have one week during which if I have to cancel, I wouldn't be covered. So here is the plan.........get a CA125 test done, despite oncologist saying don't do it, in mid November. If all OK, pay for flights on December 1st. On December 7th MIA will insure me, despite having done the booking already, for the full duration of my holiday and cancellation. No mention of 31 days!! Cost £337. So with a bit of luck, which we all need, we should make New Zealand next February. Thinking of you all and wishing you well for a warm summer. Got drenched playing golf today! xx

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  • I am really glad you got your insurance sorted. The trip sounds fantastic.

  • Pleased you managed to get your cover sorted, it's important for peace of mind. ❤️Xx Jane

  • I'm glad you got sorted. Ann xx

  • Hi

    I don't know if it is too late in the day but 6 weeks post chemo I got an Annual worldwide policy for £130 plus additional £550 excess for any claim related to accepted declared medical conditions. 45 days continuous cover was also offered as an option. MIA declined to cover me for a two week usa policy!


  • Hi Carole666. Who is your Annual policy with? I did have a policy with John Lewis excluding existing medical conditions but they no longer offer it and other quotes I've received are ridiculous - £1,200 plus for Europe only! Thanks, Jane x

  • I'd like to know who insured you too :) even 6 months post chemo I couldn't get annual cover...

  • That sounds great. Who was that with? Xx

  • Having been turned down by MIA after speaking with them only a few weeks earlier for general advise, I too was surprised to get an annual policy for £130, the alternative quote I got was over £1,000 (can'tremember who with)

    I decided to go for a low premium but higher excess in the event of a claim. So far travelled to America twice with no incident, so an absolute bargain based on MIA single trip rates of £163 And above 😄

    Insurance is with holidaysafe, who also are associated with several other names including insurancewith and Boots (can't remember the other names), all at the same address and with the same underwriter. Interesting though is that insurancewith refused me an annual policy... so do try each one as they quote separately. Online quote system is very good.

    Make sure that your travelling companions also insure through them in order to be covered in the event of them making a claim related to your medical conditions, however their claim would also be subject to the same additional excess figure.

    Let me know how you get on

    Happy travels

    Carole xx

  • Thankyou Carole! I had no success with Boots, who wouldn't give me an annual policy but did offer an expensive single policy. I will contact Holidaysafe and hope for a better result! xx

  • Carole, thankyou so much for this mention - I have obtained annual europe policy for £117 - one tenth of the price I had been quoted elsewhere! Absolutely delighted! Jane xx

  • That's made my day Jane ...... probably yours too 😀

  • wow this sounds amazing - I'm def saving the name :)

  • Hi don't know if this will help but I have breast cancer that has spread to my bones, but have just got a years world wide travel insurance for £125, its with a company called Insurewith who specialise in insuring people with cancer, hope this helps.

  • It seems that different companies respond in different ways. Insurewith wanted £350 for a single trip and said no when it went over 30 days - 31!! We all seem to have to do a lot of hunting around to get insurance sorted. I will try them again. Thank you and hope you are doing ok. Love Val

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