Scan results tomorrow

Hi all,

First time on this site. Great to know that there is a support group. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Oc in April 13.

Full de-bulking op followed by 6 sessions of chemo and 12 months of avastin. Tomorrow will get the results of my first scan post avastin. Nervous and anxious. Has anyone one the same scenario , as I am very worried about recurrence.

This can be a very lonely disease.


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  • Hi Fran

    Welcome to this group! Best of luck with your scan, I hope you get reassuring results. I joined this group because my mam has ovarian cancer, so I probably can't empathise in the way some of the other ladies here can, but this is a great site and support that I have been reading for quite a while but only posting on recently and I'm so glad I did. So I'm sure you will find support here too. Take care.

  • Ahh thanks Mary it's nice to know that there are nice people to talk to. I have 3 daughters and 1 son who have all reacted very differently to my illness. How did u cope. Fran x

  • I coped/am coping ok. I found practical things like cooking for Mam's freezer therapeutic, and this is new, I never thought I was practical or a "coper"! It's interesting what you learn about yourself in situations like this - well, interesting when you discover positive things anyway!! Mam is very good humoured and practical, we laugh a lot. So that sets the tone and helps us cope. My family have a farm, I am not particularly involved but my parents and 2 brothers are to different degrees, so her being unwell is difficult in a way some families might not experience, in that their personal and business lives are so entertwined. My brothers cope I think by distracting themselves, and making her laugh, thats their go-to strategy! Mam has a strong faith which helps her, and my own faith helps me. Every family situation is so different though, and people get through the experience in different ways. I hope your children coped ok, a parent's illness is not easy, no matter how grown up you are, I think. Thinking of you for tomorrow x

  • Scan all clear. Thanks so much for your kind message. Fran x

  • Brilliant news about your scan it must be a great relief. I am due my first scan in next few week, feeling very scared don't mind admitting it.

    Relax and take time out to enjoy yourself you deserve it xx.

  • Brilliant news!

  • Thanks Leanne. Hopefully I've have good news tomorrow. Fran

  • Wishing you well for the result of your scan and just to remind you that if the worst happens, there are other treatments out there but hopefully you will get a break for another while

  • Scan all clear. Thanks for your support. Love fran

  • Brilliant I am so happy for you go celebrate and treat yourself this weekend all the very best

  • Hi L. Scan all clear. Thanks for your support. Here's being strong for next three months. Love Fran x

  • Good luck tomorrow Fran I too am stage 4 diagnosed Nov 13 had 6 sessions chemo then surgery another two sessions chemo as unfortunately wound dident heal completely so was unable go back on avastin which was bit upset about as I had another eight sessions left am stable at minute go back in January my three children took the news differently too fingers crossed for your results x babs

  • Thanks. Fran

  • Hi Fran! I've got exactly the same going on. Stage 4. Surgery on 30 July followed by Carbo/ Paclitaxel. My Avastin is scheduled for 20 months. Still have two chemo sessions to go and then off to a scan. I've been feeling just fine with the chemo, hardly any side effects. I have to admit that I'm starting to freak out about the scan which should be around mid December. I think a little pre-scan-results-freak-out is just fine.

    Wishing you well & thinking of you for tomorrow!

  • Hi Nina, I am stage 4 too, just finished chemo, see consultant 20 Nov then will book scan, feeling very anxious about that. Can I ask have you started Avastin yet, I am hoping they will let me have Avastin now my chemo has finished but not sure if they will let me as have to take anti coag medication should be on Warfarin but have to do daily injections on Heparin at the moment until chemo effect is over. I think my scan is likely to be end Nov.

  • Hi kazrazmataz,

    Yes, my Avastin started with the second dose of chemo. My first chemo was only three weeks post surgery and they could not give me Avastin then due to being so fresh post-op.

  • Thanks Nina, good luck with your scan but until then try not to think about it and live in the moment x

  • Hi Nina, I am stage 4 too, just finished chemo, see consultant 20 Nov then will book scan, feeling very anxious about that. Can I ask have you started Avastin yet, I am hoping they will let me have Avastin now my chemo has finished but not sure if they will let me as have to take anti coag medication should be on Warfarin but have to do daily injections on Heparin at the moment until chemo effect is over. I think my scan is likely to be end Nov.

  • Scan all clear. Good luck to you for December. Fran

  • This is fantastic news! Very happy for you!

  • Just wanted to wish you well for your scan today


  • Wishing you the best of luck with your scan results Fran. Thinking of you today.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary. Scan all clear.

  • Oh, that's great news Fran, so pleased for you xx

  • Hi Fran

    I was diagnosed stage 4 April 2010. I too had major surgery followed by 6 months chemo. No Avastin though. Still here still good. Wishing you lots of luck for our results.

    Love and hugs Chris x x

  • Thanks. Scan all clear. Fran

  • Fantastic news. x x x

  • Take care x

  • Hope you get good news! Love to you and your family.

    Wendy xxx

  • Hi Fran, welcome to our club. You're right it can be a lonely disease but one things for sure, we are all here to support each other, so keep dropping in. Kwow, impressive remission. I was diagnosed in June 13 with stage 3b, surgery and chemo followed but I only got 8 months remission. I'm not on treatment at present, on watch and wait. I have a scanon 17 Nov. Its the uncertainty waiting for scan and then waiting for results that makes us anxious. Only natural I suppose especially for those of us diagnosed with advanced disease.

    Good luck and hope all goes well for you.

    Ann xo

  • Hi ann. Thanks for your support. Scan all clear. Fran

  • Hi Fran I was diagnosed stage 4 in October 2012 - debulking then 6 lots of chemo, a year off then another 6 plus Avastin. Lung nodules and lymph have shrunk back but have never gone, just had surgery to remove lung nodules and will go back on Avastin when healed, may also have more surgery to reduce tumour load. But feel well and worked full time through last chemo - having a few weeks off now! I remember my first scan and everyone since and the feeling is always the same, awful trepidation followed by relief or resignation. I am upbeat and enjoy the period after each positive piece of news, but cancer changes you and your outlook and I sometimes find myself wishing I could forget it all and be normal without a care in the world - then I give myself a shake embrace my reality and get on with it and living my life. My sister always says today we are all ok and that's all that matters, tomorrow may never come and that probably has very little to do with my diagnosis but other twists of fate. Thinking of you and knowing you will be fine - big hugs Amanda xx

  • Hi Fran - wishing you well for results of your scan. I am in a slightly different position in that I have been diagnosed with a very rare type of ovarian cancer and have not been offered any chemo. I am to have MRI's every 6 months and after my most recent one am still awaiting the results - so I know what an fraught and anxious time it is awaiting results.

    Sending lots of love and fingers crossed..xxxxx

  • HI helen, I've been watching this site for a short while. I'm 3b low grade. You say you have a rare type - is this low grade like myself?


  • Hi Gwen - From what the consultant has told me it (which wasn't an awful lot as they'd had no experience of it there!!) it is low grade with only a couple of incidences worldwide where it has behaved in an 'aggressive' fashion. Having done a lot of research myself I still find myself still no further forward! What is your treatment and how are you feeling?Helen xx

  • Poor u. Hope all goes well with your next scan. Fran x

  • Hi Fran & everyone else,

    I'm a member of this online group, but being in the US, I don't post much. Yours got me. I was diagnosed stage 4 in February. I had 4 rounds of chemo, then surgery & 3 more rounds. I am due for my first 3 month follow up appointment tomorrow. I've gained close to 20 pounds since I finished chemo in July. Majority is around mid section. I am freaked out. I hope your scans turn out well.

    Best of Luck,


  • Hi patty. Thanks so much for your kind reply. Great news for me all clear result for me today. Delighted. However. Good tonight (nice glass of wine) but for me it all starts again tomorrow worrying about next scan. Love if I could live with this normally. Enough if me. I will say a big irish prayer for u tonight for great results tomorrow.

  • Thank you, I will post tomorrow if I get any results. Mine I think will be mainly blood draw. But again, I don't really know, this is my first one.

  • Thinking of you at your appointment today - do let us know how you got on.....Helen xx

  • Well, I got good news. All my blood work has returned to normal. Still waiting on CA 125 results. They said they would call me later this afternoon, if not I can call on Monday. They said they didn't feel anything from the pelvic exam. Next appt is Feb 6th. I will get results of genetic testing on 24th. So I think tonight I will celebrate with a margarita.

    Thanks! :)


  • really pleased for you - enjoy your margarita!...xx

  • Hi Fran - no need to be lonely now you've found us. Wonderful news about your scan.

    Best wishes

    Annette xxx

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