2nd line chemo here I come!

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words of encouragement after my miserable last post. So the good news is that nothing has spread to any of my organs and there is nothing that will require more surgery to remove. Less good news is there is a scattering of tumour nodules throughout my pelvis and in the glands which need chemo to sort out. So I am booked in to start 6 lots of carbo and caelyx next Friday. A bit scared as carbo really didn't agree with me last time and I've heard a few horror stories about caelyx but, onwards and upwards!! Xxxx

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  • Hi Becky

    Glad about the good news and hopefully the chemo will take care of the scattering of tumour nodules. Hope the Caelyx goes well for you. Take Care. Kathy xxx

  • Glad you've got a plan and it's not as bad as you feared. I hope the chemo is kind to you.

  • Hi Becky

    I started 2nd line chemotherapy yesterday. Not something I looked forward to, but it's got to be done

    Best of luck and sending love

    Judy xx

  • I really have my fingers crossed for you and am willing you forward to a great recovery. Wishing you lots of luck and keep your faith and courage up and you will have a great outcome I am sure. Lots of love xxx

  • Hi Becky,

    Plan placed which is good. Hope it's gonna be a bit easier now.

    Im in carbo/caelyx. Yes, is very hard. But we will make it!

    Hugs, xxx


  • Hi. My oncologist has said I won't need cold cap with carbo/caelyx but the info I've read about caelyx says you can lose your hair - do you mind me asking if you have? What side effects have you found the worst on caelyx? I hated carbo last time so I'm expecting the worst!!

  • Hi Becky

    I had a carbo/taxol last year. I've lost all hair just after first chemo (that where I got idea to set up Hairless Beauty). The chemo wasn't to bad for me.

    Now I'm having carbo/caelyx and I can't imagine worse treatment. But, don't think you will be the same. Everyone is responding differently.

    I had 2 sessions, every 4 weeks. I haven't lost hair and doctor said I won't.

    Other ladies complaint about skin peeling, itchy hands and feet etc. My skin in peeling off but doesn't Hurst or burn. My hands and feet are OK.

    My problem is stomach pain, nausea, sickness, weakness and complete lack of energy. I have : "I don't give a...." attitude which is not normal. Last year I used to be fine after a 1,5 weeks, I used to shake off and be active. This time I am in bed last 5 weeks, since I've started chemo. I just can't get myself together. My blood after first chemo was really bad for 3 weeks, non stop. I used to get neulasta 1 jabafter each chemo last year. It helped to booze white cells. Now I am on 12 jabs, each day one. Doctor was surprised they've dropped that much.

    Today 9 days after chemo I'm still in bed. Taking a bath this morning was really challenging. Oh, I can't smell any kind of chemicals, liquids, tooth paste is nightmare.

    Try to use natural cleanings, that's what we do all the time at my house. I know it's gonna be better for sensitive skin after caelyx. Minimum chemo, toxins etc.

    Please don't get scared. Wasn't my intention to scare you. Other girls on this forum will tell you that caelyx was grand.

    One think to add. Doctor said that last year, after surgery there were no disease so it was easier for chemo to work. Now I have disease and chemo needs to fight it. Cancer is trying to defend. So that's why treatment looks different as well.

    God, I know what I wrote sounds horrible and scary. Please don't panic. All those things might not happen in your situation.


    Zaneta xx

  • Thank you for your honesty - I'm trying to live in glass half full bubble at the moment - telling myself that it's only every 3 weeks whereas it was every week last time. Maybe if I convince myself enough that I'll be fine I will (ha ha - famous last words!!) I hope you're feeling better today - how many more do you have to go?

  • What else can we do! Not had caelyx... yet ? But I found carbo in combination with taxol and then with gem easier than on its own..... Hope you do too. x

  • I felt like this about my second line carbo/taxol as first one was terrible. However I told my (new and more proactive) Oncologist all my fears and problems and she tweaked things which made a huge improvement, so if you're having a bad time my advice is shout loudly as soon as you feel rotten, don't suffer in silence as us women are prone to do! They can often make things just that bit more bearable. Lots of luck, Claire xxx

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