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Quick chemo response


After just two cycles of Caelyx / carbo my CA-125 has gone down from being nearly 1000 to under 30.

I am of course pleased to be responding so well , but this is my second line treatment and I had a similar response to first line and then recurred within 3 months.

Is there anyone out there who has had a good response to second line and then not recurred again ??

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Hi 2mini2. I'm like you in that I had recurrence after six months. I'm now a year on from my last chemo. I just keep positive and hope for the new wonder drug to come along.


Hi Katie,

I'm in a similar situation to 2mini2, but I haven't started treatment yet. So you had your first recurrence after 6 months, but have been a year clear after 2nd line carbo/caelyx?

Vicki x


I am in a similar situation to you, 2mini2.

Recurrence at 10/11months after 1st line treatment, and will probably be starting carbo/caelyx sometime in the next few weeks (asymptomatic at the moment and only early days in the recurrence, so no immediate rush).

I'd love to get a bit more of a remission next time round!


Hi, I had just over Six months then reoccurred . I have had 8/ 9 months this time start carboplatin/ caelyx on the 22 August so in the similar situation as you . I have seen different reports about if you lose your hair or not on this combination of chemo ....... I would like to think this time I don't , but not holding my breath 😒

Pauline xx


just to suggest...I think you should at least investigate Niraparib C X

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Yes, definitely worth asking.


Hi Pauline - not lost a single hair with carbo / Caelyx - that's after 2 cycles



Oh that's good to hear 2mini2 ... I hope it is the same for me , my hair has grown back curly and I love it ( and grey ) which I don't mind .

Pauline x


I'm in the uk and it's not approved here


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