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3rd Line here I come!


Well after being warned I was definitely in recurrence in June, I had my scan results and there's been marked progression 'of concern'. Many small volume nodules and tumours dotted around my small and large intestines and omentum. My scan report states "increase in size of mesenteric nodes but no obvious adenopathy" which seems a contradiction but hey ho, it is what it is and there's carbo/taxol waiting for me! I've had a fabulous, treat-filled summer so I'm hitting the ground running but still yelling "don't panic, don't panic".

Love to all, Sandra 💐 xx

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You'll knock this on the head pronto, Sandra! Lovely photo!xxxDawn!😀🐞😀

LittleSan in reply to babyboy1

Thanks Dawn, I certainly hope so. Xx

Hi Sandra, I'm sorry to hear about your recurrence but you have the right attitude, I hope the new treatment gives you good results.

Lovely happy photo ..Take care Lorraine xx

Thanks Lorraine, the photo is me with my three wonderful grandsons (I have three daughters). Hope you're well. Xx

Fab photo, having had 2 recurrences all I can say is you can do this! Hope treatment goes 'well'. Might be worth you asking if you are eligible for a parp inhibitor after chemo, just a thought..... best wishes. Kathy xx

LittleSan in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy. Yes, as long as the chemo is a success I'll be offered Olaparib or considered for ICON9 trial. So everything crossed 🤞. You are my role model so I'm hoping my treatment will be as successful as yours. Hope you're well. Xx

Katmal-UK in reply to LittleSan

Hi. What's the ICON9 trial, not heard of that one. I hope you do get on Olaparib and are as successful as me. I can honestly say that the side effects are negligible. Everything crossed for you. Do let us know how you get on. xx

LittleSan in reply to Katmal-UK

Icon 9 is a phase III trial combining Olaparib with cediranib (acts like Avastin) so as I had a great response to Avastin this may be a good combo for me, if not then I'd still be on Olaparib on the control arm. Will keep you posted. Xx

Katmal-UK in reply to LittleSan

Hi. Oh I had heard of that trial just wasn't sure what it was called. I've had Cedaranib following my first recurrence. Veryjtolerable. xx

Great photo San.Wish you well with the treatment.I had this when I was diagnosed 6 treatments. It's my only experience of chemo but really wasn't that bad Love Ann x

LittleSan in reply to mrstadpole

Thanks Ann, I'm hoping to steer through it as well as I did first line but I'm 7 years older and now have Bronchiectasis so will take extra care of myself. Hope you're well. Xx

Beautiful picture, you look so well .

Good luck with your treatment xx

Thanks. Yep, I look and feel well apart from the 'Biggies'. Hopefully this will give me a good foundation to tolerate treatment again. Hope you're well. Xx

Aw adorable photo xx go get your fighting pants on and kick this beasts ass!!

Best of wishes

Bev x

LittleSan in reply to BeeWild

Galvanised drawers at the ready Bev! Hope you're doing OK. Xx

You have such a well-balanced view on it, Sandra. You have done so well and it's 'only' third line!! Maybe see you down at the Christie. I am in for clinic and chemo 6 tomorrow. x

LittleSan in reply to harpist_UK

I have done well Christine and I keep refocusing on that when I have my 'moments'. I'm at the Christie tomorrow morning for my kidney function test and to choose my wig so I'll try to find you. Hope your fabulous ca125 halving has given you a boost. Xx

harpist_UK in reply to LittleSan

I have had a boost from that Sandra, but am so lethargic from the Cisplatin it's taken the edge off! I am bloods 1120, clinic 1220, chemo 2.00. In theory ....

LittleSan in reply to harpist_UK

I'm in at 9.30 then retest at 11.30 and 1.30 as you say in theory...... Should be able to see you.

Gorgeous photo, you look a million dollars despite facing 3rd line. I love your no nonsense attitude, way to go! Beautiful children too, you are blessed 🤗🤗

LittleSan in reply to SCWI

Thank-you, that's really kind. It took ages to take the photo - we just couldn't get the two little ones to pose together! Grandsons are fabulous, I'm truly blessed. Xx

Good luck Sandra with your new treatment. Great photo.

Thanks. Xx

Love the photo. Sorry you're back on the rollercoaster. Wishing you loads of luck that all goes well with the Chemo. Love, Solange 😊

LittleSan in reply to Solange

Thanks Solange, I hope your treatment has started to kick in now and your 'blighters' are coming under control. Xx

Solange in reply to LittleSan

Hi again! Chemo hadn't done the trick after the first three sessions, Onco suggested stopping as some had grown and had another new tumour but, as some were stable, we agreed I could continue for the last three, as I said I wasn't ready to give up. 😊 Xx 🤞

LittleSan in reply to Solange

Absolutely - give the blighters a good hiding! X

Good luck, Sandra 🍀 I’m glad you’ve had a lovely summer and are ready to hit the ground running! Vicki x

LittleSan in reply to Yoshbosh

Thanks Vicki, hope your trial is under way and squashing the 'blighters'.... Now what other context would you ever write that? Xx

Yoshbosh in reply to LittleSan

It’s crazy, isn’t it?!

Thanks Solange, I hope your treatment has started to kick in now and your 'blighters' are coming under control. Xx

Fabulous photo. Fancy getting all three to pose. That’s a real achievement. All the very best Sandra with your treatment. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Haha thanks Jo, as you can imagine the eldest has no problem with posing - he's such a show off! Hope you're well. Xx

Wishing you well for the next lot of chemo - lovely photo - hope you find an amazing wig xxx

LittleSan in reply to Coldethyl

Thanks. I hope I get a great wig too. I bought a lovely one last time and frazzled the fridge by opening the oven door 🙄😁. Xx

Fabulous photo, three beautiful boys and one very glamorous grandma. The wig service at Christies is really good, I got quite a nice one there. I also got a couple from Simply Wigs, fabulous on line service and a mind blowing number of wigs to choose from.

I hope this treatment does it’s job for you, you couldn’t be in better hands than the Christie, they’ll do their very best for you. I did my trial (ICON8) there, the world lead fellow on that particular trial is based there, he works alongside the prof so you have the top team fighting on your side.

Keep as well as you possibly can be during your treatment lovely and let us know how it goes. Hugs and love from a dull and blowy Lancashire ❤️Xx Jane

LittleSan in reply to Cropcrop

Ah thanks Jane. I really feel privileged to be under the care of the OC at Christies. And feel safe and supported. Yep I'm half a mile away from the border to south Lancs and it's definitely been a blowy one! Xx

Sorry to hear it's back to chemo but go for it and let it knock out all of those pesky oc cells. Lovely pic of you and grandkids. They certainly help to keep you going don't they?

Hugs and best wishes


LittleSan in reply to lizzie3bee

Thanks Lizzie. They certainly do! Xx

What a great picture, Sandra. Full of energy.

I'm sorry you have to start 3rd line chemo, but like others, I hope it will reduce those nodules before they can cause real trouble. New plan: Let someone else open oven doors while wearing a wig ;) .

Here"s to few/no side effects and a good result. Hugs, Maus.

LittleSan in reply to Maus123

Ah thanks Maus, yep certainly learnt my lesson with the oven! Have bought myself a Huff bandanna to wear around the house. It's really pretty but I look like c..p in it though!

Hugs right back to you too. Xx

Good photo. Sh** to be on the roller coaster again but keep on trucking.

Best wishes


LittleSan in reply to Petrolhead

Cheers Fay, I've every intention of knocking the buggers into Kingdom come and getting right back on with life. Hope I don't get let down. Xx

Lovely picture sorry you are back on the chemo, keep strong Pam x

Thanks Pam. Xx

Your picture reminds me of when my boys were little. They were so full of energy. My daughter was always quiet in comparison.

Will you be using a cold cap? I was reading about them the other day and didn’t realise that they are not terribly expensive yet not all units have one. The trial sounds interesting. I’ve not been able to twist any arms for PARP inhibitors despite trying to for years now. It’s Kathy’s journey that has kept up my interest in them. It’ll be wonderful if you can also have the same result.

Good luck with treatment

Thinking of you

LA xx

I'm not going to bother with the cold cap. I have a knobbly head so likely to end up looking patchy like a cat with mange!

Thanks Lily-Anne. Xx

What a lovely, happy photo. I'm sure you'll get through this, you certainly have the right attitude. Best wishes, Zena xx

LittleSan in reply to ZenaJ

Ah thanks Zena. Xxx

Good luck with everything - you sound amazingly straightforward and have an attitude that will kick this out again..and yes The Christie is such a good hospital feeling safe is another good factor (may bump into you there!) all the very best T xxx

Will look out for you T. I've chosen a short silver bob wig so look a little different to normal. I look distinguished for the first time in my life! xx

Shall keep eye out for you! You’ve got this in hand so you ‘go get ‘em!” X

Your report is contradictory and maybe that will work in your favor--your attitude and how good you look make me think (KNOW) you've got this! What a great photo---LOVE the boys and you. Wishing you luck and that its not too difficult. The PARP after would be great (either arm) so plans in place always help too. oxox Judy

LittleSan in reply to Maxjor

Thanks Judy. I love a plan (or a few) to cover all eventualities! Xx

Hi Sandra

Beautiful photo ! Just want to wish you all the best. I will more than likely be joining you on that Carbo/Taxol train in Oct as now on watch,and wait until scan on 2oct . The journey is getting all too familiar but it does beat the alternative ! Take care.



Oh Molly that's disappointing to hear. Keep your determined, lovely head on. Much love to you. Xx

Sandra, Reading through your post and all the replies I cannot be but uplifted by the positive attitude of everyone. Love the pic! I'm a grandma too and they are whom I live for. Struggling now with first recurrence after only 4 months remission on caylex/(Doxil) Avastin and having a really hard time....lots of dark thoughts. As you said, kick 'em to kingdom come! Hugs from Seattle USA

Beautiful photo! Best wishes for great success with your treatment🌼

xx Gina

LittleSan in reply to gmc920

Thanks Gina. I've got my 'get on with it head' on. Chose my wig today. 👍xx

Ah Kat, it's a tough business this! Hope the caelix and Avastin does the job. Positive vibes winging their way across the pond. Xx

I hope you are doing well. You are an inspiration to me. I’ve my second session of second-line chemo tomorrow. 🤞

Ahhh thank you. I feel I just plod on with faith in my team. Hope chemo goes well and blasts the unwelcome lodgers to kingdom come!! X

WoolyHat in reply to LittleSan

I went for treatment number 2 on Thursday but my platelets were too low. That never happened to me during first line chemo. I’m hoping I’ll be okay to get it on Tuesday.🤞

LittleSan in reply to WoolyHat

Oh no, I had that on second line. Gem-carbo. Still had a good response though. Hope you're ok to have it on Tuesday. Xx

Just seen your lovely photo (I’m rubbish at keeping up) hope you are doing well and getting the benefits from your trial.

Hope you are looking forward to Christmas with your boys as I am 😘xx

LittleSan in reply to Caroles1

Thanks Carole. I'm still on chemo at the moment - just done dose 5 of 6. Unfortunately I can't get on the Icon9 trial because it's for 1st occurrence only but almost certain to get on Niraparib and possibly an Olaparib Trial if I can swap some other meds I'm on for a lung condition. My ca125 is walloping down each dose from 3000 but unlikely to be below normal at the finish line but at least chemo seems to be working.

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to Christmas with the boys. We've booked to go on the Santa Express Train with them on Christmas Eve, so that should be special.

Hope you're well.

Sandra x

Good luck LittleSan. You sound (and look) amazing! xx

Sorry to hear you have recurred Sandra but your in good hands at the Christie and sounds like your nearing the end of your chemo now. Love the photo, I imagine the boys have helped spur you on through the horrible treatment. Glad you have some nice things planned with them over Xmas once all your treatment is finished. Santa express sounds lovely! 🎅 🚂 🌲 ⛄️ Good luck with your last chemo. Jo xx

Thanks Jo. Xxx

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