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2nd Line finished


Hi all, just thought I'd update everyone on my mom (Norma). She finished her 2nd line treatment of Carbo/Taxol a couple weeks back. She unfortunately had a horrible reaction to carbo during her last infusion, so that had to be stopped, and now she's deemed allergic to it, as it was her third time in a row having a reaction.

But on to the good news. Her CT scan showed no evidence of cancer, and she just had her CA-125 taken this past Friday, and it's down to 19! At one point in March it was over 5,000, so I'm so relieved that it came down so low.

Her oncologist is putting her on a PARP inhibitor called Rubraca (Rucaparib), which was apparently just approved by the FDA here in the US for maintenance therapy for OC. Now my mom does not have the BRCA mutation, but apparently it's also effective for those people too, so hopefully it does have some benefit for her.

I couldn't really find many people who have used Rubraca, but the few I saw, said it caused a lot of fatigue, and some nausea, but these should be manageable. Anyway, I just thought I'd share the news with everyone here :)


(PS: Just thought I'd add a pic of my mom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in May, when the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom)

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Thank you for sharing, Michael, and congratulations to your Mom. We all appreciate the stories of recovery and wellness and love to see pictures of our sisters and their families. Your Mom looks lovely and you can tell she was enjoying herself. What a lovely smile.

I don't have any experience (yet) with Rucaparib, but I am near certain someone here will and hopefully they can provide some insight or helpful advice.

Be well, find joy and pleasure in the day to day and continue to live in love. May your Mom's wellness long continue.

That’s such great news about the CA125 result & the availability of the PARP for your Mum Michael! And what a lovely photo, thanks for sharing x

Hope all goes well with the PARP inhibitor. Lovely photo

Best wishes Fay

Lovely photo. Hope all goes well with PARP treatment xx

So pleased to read how your Mum is getting on, Michael. Sorry that she had the reactions to Carbo but thankfully it's done a good job. Hope the the Rubraca agrees with her. Super photo and gorgeous blossom.

Love to you both, Solange 😊Xx

What a lovely pic and your mum looks so happy! Fingers crossed the PARP inhibitor does a good job. I am afraid I don’t have any experience yet but hoping to if I have a response to carboplatin. Long may your mum enjoy all the beautiful things in the world! Xxx

What a lovely picture - she looks so happy. I’m just starting second line - Carbo/caelyx and have been told I should be able to have one of the PARP inhibitors when I’ve finished, but there is also a trial starting in the UK testing different combinations of PARPs so I may try to get put on that.

Good luck to your lovely mom - she’s so lucky to have you looking out for her too. Love to you both, Ali x

Wow. Your Mum looks great. So glad to hear the good news for her and send her our love. Hugs from Australia

Congratulations to your mom that's wonderful. I've never heard of rubraca. But it's great to research if I ever need it. Thanks and congrats again ❤❤Liz

Hi Michael, so pleased your mum Norma doing so well.

I'm in the UK, Brca1 and have been taking Rubraca for nearly 2 months. The side effects I've experienced are slight nausea in the first couple of weeks, some joint pain (could also be put down to chemo though) and skin very sensitive to sunlight. My ca125 had continued to drop in the last few months; 15, 13 and as of yesterday, 11. I'm thrilled with it and wish your mum the best too.

Love Michelle xx

Great news and lovely picture, Michael. Here's to a long remission for your mom. Maus

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