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Chemo not working

I'm on 4th line weekly Taxol at the moment. Had 9th one yesterday. The CA125 initially decreased but now is rising again. I had 4 Carbo/Caelyx before this with only a month's break so this is not a good situation to be in. Has anyone on this site been told that there will be no more chemo as I'm dreading the thought of this. What do they do next, radiotherapy or wait for a while and then more chemo?

Lovis x

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I don't know the answer, but I'm sorry to hear of the bind you're in and the anxious thoughts you're having. I'm sure someone wiser than me will be along soon to shed some light. Stay strong! xxxx

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I'm not wiser than Mac but I too am sorry you find yourself in this position. The only thing I'd say is that you haven't been told there are no more treatments and maybe it would be best to wait to see what your oncologist says. Xxx


Hi Lovis,im on 2nd line chemo.Finished carbo/taxol the end of Jan '15,Avastin until July,didn't work so back on carbo again.I was like you devastated,petrified etc but my Onc said as well as my liason nurse," your just at the start of your journey,there are many more treatments that can be used.So Hold on to that thought,there is more ammo in the arsenal! I think it just takes time to figure out what drug is actually working for you.Youll have a long journey yet Hun.x


Oh Lovis,,while I am not in the same situation, I can't offer advice and I don't know what it feels like - so really can only send you my warmest wishes and lots of hugs.

I am hopefully that another drug or treatment plan will be found. But I do hope you are healthy at present and if so, try and give yourself a little or even better a BIG treat.

Love and hugs, Daisies xxx


Hi Lovis

You don't say what other treatments you've had but like you I'm on 4th line and my Onc has already said their are plenty more to try 'if' this one doesn't have the desired effect. I had 6 Carbo/Taxol (initial) with Avastin (only had 12 due to recurrence), No.2 was 6 x Gemcitabine. No.3 was suposed to be 6 x Caelyx but it was stopped after 3 as it wasn't working and started on Topotecan of which I've had 5 and scan after 3rd showed reduction in tumours and stable disease. I already know that having Carbo again is an option and their are other combinations we can try.

If they do say no more chemo at all, ask them about clinical trials.

Will keep everything crossed for you.



Hi I was told my chemo wasn't successful I was having weekly carboplatin that was with only a two break.i was surprised that after only my first lot of chemo I would need it again.i think when you are told after doing 12 weeks out of the 18 you are devastated and your worried because you think that's daughter thought I was going to die.but there are other treatments and hopefully your team will find one for starting docetaxol at the end of the month and hopefully there will be a better don't give up there is always something else.good luck il be thinking about you regards Carolyn x


I've had two lines of chemo, including weekly Taxol, with limited effect. & both times the cancer started growing again before the end of treatment. And I failed to get on a clinical trial last year that I hoped would be useful. My OC is hormone responsive, so I'm currently trying one of the hormone tablets, & it was keeping it stable at the last scan. I understand your concern, but I've been told there are other things that can be tried still.



Hi Lovis I'm the same as you. Waiting to go on weekly Taxol. Been told that's the last chemo.I haven't had treatment in nearly three months.They gave me six weeks off. Now it's progressed and ca125 is over 9,000 ascities are back. Not good. Waiting to hear if Oncologist if I can be desensitized so I can have Carboplatin. And my God do they tak their time. Time I don't have. So Lovis I know the fear. So onwards and upwards stay strong xxxx


I was given carboplatin 10weeks after the previous lot.i told my onc I wasn't happy about it and I was surely platinum resistant.she assured me that having it weekly was much more successful which as it turned out it wasn' least your onc has taken on board your resistance.maybe yours is better than mine I think I would be pleased they are taking their time.i know that probably causes you anxiety but better to get the right treatment than to have 12 weeks of chemo that was a waste of you can probably gather I'm a bit pissed off.hope you get a new. Treatment plan wishes Carolyn x


That reply is for annielawrie

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Just seen your post, don't know how I missed it.

Can't help you with information, like you have helped me, but squeezy hugs matey, full of positive vibes.

Dawn x


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