Sitting here. Day 3 after debulking surgery. Not been out of bed yet. Hopefully today.

My surgeon is very pleased as he said he got all the cancer out. However he said he removed a large tumerous lump near my colon. This wasn't mentioned at my scan. I was told I just had one tumour left which was just over 1cmin size. Bit of a shock for him to say he took out a large lump.

Onwards and upwards now. Hopefully they'll get me out of bed today. Xxx

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  • Great to hear. YOU'll get yourself out of bed! Enjoy it and don't overdo it. x

  • Thank you. I'm dreading getting out of bed as feel tender but must do it. Xx

  • This is funny now but wasn't at the time but a day or so after my surgery I was encouraged to get out of bed, sit in a chair for a while and make the trip to the bathroom. Well. For days I struggled to get out of that dang hospital bed! Nothing worked to get me situated to be able to sit up and swing my legs off the bed. Nurses had to literally pull me up every time. Then the problem hit me. I had to get out of the hospital bed on the opposite side I did at home! My body did not want to work their way. I asked them to move all the monitoring equipment so I could get out of the bed on my usual side. It was a breeze with no help needed. Very strange to them but I bet everyone has their own technique of getting out of bed. But good luck with all of your healing. So glad it's over!

  • Hi Suzanne. So glad to hear surgery went well and I hope your recovery from surgery goes well. Just dont overdo anything. Take care, Kathy xx

  • So glad your surgery went well. Once you are mobile again you will feel strangely better. First thing I did was get in the shower and put on a clean nightie - felt like a weekend at the spa (despite the fact that a Healthcare Assistant was hovering just outside the shower screen to help me get my stockings back on πŸ˜‚)

  • Aww. Yes I can imagine I will feel like that. I'm still very achey. More so at the top of my tummy but determined to get on with it.

    I hope you are ok. Xxx

  • Hey Suzanne!

    Well done on getting through the surgery! Take it easy but get up and about as soon as you can........easier said than done I know!!!

    Good luck!


  • Thank you. They've just removed my catheter so I will be getting up today sometime. It hurts to move in the bed so am dreading getting out of it. Still it's got to be done. Xxx

  • Hi you done the worst part, take it easy and slowly when you get out of bed the nurses will be very good with you, and wow does it feel good to have a shower or wash as in my case because the hospital didn't have shower cubicles only showers over bath? Well as you can imagine I couldn't get my leg over the bath so the shower was a no no. Anyhow a wash down felt just as good.

    Lynda x🌷x

  • Thanks Lynda. I'm looking forward to a shower. I had a bed bath the day after the op. Didn't like that too much. Xxx

  • Glad it all went well for you. I had my op in st James hospital Leeds they got us out of bed the next day to strip wash us. Didn't go down well as one of my pain killer leads came out and the surgeon wasn't happy with the nurse.

    Once your up and about you'll be find you'll get stronger day by day, must hold your tummy if you need to cough, I'm sure the physio will be round to tell you that.

  • Hi.

    I had a bed bath the day after the op. It wasn't pleasant.

    I know what you mean about coughing. Hurts like hell. I was sick in the night too and that really hurt my belly.

    Onwards and upwards. Xxx

  • Suzanne, if you need to cough, sneeze, puke or poo, hold a pillow or cushion over your belly to support your incision - it really helps.

  • It all looks and sounds so familiar.... You will feel better as each day passes I was sick quite a lot not very pleasant and the wind pain was awful.... Take it slowly getting out of bed it is worth it to have a shower and clean nightie on ... I sat in the chair a bit too long in first day out so be mindful of how you feel and get back in bed if you need too... Big hugs you are doing so well 😍

  • Thank you.

    I just got out of bed for the first time. I came over really hot and felt very sick. Had to lay back in bed. Am terrified of getting up again. Xx

  • Don't worry about it... It builds up in your head into a big deal and you will convince yourself you can't do it... You can your a warrior... The first time is hard and you will be all disoriented the next time will be better... Rest up and relax ... It will be better next time ... Focus on the bliss of a warm shower and a clean nightie I promise it's heaven 😍😍😍 I'm sending strength and huge hugs you can do it πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • Well done Suzanne. I wouldn't worry too much about what they took out cos it's out.

    As you begin to move more you should find a way that doesn't pull .. Keep experimenting slowly and you'll get there.

    Xx Lyndall

  • You will feel better daily. Walking is far less painful than trying to sit up for example. Good luck xx

  • Hi I had same op as you 2 years ago and found the hysterectomy association website really helpful for tips on how to move, what to do-or not do- in the few weeks after surgery. Have just -4 weeks ago- had further op to remove oc tumour from ureter, so have had to go through it all again with similar incision. Take it easy when up and about and rest when you need to- there's an awful lot of internal healing to do. Take care xx

  • Well done Suzanne. Take things easy and try not to do too much. Listen to your body. Little walks to the loo and back then build up slowly. You will soon be recovered. Take care, mandy, xx

  • Hi Mandy.

    I'm taking little walks to the loo. Luckily the loo is right outside my door. I feel hot and sick when I go and have to lay back down in bed. I think I might be ok in another two or three days. Everything is so sore and achey and painful. Xxx

  • I was very sick all over corridor πŸ˜– So you are doing great ... It gets easier with each day that passes xx

  • It does get easier. I remember walking slightly bent over for ages. Thought I was never gonna stand up straight again, but it just happened one day. Keep at it. Sending hugs πŸ€—

  • Really great that your surgery has gone well. It's a big step to get out of bed for the first time. I remember someone had put the side of the bed down and when I realised and got it put back up it was easier to get out as I had something to lean on. Wishing you well .... It will be another step towards recovery. Sarahx

  • Hi Sarah. The nurses have been helping me out. They're really great. I just can't wait to be able to walk without pain xxx

  • That's great. It won't be long until you're up and about. Slowly, slowly.... Sx

  • Well Done Suzanne-

    Glad your surgery went well. i had my surgery April 8th of this year. they had me out of bed and walking the first night!!!! I did a good job but pain meds had not worn off. Next day was harder. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and don't overdo it.

    I had the full cut like you. That takes time to heal properly. don't be afraid to ask questions as a lot of good advise is given by your sisters here. The nurses I had were awesome!!

    Take Care,


  • The biggest challenge was getting the knickers on!!!!!

    As my incision went above belly button it was difficult to bend so devised a method of doing it !

    I was thrown out of bed the afternoon after op when they decided I needed 2 more pints of blood as I was quite lightheaded !! (and haemaglobin very low)

    Taken to shower the next day where I had to remove dressing and was left with the challenge of walking back on my own as nurse had disappeared.

    The hospital had given a leaflet on how to get out of bed etc and physio gave us a talk on how to do things properly.

    Good luck with your recovery and follow the guidelines as to what to do when and you will be fine.

    Whatever you do do not stay in bed as this is bad for us with OC.

    Take care xxxxxxxxx

  • Best Christmas present I ever had was my first shower after a week with a large incision, new stoma ,drip ,drain and catheter! A wonderful young male nurse enabled me to do this and wash my hair before my husband came to see me.It is very normal to feel faint,hot and sick for the first couple of weeks and I don't think I straightened up for at least a month.Good luck and don't push yourself too hard.Viv xx.

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