Hi all

I had my meeting yesterday to discuss my surgery next week, we where a little bit shocked when he discussed my scans and biopsies pre my treatment plan, and was not aware that they had found a small amount 5cm of cancer on the outside wall of the large colon, small colon and intestine he actually drew us pictures.

Now the really positive news is looking at the scan I had last week post my third round chemo, the bowels and intestine is looking clear, he will need a bowel surgeon with him to check if any residue is still lurking.

My scan report also said responding very well to first round chemo so very positive if a little bit shocked, so as we all say onwards and upwards, head ready for the 29th June D day.

Ellsey xx

Ps my 85 year old dad travelled 560 miles return from Liverpool to Sandhurst, he also a survivor from this beast.

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  • great news well done! go and get your surgery done and you are well on your way. I had to have a liver specialist when I had mine op to remove a tumour near to my liver.

    good luck

  • Great news for you, and well done for your dad making that trip!

  • Take the positives and they will hopefully sort out the rest during your of luck with it and wishing you a speedy recovery xx L

  • Good to hear the chemo is doing its stuff - all the best for your op - you can do it! Sounds as if you are in good hands. x

  • Glad things are looking positive. All the very best for your op. Kathy xx

  • I hope everything goes well for you on 29th. So good to have positive news. You look fantastic with your dad.

  • Great news Ellsey looks like the Chemo is doing its job!!!

    Best of luck with your surgery! Great pic with you and your dad! It looks like it's in your genes to have a long and happy life!!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!!!


  • Thanks D

    He survived bowel C he's been in remission 20 years now. He is the best it's the Irish genes.

    Ellsey xx

  • Great news. Specialist on hand is a good thing. The liver specialist at my surgery made the decision not to do major surgery on my hepatic vein as the less than 1cm deposit of unknown matter (probably dead cells left by chemo) would definitely be cleared by last rounds of chemo. I'm grateful for not having a liver procedure as well. Good luck. X

  • What a fantastic photo, lovely to see your dad xx

    It's weird isn't it how sometimes our oncologist or surgeon don't share the full info with us! I want told that my tumour has burst until 2 weeks later when the full path results came back, I Wasnt told I Had a vaginal cuff after surgery either - in fact I only realised that from reading another post on the FaceBook ovarian cancer site! But that's another post!

    Still now you have the facts and good news about your pre surgery chemo and you will have the right surgeons with you.

    Take care and rat well after surgery

    Clare X

  • Sometimes they do give us too much information. I had surgery first, two surgeries and the first one was abandoned because he needed a gastro surgeon to complete the op, So had the second one and got away with a few stitches to the bowel and a wash out and debulking. So focus on the good news you have got great results already from the chemo. I wish you well with the surgery. I forgot to mention I am ten years down the road now had a few recurrences but doing well enough. So really hope that lifts your spirits a little

  • The chemo certainly seems to be zapping those beasties. Good luck for 29th! Your Dad certainly looks a young 85.

  • Pleased it's positive news for you, good luck on the 29th will think of you, your dad looks great to xx

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