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Post surgery 😊

Good morning all,

So I'm in hospital recovering after surgery on Wednesday.

The surgery itself went very well, thank God. It was only 5 hours from the original 10 hours predicted. As they didn't have to do any bowel re sectioning Or remove any other bits and pieces they initially said because all the disease had gone! Thank you God!

So I have had a full hysterectomy, Omentum and Penatreum removed and was up walking the corridors the next morning.

On day 3 I had all my drains taken out and am now on oral painkillers, hoping to go home today or tomorrow as everything is looking good.

Now the only thing playing on my mind is remaining scaring. My surgeon is a bit of a killjoy 😕he said I have some pinpoint scaring on my bowel which he didn't know what it was. So he has sent away a biopsy to the lab to find out, get results in a few weeks. Both my nurse and my consultant surgeon who was in the surgery have both said it's remaining scaring from treated disease so I'm sticking with that and trying not to think about what him. But wondering if anyone else has had this?

One step closer to this whole nightmare being over. Thank you Lord!

Asma x

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Dear Asma

I'm so pleased your surgery went well and you were up and about the following morning. Good to think you will soon be home and recovering. Advice as always on recuperation is absolutely no lifting whatsoever to help hundreds of stitches mend.

I had scaring after first line chemotherapy which was from treated disease so I'm hoping the biopsy will come back with reassuring results. He wasn't really being a kill-joy - just being 100% careful to ensure everything that needed treatment was covered and the biopsy results will help you move forward with so much more confidence than worrying what those scars might be.

I hope you're soon out of hospital and in your own bed being thoroughly spoilt by your family and making a good recovery in time for the spring and the longer days.

much love xx Annie


Good news for you and now you can start healing and getting spoiled. Take care xx

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Good news. Lovely to hear you are on the road to your recovery. Time to rest as best you can. That is one big milestone to get over.

Best Wishes


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Great to hear you are recovering well. Focus on gettting stronger, dont lift anything heavier than a cuppa for six weeks and do rest every day. You will be sore for a bit but that is normal. I hope the biopsy will come back clear and you can move on

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That's one big treatment step done and dusted, good to hear you are recovering well from surgery. And no bowel resection either , which is fab :) .

I didn't have neo-adjuvant chemo (which I assume you had?) so can't comment on the scars topic but the only thing to do is probably to just follow up with your doctors and find out what the biopsy reveals, and treat it from there if needed.


Morning glad to hear things have gone well. Look after yourself and take it easy. Following my surgery I ended up with a hernia because I tried to do too much and am now recovering from further surgery. Be kind to yourself.


That's wonderful news. Vx


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