New tumours?

I went back to work today just 26 days after my last chemo. I felt ok and had a doctors appt on the way home to get a small lump under my scar checked. I had surgery in June and the lump did hurt a while back when I blew my nose etc. I saw a locum who knows nothing about me. He wasn't too worried saying it was small and could be scar tissue or a hernia but to keep an eye on it. I wish I hadn't asked if it could be a tumour as a deposit was left on my liver that chemo would sort. He said it could be a tumour and to see my oncologist. I have to wait till 28th September to see my oncology for first appt after scan and chemo. Common sense tells me it can't be a tumour. My CA is 15 and scan a few weeks back shows NED. However, I have really gone to pieces. Advice please ladies. Got to get through work with this new stress. X

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  • Hi Tracey, glad work was ok for you. So proud of your achievement. Well done. Regarding it being a tumour surely your last scan would of picked it up?? I would think positive. NED and ca125 of 15 sounds good to me. Try and stay positive. If it is a worry try and get your oncology appt bought forward. Xx

  • Thank you Mandy. I was feeling so positive about everything and I've just sunk. You know what it's like. I can argue myself in and out of what the lump is. Its the wait that is the real problem. X

  • HI Gleedy well done on your return to work it wasnt easy but you made it. You arent long finished chemo and it has a cumulative effects so it is still working in your body, The lump must have a simple explanation such as a hernia or scar tissue, I felt my scar was very thick on the inside but it softened out. Your gp is just being non commital but if your scan a few weeks back was NED then there is no need to worry, Can you ring the Ovacome nurse from work tomorrow or perhaps your CNS,

  • Thank you. I'm going to ring the CNS tomorrow. I know my scan results will be in but I won't be told anything until my appt. I hope she can out my mind at rest a little. Xx

  • Hi Gleedy

    Can you make an extra earlier appt with oncology to put your mind at rest. That locum had no idea what turmoil was caused by his comment . Maybe you could get your CNS to reassure you over the phone. This disease causes anxiety in everyone but you need to be able to enjoy your return to work . Millie and Suzuki have given you very reassuring answers. Pick up that phone soon and put your mind at rest. Good luck


  • Please try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. It could be scar tissue under scar. Your scan was clear. Your ca125 levels are great.

    Well done on return to work. Enjoy and relax !

    Best wishes


  • Hi Tracey, it's always a real worry when something like this crops up. It's more than likely that it's scar tissue but, to get some reassurance, do you have a CNS number you can leave a message on? They're usually very good at getting back to you. If not, why not try ringing the Ovacome support line? It's staffed by nurses who can give you some advice. The number is on the Ovacome website. All the best.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi, I know exactly how you feel. In my case it was a boil that started my fear. I'd had a number of boils prior to my diagnosis. I had surgery, 6 chemos and not one boil. Then just over a month later, pain in many abdomen, then a boil reared its ugly head. I had appointment with practice nurse for routine bloods and iburst into tears. Told fears, she got the GP, who spent some timei with me. She explained tbat boils were not a symptom of OvCa, they were however a sign of being run down and with what I'd been through that wasn't surprising. She also exp!aiined that my mind was now starting to process it all.

    I suspect it might be a hernia you've goit, I think there is another lady who had the same thing. Try noit to panic . Apply for some counseling, it helped me, and be kind to yourself. You have been through a lot recently. Don't overdo it at work, no need to be wonderwoman.

    Ann xx

  • I remember a round of notes posted about "lumpy stomachs" after surgery. I have one that feels very similar to the lump I discovered two and a half years ago. Interestingly, it disappears when I lie down. My onc thought it was a hernia but an ultra sound identified it as scar tissue on the stomach muscles that were just not knitting together and probably never will. So when I sneeze or cough out pops this lump; sometimes I hold my stomach to prevent it popping out as it looks awful! I am lucky to have a fantastic GP who investigates anything that is causing me to worry. Lots of helpful suggestions but I would say we have to push for every one of our worries to be investigated. We are as much entitled to re-assurance as we are to treatment when it is needed. Love Val.

  • Hello Tracey, I just wanted to support many of the things the others have shared:- 1. be pleased you have the courage to ask questions; relieved you have a GP (locum) who takes you seriously; 3. use the Ovacome helpline nurse 0800 008 7054; 4. congratulate yourself on getting back to work; 5. be kind to yourself as often through the day as you can...even as you take a break to go to the loo! 6. 'one day at a time, even one hour or one moment at a time' is a helpful mantra, I've found. And finally, yesterday I came up with a question for myself which is helping me balance out the 'swinging pendulum' of feelings, "If I weren't so tired, what would I be being excellent at?" - so far, it is helping me be realistic and smile at myself...because 'excellent' is never a word I've have used about myself in my pre-cancer days (now five & half years ago) but being kind to myself and humour about myself has, at last, enabled me to appreciate those words in my part of my 'self-talk'.

    Hope the day is as good as it can be. Lesley x

  • Thank you everyone. I spoke to the ovacome nurse who has reassured me as much as she could. I've left a message with my CNS and hope she calls soon. Oncologist is on holiday but nurse may be able to read a report. I hope so. 3 weeks is longer than original diagnosis wait and this is worse x

  • I've just spoken with the trial nurse I see at the chemo unit and she is going to ask one of the chemo doctors to examine me tomorrow at my avastin appt. I might get scan info too. Feel better that the wait may be shortened. Thank you again everyone x

  • Hi Tracey,

    Glad you are getting sorted out,try not to worry as it sounds all being dealt with early and hopefully all ok

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Well done on your return to work. Don't worry about the lump - I'll bet it is a hernia - that's what happened to me and if it is near your scar it is called an incisional hernia. I have had mine for a year and they are just leaving it alone. Don't lift anything heavy, just in case.


  • I spoke with my oncology nurse today. She looked at my scan from just over a week ago. Although the scan is not specifically of the scar I am still showing NED on my scan and no abnormalities on my liver. My oncologist can't see me until 28th but she will need to examine me. I feel a lot more relaxed now. Thank you everyone for your support xx

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