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Diaphragm surgery


Just seen my surgeon a few days before my big debulking operation and I thought he said it was likely that he was going to remove my diaphragm (as well as about everything else in my abdomen!!!!) as it was very diseased. As I was rather in shock at this news I forgot to ask him what the repercussions of this would be as I thought you needed a diaphragm to breath. Have any of you wonderful ladies out there had this surgery and can tell me the implications? Many thanks xxx

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That sounds a bit extreme, I suggest you check it. I had lesions removed from my diaphragm but I do still have a diaphragm.

Iris xx


Yes agree with Iris I would ring and ask for clarification on this . They found disease under my diaphragm and on surface during surgery . The disease was removed but not my diaphragm .

I did need to be on oxygen for a few days after surgery which they seemed to say was connected to involvement of diaphragm but I also got hospital acquired pneumonia so this probably didn’t help ! Recovery from surgery was a slow but sure process, but with the help of some physio I made a good recovery and was able to get back to the gym and Zumba .

Don’t hesitate to go back to your team with more questions . Love and best wishes Kim x 💜

jenny8c in reply to Purple-iris

Many thanks for your reply - I will ask some more questions but good to know you recovered well enough to do Zumba and go back to the gym - just what I want to be able to do. xxxx

I’ve just had a quick look at Dr Google, like you do, and he agrees with you. We do need our diaphragm.

I think I’d ask more questions. Unless there’s an artificial one?

I would call the Ovacome help line and ask your CNS too

Good luck

LA xx

jenny8c in reply to Lily-Anne

Many thanks for your reply - yes I will ask some more questions - it is a pain that I don't think of all the questions at the appropriate time!! I think I was just a bit shell shocked when he told me how bad my diaphragm and spleen were. xxxx

Hi. Did he say anything about your peritoneum?


jenny8c in reply to Naimish

Yes there will not be much left by the time he has finished with me. Full hysterectomy, removal of omentum, peritoneum, spleen, diaphragm (?) and maybe some intestine.


I had the omentum or fatty layer peeled off my diaphragm; that's what the oncology nurse told me, but I think the actual diaphragm is still there. I'm going to ask my surgeon to clarify what he did. After that surgery, I did have some breathlessness when standing at first, and that has resolved.

Hugs to you. 🦋 xx

jenny8c in reply to Hidden

Bless you - I get a bit breathless now but it is good news that yours got better. I must ask more questions now the news has sunk in as I am pretty sure you can't manage without a diaphragm. xxx


I’m pretty sure that you can’t remove the diaphragm? Have you had a second chat to him about a detailed plan for your op?

My cancer had spread to my diaphragm ( which they only found when opening me up and going radical surgery). They resected it and then stripped the rest.

Do let me know what they say?

Love Nicky x

Julie40 in reply to Nicky100

Nicky how are you doing after your radical surgery with Prof CF ?


jenny8c in reply to Nicky100

Many thanks - I will ask more questions but I would not be surprised if I have the same as you. How are you getting on now? xxx

Check back with him - it's likely he means he's going to remove the peritoneum, which is a layer of tissue underneath your diaphragm, rather than taking the diaphragm itself.

jenny8c in reply to jwilliamsb

Yes the more I think of it and look into it the more I think I can't do without a diaphragm. I know my peritoneum is going along with several other organs. I think what happened to Nicky100 is likely to happen to me but I will ask more questions. Many thanks xx

I had a tumour on my diaphragm discovered when operating to remove liver tumour .They took half the diaphragm away and mended with mesh.I was breathless for a couple of weeks but no long term effects. That was in 2011 and I recovered quickly from that surgery unlike previous ones on bowel etc.I don’t know whether you can manage without diaphragm but I am still here minus a lot of bits! I just wish we had been made with a zip or Velcro to make surgery easier and less painful.Vivxx

jenny8c in reply to tutti

Your experience has made me feel better knowing if I did hear correctly and he takes away half my diaphragm I can make a decent recovery. I have lots of other things being removed at the same time and already have had bowel surgery so I do sympathise with how long it takes to get over these operations although my most painful to date was my laparoscopy. Yes a zip or Velcro would be good!!!! Many thanks for your reply - it has made me feel better. xxx

Hiya, I had a piece of my diaphragm removed during my surgery unfortunately due to the surgeons unable to remove the disease. I was given a plastic blue gadget which I had to blow through 10 times morning & evening, it had a dial on it and inside was a ball which as I got stronger went further up (unsure if that makes sense sorry difficult to describe) to use every day to expand & strenrgthen what was left. I did this for several months and with my cardio excercise I have been fine. Xxx

jenny8c in reply to Emalou71

Wow that is a new one on me but the main thing is that it worked. Many thanks for your reply - I am not so frightened now of the surgery ahead. xxxx

Emalou71 in reply to jenny8c

Good luck xx

Could he of said omentum? mine was removed as well as appendix and whatever I did not need.

Keep us posted.

Xx Carol

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