After surgery

Wow,couple weeks back I had surgery.

Today my Dr. told me that I dont even have askites fluid or cancer cells in there ( I think that I have ) . Only on omentum couple of cancer cells ( whaaat?! )

Ou my..!! I dont have any cancer left !!

But yes, Im going to chemo ,paclitaxel and carboplatin,6 rounds just to be sure everything mopped out.

They dont even need to scan me ( lol, I want so they do ) , they said to me that I could call myself healthy woman now.

So much new information today but Im so happy now !!

Best for all of you ❤❤❤

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  • Great news well done, no more worrying now and go celebrate,

  • Thanks. I feel super because HERE, ovacome, are so so lovely women who really helped me when I just dont stop of being sad all the time.

    Superladies here ❤

  • Well do come back and we will help you out with hints to help with the side effects you may have. Yes I agree there are a lovely group of ladies on here to encourage each other, all the best

  • Wow that's good news for you and your doing the best thing having chemo ... Hopefully you will have a good nights rest tonight after your good news.

    Take care

    Lynda X🌷X

  • Thanks L❤❤

  • This is fabulous news Hun congratulations xx

  • Thanks ❤❤

  • Great news Good luck with the chemo


  • Whoohoo!!! So pleased for you... now go and enjoy life! 👍🏻 Love Michelle x

  • Thanks :) You too ❤

  • Good news to hear, I'm so pleased for you. Hope your chemo goes well and you have as few side effects as possible. Remember to speak with your Oncologist or chemo unit if you are unwell as they will change any anti sickness medicines etc.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thanks C ❤

  • Thats great news! I know you have been very worried, as we all worry about results but take this news and celebrate! Hope your chemo goes well. bKathy xx

  • Thanks ❤ I am really happy of that support what I have here !

  • Fantastic news xxx

  • Wow wonderful must enjoy the moment and best wishes to you for your chemo x

  • Thanks ❤

  • Awesome news xx

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