Wow i got good news today !!

Hi all my friends,

Had my 1st check up today and im good!!!! Dr said that he thinks the surgeon got ALL the cancer and that the chemo was to kill rogue cells. SO IM DEFINITELY IN REMISSION!!! My CA125 is 8 and i dont go back for 3 months!

Sorry for being a bit high but im still up in the air totally gob smacked!

Want to wish ALL OF YOU the same results with your checkups i will pray for you all! For now love and hugs always Lynn XXXXX

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  • Hi Lynn,

    That is fantastic news. Well done, stay high for as long as you can.

    love Marilyn

  • Fantastic, Lynn!

    I am more than pleased for you. Have a wonderful holiday from worry!


  • lynn, great news, really pleased for you, have a great Easter. Love Sue x

  • Hi Lynn,

    I am doing a little celebration dance for you...wiggle wiggle.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi girls!! Thanks and yea Lizzie im shaking my booty too lol!!! I must behave myself now !! Love to you all XXXXXXXXXXX

  • Great news Lynn.It will be such a relief for you

    Love Suex

  • Hi Lynn, Brilliant news, so pleased for you, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,

    Love Sue xx

  • Wonderful news Lynn - cheers - joining you in a glass of celebration wine

    Love Anna xx

  • Well done Lynn - long may it last. Meryl XXXXX

  • Fantasic new Lynn very pleased for ..coming at the delightful part of the year Spring ..get out there and enjoy it ..All the best for the future xxx

    Love Janet xx

  • great news, have a fantastic summer, live life to the full.

    George xx

  • Wonderful news Lynn, make the most of the summer, and live each day to the full. Hope you have wonderful celebrations.

    Love n hugs


  • Thank you all so much my dear friends!!

    I live in South Africa so we will be getting our winter soon but its not too bad here just wish i could se some snow though !!!

    I wish ALL of you the same result that i got yesterday i will pray daily for you all you,re a wonderful gang !!!

    Lots of love and hugs

    Lynn XXXXX

    PS At least i can wear a beanie (I got no hair)with it coming winter !! My hairs so bad i look like an orangutan lol!!

  • Lynn! How wonderful. :-)

    I only just caught up with your news. What a relief. I was told more or less the same in Jan 2003 and am still here, still well (fingers crossed!)

    Just wanted to say ....well done you and long may it continue. Now go and ENJOY!

    Love, Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy, Thanks for message!! You,re an inspiration!! I hope too this remission lasts and lasts so i can get on with life. Hope you ok too

    Love ,

    Lynn xxxxx

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