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Really sad


I read one topic here where people had conversations about death.

I just have bad feelings. Does everybody think that they going to die because of OC??

My doctor told me that my cancer may never recur and if it does ,they will treat it. My doctors NEVER told me that Im going to die because of this disease...

So do I have to think that I will like many of you on that topic?

I dont want to be angry ,not at all but I have head full of questions..

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It's a safe place here to talk about anything ..... dying is not a great topic but because oc does recur quite frequently it is always at the back of our minds... I don't dwell on the topic as I could walk out of my house and get knocked over by a bus .... oc maybe the thing that gets me in the end but I'm not going to let the possibility taint the life I have now... oc may come back and it may not ... if it does come back I will fight it again.... there are no guarantees with oc every one of us is different our pathway is not predictable but when I recover I am going to live each day with a positive outlook 😃😃

Yes I know that people wants to talk everything, its normal. I just have to ask this.. Like am I carry a death sentence ..? :/

Just thoughts.

No one can truely answer that question as who knows what's in the future

Hi Daniella. The thing with this a forum is that people feel free to discuss things others may not want to read. All I do know is that one day yes I will die, nodody gets out of life alive. Do I think it will be of OC? who knows. What I do not intend to do is focus on death , Im alive, I live my life, I'll be a long time dead so I dont think or want to discuss it as others feel a need to do so. Please try to put it to the back of your mind and deal with LIFE :) its a much nicer thought :)

Thanks Katmal! That really help me. I thought that im going to die now so why I want to do anything with life.. So thanks for you ❤

I don't know what I'm going to die of! I answered that particular post because it was a good subject and one I felt I had a point of view that I wanted to share.

That's the beauty of this forum, you can ignore or join in, share fears or joys, ask questions and give shared experiences . There will always be posts or questions here that do scare some people but the subjects are personal to the questioner and not necessarily relevant to everyone.

Sometimes it's all too easy to think ourselves into someone else's situation but we have to remember we are all individuals!

Think happy thoughts 😀💐😀

Take care

Clare xx

Thank you !

Yes I know, I have a bad day.

Sorry. 💔

But thank you 😇

No need to say sorry, we all have bad days and this is such a good place to share them and how vulnerable we feel at that time. You are not alone whether happy or sad 💐💐💐

I suppose someone felt in need of a blog and made their point. However, personally I think about life and how I can improve my quality of life. I do Mindfulness, read,of course I blog here. Along with another lady and with the Help of a Cancer Support, I started a choir for Cancer Patients and families. The reason being is was something people could do without too much stress and singing is also good for the immune system. The Choir seems to have taken a new course as able bodied people who joined wanted more than relaxation. For me the scariest times was reactions to chemo as I thought well this is it now. I am talking about Mouth Ulcers, tummy pains etc, and feared they would stop the treatment. Of course these are normal side effects and here I am to tell the tale. My retired gp said to me one day, stay in by the wall and mind the buses so this seems to be working. I see the Onc end of November and I expect to have a scan some weeks after that as hadnt one for a while. So apart from that I just try and get on with life

One things for sure is your doctor sounds like a good positive one, that IMO helps a lot. If you have a doctor fighting/working with and for you then that will definitely be a benefit for you. Good luck, don't worry about stuff you can't control and take care.

My mother died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage at age 49.... I got oc at age 54 and I will beat this sucker

So I don't dwell on it


Danielle we all have bad days and some posts on here affect us that way. On the plus side some posts on here are so uplifting and give everyone lots of hope for the future. 👍😀

Nobody can predict who will and won't recur and of those that do, how long they can be treated but there are definitely some at all stages (1-4) who never recur and go on for years and years!!!! In the early days after my diagnosis, I met a group of about 8-10 in York (2013) and of those at least four (who were diagnosed four years ago) have still not recurred and two were stage 3 and one was stage 4!

I recurred in October 2014 and have had two further lines of chemo, Avastin and now on Olaparib and still going strong!!

So. You could well be one of the 'lucky ones' and even if not there is treatment available. 😀

So concentrate on enjoying life and appreciating the good things and the people you love.

Hope this has helped a little and you feel happier.

Much love

M.B xxx

A friend of mine who has been NED for years has just a few months ago had a horrendous stroke- so who knows what lies ahead.

I was in the post office this morning and found myself looking at the Birthday cards with ages in them. I'm determined to get my final employers to pay me a pension for more years than I worked for them, which means at least another ten years.

Thoughts about death occur from time to time but you just have to keep thinking positive.

I think it's important to remember that although we have all being affected by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer- the disease itself is a collection of what are now known as different types of cancer. We have been diagnosed at different stages and grades or love someone who has been diagnosed, are different ages, have different health backgrounds, live in different countries, worship different religions and none, hold a whole spectrum of world views as well as having our own individual needs, hopes & prognosises (?)...

It's what makes this forum so valuable I think- that it can be a shared space, with respect and support for all of these differences. A particular blog and conversation will be relevant and really important to some people, but never for all members. We are all individuals and this is also true of our conversations with our doctors.


Hi. I posted on that thread. I have recurrent OC, & have been told my cancer is incurable, so have started getting some of my affairs in order. But I am not expecting to die in the near future, & could die from something else. Who knows? In the meantime, I am enjoying being alive. Di

Hi luv,

I am NED and I am coming to the realisation that I am cured,that is what my onc says.

There is no point in worrying about what may not happen,since if we do we spoil all the good times and we are as good as anyone else who has never had a diagnosis.

Don't be scared,but,if you need an reassuring ear, you are in the right place, there is always someone kind to talk to

Carole xxx

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