My mom passed away

Just week ago my mom got heart attack because of side effect of chemo. She had always problems with her heart ..

She left when I hold her hands and tell her that she cant leave me, her last words was before she lost consciousness " keep your future childrens close to you" . I broke down immediately.

My mom was my hero,my everything, we planned vacation together. We didnt think that she could have heart attack.. Our family is broken. Our mom was everything,keep everything together. I love my mom. I miss her so much.. I really thought week ago that I wanna kill myself. I have nobody,just my mom and now she is gone. My beautiful piece of love.

She loves everybody,her family was only thing what matters to her.

She want to see my she is gone.

Sorry to tell you but I have to write somewhere.

I dont know what I do for my life anymore,nothing have any meaning anymore.

Im empty, i dont feel nothing.

My mom was my bestfriend, and she always will be. My superhero ,my love , my onlyone.

Remember mom, I love you now and always.

I feel that you are still here to tell me what to do with my life. I just want to hug you so much and tell how much you matter to me, and how much i love you.

I know that you watch me up there on your beautiful cloud.

Sorry everybody again. I know this forum is not for this..

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  • Hi Nataliaaa,

    I am so very sorry about your loss. Take comfort in all the lovely times you had with your mum, and the closeness you clearly had.

    I'm sure things will be very difficult for you for sometime, but you will learn to move on. Your mum will forever be in your thoughts.

    Do you have friends or other family you can speak too?


  • Thank you xx

    Yes, i have close family.

  • Oh Nataliaa I am so sorry to hear your news. Losing your mum is terrible and painful I know. I so want to give you a big hug. I do hope you have someone to help and support you. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel just a little bit better. Bless you xxxx

  • Thank you. I just have been crying 24/7 for a week and now when I wrote this I cant make any tears.. I feel terrible..


  • What you are going through is perfectly natural. You are grieving for you mum. Its so hard but try to remember the time you had together. Do you have anyone who can help you ? x

  • Thanks xx

    Yes, I have couple of people ..❤

  • Dear Natalia, so sorry for your grief I hope you are not alone dealing with this. I lost my mum in 2007 she had oc & it was a very sad time my heart goes out to you. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thank you xx

  • So very sorry to hear this news Natalia, it's totally understandable that you are feeling like this. I hope that your husband and friends and family are supporting you.

    With love and hugs xxx

  • Thank you !

    Yes , I have my supporting team ❤

  • So sorry for your lost.. I give you big hug ❤ It takes time to understand and it is normal.


  • Hi Nataliaaa,

    I,m so sorry to here about your mum,

    I'm in the same position with my family my daughter is my rock she is allways the full glass when I'm the empty one.

    I know I it would be a lot harder with out her support , I'm sure your mum felt the same to have you with her all the way.

    please do not feel sorry about posting to the forum,all the lovely ladies are here for YOU at any time.


    best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Hi Nataliaa, I am really sorry to hear your Mum passed. It must have been totally unexpected and has to be a shock to you. You both seemed so close and you are missing her a lot at the moment, Time will heal you a little but you will always remember something you needed to tell her and then realise she is no longer with you. We are always here to help and support you. I hope your friends are being good to you , sending you a big hug

  • This forum is exactly for this so please don't apologise. I am so sorry for your loss, glad you were with her at the end. Sounds as if you had a great relationship and you will continue to seek guidance from her. Lots of hugs xxxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this ☹️ I hope this poem brings you comfort as it has when my loved ones have passed......

    God saw you getting tired,

    When a cure was not to be.

    So He wrapped his arms around you,

    and whispered, "come to me."

    You didn't deserve what you went through,

    So He gave you rest.

    God's garden must be beautiful,

    He only takes the best

    And when I saw you sleeping,

    So peaceful and free from pain

    I could not wish you back

    To suffer that again.

  • Dear Natalia, I am so sorry for your loss, and this is the right place for you. I can only give you a big hug, and say, cry away, and accept that it's normal. Sending you love, Eileen x

  • Sending you a big hug (((X))) Nataliaaa I'm so sorry to hear of your sad loss and know what you are feeling right now, as it was the same for me when I lost my lovely mum. Only time will heal your pain and also the comfort from your close family and friends.

    Take care and post us when you need too, we are here for you.

    Lynda x🌷x

  • Dear Natalia, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I really understand how you miss her and how much you loved and still love her. She must have loved you very much and wanted the best in life for you too.

    Only time can ease your feelings and talking or writing about it can help.

    It's important that you get enough support somehow at this terrible time.

    Remember your mum's words and how much she would want you to live and love children of your own one day.

    Thinking of you and sending you big hug

    Francesca x

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a really tough time for you. When my own mum died I didn't have children at the time or family close by - I Felt completely lost too. It is a cliché but time will heal and things do get better. I took some comfort from knowing that part of me was made from my mum and some of the things I'd say or do where just like her. I know it all feels very raw at the moment, it's part of grieving. Be kind to yourself, it does ease in time. Sarahxx

  • So sorry to hear this, but of course this is the place for it. We are warned of the dangers of chemo but always hope it won't be us. It's wonderful that you loved her so much but makes it harder to lose her. I do worry about leaving my daughters, but they will know how much I loved them and will carry that for the rest of their lives.

  • I feel your pain. I still miss my mum every day but have eventually got to the point where I remember all the fun and laughter we had together. I know that your Mum is there looking out for you. Sending huge hugs xxx

  • (((((Hugs))))) much strength and love sent your way😢

  • Dear Nataliaaa

    My heart goes out to you - it's so hard. My father died unexpectedly in hospital a couple of weeks before I was due to have surgery for highly suspicious OC - it turned out to be OC. I had good support from family & friends, but also found having some therapy sessions with someone experienced in bereavement very helpful. I found my therapist/psychologist through Maggie's West London - but you could google bereavement counselling/therapy in your area - there are often charities that offer this support. Or you can go to your GP and ask for a referral - though this often takes time.

    Wishing you the very best at this time - & remember that this is the hardest time for you as it's such a shock - over time things will feel better, even if it doesn't feel like that now.

    Lots of love

    Sundra xxx

  • I'm so sorry you have lost your mum Natalia, everything you are feeling is normal and part of grieving but it hurts like hell! As other ladies have said it can help to get help from a bereavement counsellor to get you through this tough time. Your mum was lucky to have you by her side and you will always carry part of her and her words with you as you go through life. I hope you also have supportive people around you to help you and share the good memories with.


    Madeline xx

  • I'm so sorry your Mom had to depart from you physically but I believe the Lord has healed her cancer now. You are never alone if you have God in your life. Talk to him. Anytime. Anywhere. Ask him into your heart. Ask him to comfort you and guide you. He knew your Mom and he knows you too. He knows you are hurting. He will help you every step of the way. You can be strong through His strength. He loves you. Talk to him like you'd talk to a friend. Prayers don't have to be a formal format. And, write your thoughts done too if that gives you comfort, like you did here. May you feel peace with every day ahead.

  • Hi Nataliaaa

    I was so sorry to see your post.. your poor Mum...but she is at peace now, she can't suffer anymore.

    Just remember... it was your Mums wish that you should carry on for your future children and if you are going to do that you will need to make yourself have something to eat , get some rest and take care of yourself.

    I know it hurts like hell but you can do this for her.

    By all means cry and let your feelings out- we understand but eat, drink , sleep and gather support around you too.

    Much love


  • I'm so so very sorry to read your post about your darling mum. It's such a very hard time for you now and you now will need to find a way to move forward with her not by your side but it is not an easy or quick thing to do.

    My beloved mother died very unexpectedly in August and there was nothing that could be done to save her. My grief and pain is real and is dreadful however I talk to her every day and I look at her photos every day too. I've put a fab one of her as my mobile phone screen and have little things all around the house that either remind me of her or were hers.

    It's such a hard time and I send you a big virtual hug, I'm sorry xxx

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Hi Nataliaaa,

    Your mum would have so appreciated your love and support through it all.

    I am an only child and was so close to my mum all my life and was devastated when she passed and had not got over that when my dad passed away 6 months later of a broken heart.

    That was 6 years ago and there isn't a day I don't think of them, but I compensate with my husband, children,grandchild and another one on the way and my lovely supportive friends.

    Not now,but you will recall happy memories and make ones of your own,unfortunately, life does go on and I can assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Take time to mourn and gradually re build your life with your support team,

    Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Hi Nataliaaa

    My heart goes out to you when I read your sad story first thing this morning. You wrote such a lovely heart rending tribute to her . My own mother died less than 2 years ago so I can empathise with you as have lots of the other women here. Mothers are always special and even though mine was 93 I couldn't believe she was actually gone .

    You will grieve a lot but you will also have lovely memories as you obviously loved and helped her so much. You will have no regrets either and I am sure she knew how much you loved her. May she rest in peace .


  • Keep prayerful and rest in knowing that you carried her and comforted her through her toughest time. You have given her in her weak times what she gave you as a child. You have supported her and held her hands through this time. Rest in knowing, perhaps she was not supposed to go through any more pain with this dreadful disease.

  • So sorry for your loss hun. I lost my darling Mum 3 years ago so know the pain your are going through. You are in my thoughts xx

  • Whilst she is in your heart she is by your side

    God bless and much sympathy 💐

  • Nataliaaa,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my mum last year she was very sick with Alzheimers but it was still very hard. It sounds like you have many happy memories of your mum so cherish them and believe that she is looking after you even though she is not here.

    All the best


  • I'm so sorry for your loss. x

  • Nataliaaa I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my lovely mam to ovarian cancer almost a year ago. Losing a mother is a very difficult and very profound loss, she is the one who has been there from the very start. She tends to be the one who holds families together, though not in every case of course. So there is a change in the family dynamic as well as the loss of the person. But you are stronger and braver than you think. Your mother will never really leave you, even though at times you will feel so empty andwill long for her. But if you have a spiritual or religious belief, you know her soul and spirit are always near you to help and sustain you, and if you don't have such beliefs, you hold the memory of your mother, and the valuevalues she gave you, and they will give you strength, that and the pride you have in being her daughter and standing tall.

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