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I am terrified my mum has OC

I hope you can help. My first time posting on here.. I am sick with worry for my mother who may have OC

My mum is 67. She has symptoms of bloating and urinating often but no pain. Gp has taken her ca125 which is at 39, we also have had an ultrasound which report came back with 'multi sepated cystic mass about 6cm possibly on the left ovary and a solid heterogenous mass on possibly the right ovary which is 11cm x9cm it's huge! She had a hysterectomy 20yrs ago but left her ovaries and they think they have moved from original place.

I am so worried these are malignant... but confused that her ca125 is considered normal by her gynaecology consultant. You would think it would be much higher.. The consultant has not said it's cancer. He is making sure that we get these masses out as soon as possible..and is booking her in for open surgery. Then the masses will be sent for biopsy

I feel sick with nerves as only 3 years ago we lost dad to prostate cancer and we still have not recovered and now this. I am crying everyday it's affect my work and my family life.

Has anyone heard of these types of masses..how have they turned out? Is it really sounding like cancer?!

Any advice much appreciated xxx

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Hi. I am so sorry that you have these worries, but no one can tell what is going on inside your mum until the surgeon takes a look inside. The CA125 is low, so that is good, but not everyone had a high marker when diagnosed. I would like to be able to reassure you, but until the op, it impossible even for the experts to predict. I would just like to wish you and your mum all the best and say don't Google and try your best to support your mum until you know better what you are dealing with. Hopefully your worst fears will be unfounded.



1ora, I completely understand your fears and worry. Take one step at a time. You will not know what these masses are until they are biopsied. Since her CA125 is still high normal range, she may have benign cysts. That happens too. Meanwhile, enjoy time with your mother. Be here now. Do things you love and look forward to. Read your favorite books to escape. If you like to sew, knit, crochet, garden, draw, then do that. Netflix is my drug of choice when I'm too exhausted to do much else. Binge watch your favorite shows. :)


Hi There, I have a good idea of what you're going through, although it was clear from the beginning that my mum had cancer. I agree with the comment above, whatever happens after surgery, enjoy the time now. It's so hard to do when worry overcomes you but try your best :) I'm sending you a massive hug and squeeze. Stay strong x

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Hi, as the other ladies have said we don't know what's happening yet, once the surgery had been done you'll know just what's going on. The CA125 isn't high so that's positive, the two masses are quite possibly non malignant so please do try not to worry too much at the moment, I know it's very easy for me to say this but do try. Let us know more as you know, we are all here for you and for your mum. Take care, big hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx Jane

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Maje sure biopsy and any surgery is done by a gynecologist oncologist. Very important!

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Yes we have a gynaecologist oncologist on board who is nice very chatty and confident and never once mentioned the C word. Very sensitive man. I would like to find out more about him before my mothers surgery, but sure how to do that


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