Low grade oc

My dr said today that if she have to take cancer , she would take low grade.

But here ,ovacome, I have read so so little good things about low grade. All said that chemo does not work and similar things like that.

My dr tells that chemo work just the same HG oc as LG oc. They just dont know are the low grade cells divide in 6months while chemo is there.

Well, I dont have tumour to shrink , only couple of cells, so I think I have good prognosis?

I may never cured but I can leave rest of my life with this disease, can that be impossible? .. have to I giving up to think that I dont leave to my 80's birthday?

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  • Hello Daniella, I wonder if you would find it helpful to ring the Ovacome Nurse on their freephone 0800 008 7054. She is able to give sound information and hopefully, help you focus on what positives there are in your diagnosis. All of us need that balance of factual information and positive perspectives.

    Hope today is good,


  • The thing about low-grade cancer is that it is less likely to spread, low-grade tumours can grow very large but not necessarily spread anywhere else, so can be caught in time whilst you are at a low stage, although there is no guarantee that you won't have a reoccurrence you have a good prognosis. Chemotherapy is given for low-grade cancer at the UK's top leading cancer hospitals,I wouldn't think that oncologists would prescribe it if it was doing nothing, wishing you well with your treatment. x

  • Thanks ! I know that nobody cant tell my future but I want to believe my dr .. :(

  • Nobody can tell anybody future, we can all be here today and gone tomorrow for one reason or another, please be reassured with what your doctor is telling you.

  • I agree with everyone we dont know what the future holds, we could get knocked down or get something else worse than cancer. So your doctor is happy and please be as happy as him because they also need good stories to keep going

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