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Dealing with pain from bloating and wind

Hi Everyone

I am new to the Forum.

I have grade 4a Ovarian and Peritoneal cancer and have had 6 first line carbo and taxol chemo sessions and 4 second line chemo and am now on Letrozole tablets.

I am having a lot of problems with bloating and wind and have tried Spasmonal, Windeeze and painkillers but my stomach still gurgles painfully away all day .

I wondered how anyone one else copes with this the GP seems at a loss.

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Welcome to the forum - we're a lovely group of women, and everyone offers lots of support.

Have you tried peppermint tea to help ease the symptoms? I chugged it down like it was going out of fashion after I had my surgery, and thankfully I didn't suffer too badly with the normal gas and bloating. Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe the tea helped - who knows?! It might be worth a try for you, and you've nothing to lose from giving it a go. I hope the pain and discomfort subsides soon.

It's a shame your GP hasn't been able to help. There are other conditions which cause digestive pain, so if it continues, you should probably go back.

All the best xx

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Hi. If you have not tried ginger cordial that helps and lessens the feeling sick. Only things I find that helps is keeping bowls moving using Metroclomide and taking Movicol powders in water. Eat small light meals, little and often which are easily digestible.

That way the pain is reduced. Pain killers like paracetamol or codein are really the only suggestion in the meantime.

Hope that helps you feel better?


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Hi, I have the same problem. I had debulking surgery nearly four years ago when they also removed part of my howel, chemo last year for a recurrence and I've been on letrazole for a year and my bowel is constantly gurglindg and playing up.. I also have the most terrible smelly wind (sorry if that's TMI). It gets worse when I'm anxious or stressed and then I suffer with spasms and pain. The Consultant who did my op originally, also carried out a laparoscopy last year when I had a recurrence and he said I'm full of adhesions, so I think that has got a lot to do with it. I have a picture in my head of all the nerves in my bowel becoming inflamed when I'm stressed and then the adhesions which are wrapped around my bowel become tighter (like an elastic band) and that's what causes the pain. I've learnt to live with it now and it's become the norm. I hope you get some answers soon, Kerry x



As yosh bosh said, peppermint tea is good,if you have acid which prevents you from eating, I was given Omaprizole,otherwise I would go back to your team for further advice

Carole xxx


I find the only thing that really helps is to go for a walk, even just a short one.


I agree with the peppermint tea and perhaps ginger tea and add a spoon of Manuka Honey. Take Maalox before you go to bed. Perhaps warm baths might help your body relax after all you have been through. Your system does get upset from the Chemo and it does take a while to settle. It takes quite some time to get back to feeling anyway good so dont despair. I agree you should speak to your Oncology team if your gp cannot give you any practical assistance.


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