Bowel gas blockage with severe pain could with noise (like boiling water sound)

Stage 4 OC with nodules all over the abdominal and third line of chemo (current Etoposide –tablets). In the last 4 weeks drastic increase gas obstruction in my bowel with severe pain & noise. When it gets very hard, pain increase and when it gets soft, pain will be reduced …share with me your feedback (if it is consequence of OC/chemo and any recommendation to control the pain …I am so tired, from going to the ER as frequent due to the severity of the pain & lock of sleep . Thx in advance.

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  • Hi there. i sympathise completely. im currently in hospital recovering from my third episode of this this year, brought on by a bought of gastroenteritis which has caused my bowel to become inflamed. really all hospital can do is allow me to rest the bowel by nil by mouth for a few days then gradually reintroduce soft foods etc. Prior to this episode i was coping really well on a low fibre diet and ensuring no constipation by lots of fluids and enemas if necessary. needs must! Mine is a direct result of disease on the surface of the bowel, which is being eased by chemo, but ultimately surgery and a stoma may be the way to go for me.

    wish you all the best. dont suffer alone. Pain relief should be on hand for you as needed.

    lynne xxxx

  • Hi, I too am stage 1V, on 4th line chemo Etoposide.

    I've been having griping abdominal pain and had to increase my meds. I take Laxcido x 3/4 daily but have had to take senna liquid and magnesium sulphate. I've had 4 cycles of Etoposide and this is the 2nd time it's happened.

    Hope your symptoms clear soon,


  • Thankfully I haven't experienced this so can only say that I hope something is tried that will make things more comfortable.

    Best wishes, Solange

  • Hi, your discription of the bowel bubbling is exactly what I experienced back in March when I had a temporary blockage of the bowel and it left me with lots of problems, have a look at my old notes. I have improved so much since then with self help I have to say. I discovered a tablet called dida which stops food formenting, and activated charcoal tablets that absorb gas. Again all details in my posts. The hernia pushes on my bowel and I have a bulge on my left side which used to get hard and would be bubbling mainly in the evening, my GP said it is a classic place for the gas to collect. So the gas has to come out, do the circular rubbing of the tum , right to left, or some yoga poses, have a look on the internet. What I found was that the tablets stopped the gas from forming. I am stage 4 in Oct 2010, clear for nearly two years, reoccurred Feb 2013 and it's now over a year since my last chemo. I had a complete response to my chemo but my ca125 is rising, was 193 back in June had it done through my GP and let my nurse know, she didn't even respond. My scan at the end of March only showed a insy node the size of a freckle, in the abdomen again,so I don't think they are concerned, some of the rise maybe from all I went through with the blockage. I am well in myself. Hope some of this helps you. Best wishes, Trix

  • I had a colostomy due to tumour in bowel and still get blockages due to adhesions despite watching my diet and only get relief by stopping all food pain relief and plenty of fluids .I try to prevent blockages by eating little and often, chewing food well, avoiding meat, mushrooms and undercooked vegetables. If I suspect that a blockage is on the way I take lactulose to soften faeces but often find they are rock hard.Some colostomates take fibogel but I found that blew me up.The other trick I have found is don't panic as it makes pain worse so massaging stomach and strong painkillers is first thing to do and only drink water in case you need medical intervention.If the blockage doesn't clear then an enema is used before slowly reintroducing food.

  • Thanks Lynne, Chris and solange for the feedback & special thanks to Trix as well. I will try as much as i can to balance my food as well try some of what u guys have described. thanks again. Best wishes Eyman

  • Thanks very much Tutti for the excellent feedback ..

  • In addtion, I am staying in the hospital due to severe pain mostly in the top part of the abdominal and the pain would reach to my back. However, there is new thing happening to me, my bod is shaking and feel very cold covering my self with more blanket …I was crying and iam not sure what is happening, my Dr. is not saying any …iam very scared ….

  • Do hope things have improved by the time you see this late reply. I will catch up, one day, with all the various posts.

    Love, Solange. :-)

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