On cloud nine over the weekend, Monday phone call from onc brought me down with a big bump!!!!

Hello again ladies. As you know I, along with the oncologist, and as I am asymptomatic, made a decision to delay 2nd line treatment until end November. Was very optimistic that I could go on delaying until at least after Christmas. On Monday my oncologist called and said my bloods has shown a marked increase (I was too frightened to ask to what number we had got to, the last being 1900). He said he wanted me in for fluids Tuesday, blood test, 2 bags of saline 3 hours each plus further blood tests. CT scan was booked for the Wednesday which happened without too much trouble. Appointment next Thursday 7th, chemo starts Friday 8th. Been a bit down over the last few days but after a chat on Tuesday with my chemo buddy, who is on the same regime as I am going to be on, I am a little bit more upbeat. Not looking forward to more trips to the chemo ward but on a positive note I am having a PICC line put in so I won't look like a pin cushion on every visit. Going to enjoy my last chemo free week with friends and family, Xmas shopping, wrapping prezzies, writing my cards and making my Christmas food shop list. Happy days :) Love n hugs to all, Izzystep xxxxx

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  • Hi Izzy, I too have my appointment on the 7th nov. Mine is back now but this time it is in my lymph nodes. Seems there are several of us just about to start chemo again. I think we should all post and support each other at the terrible time. Just what we all need before Christmas it's a busy time but when you feel unwell it's not much fun. Let's hope we all start feeling better soon and can get our lives back on track.

    Love and hugs Babs x x

  • Mine is also in the lymph nodes. I am praying that hasn't already spread anywhere else, my CT scan that I had Wednesday will show if it has. There are many ladies just starting 2nd line treatment, a mix of different chemotherapy, each lady is individual. Hope all goes well in the 7th, will be thinking of you when I speak to my onc. Keep well Izzy xxxxxx

  • Babs , good luck to you as well . Best wishes , dx

  • Hi Ally. Yes my oncologist has already discussed this when I put it off last time. I am having gem/carb plus Avastin. Lovely mix of drugs lol. One of the other ladies on this site, Whippit Annie, had this concoction on Tuesday, so we are making notes on how we feel. Thanks for your support. Izzy xxxx

  • It is a shame that you have to start chemo before Christmas but at least your oncologist is on the ball and doing what needs to be done. Good idea to get going with the Christmas lists before it starts.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Mary. Yes I can certainly say my onc is on the ball. I have to laugh because I ask so many questions and say 'what about this?' 'What do you think about this treatment?' 'Have you heard about this trial?' etc etc etc. only from reading on this site do I feel a little more informed about OC and its treatments. That's why I think this site is so good. There are so many ladies who keep us informed about new trials and stats on OC. I feel blessed to have found it. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Dear Izzy,

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend doing Christmas stuff and then that your treatment goes well.


    Zannah x

  • Thanks Zannah. I am going to try to get it all done this week. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Dear Izzy , sounds like its needed at this time and well done you for focusing on what you can do to prepare ... What an organised lass you are . Enjoy your last weekend before your new resign starts , dy xxx

  • Hello Dy. last year Christmas went by in a blur. Everyone got a card with money in it, not very imaginative at all. This year I am going to do it all before the chemo starts. Racking my chemo brain to think of what buy everyone. If I fail I can always revert to money in a card and blame the chemo YET AGAIN!!!!! Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxx

  • Some great bargains in the shops at the moment and at least you will get it sorted as the good stuff always sells out and as as you say plan B ... Blame the chemo !

  • I'm impressed and inspired by your Christmas list. I'm going to do the same. You've made me think I can also get a box and organise birthday cards for everyone. That'll be a good quiet diversion to while away a slow day. Do you look online for Chrissie presents? Xx Sending good cheer and peaceful thoughts.

    Hey my nurse said drink loads of water the day before, during chemo and the day afterwards. She said we sometimes forget whilst we're on chemo. 2 to 3 litres each day. Xxxx love Annie

  • That's a good idea to get the years birthday cards out of the way. One less worry lol. I tend to do a mixture of online and looking in shops. My biggest probłem is what to buy!!! Robert Dyas has a good sale of household goods so I may get my married daughter some cooking paraphernalia. She loves experimenting with food. Alas I have to watch what I eat or my colostomy bag blows up (not a nice sight ha ha). My youngest loves the cinema so a yearly pass would be great for her and her partner. That also like days out, so some tickets for 'things to do in London' is an idea. Might make a list and get cracking Monday. Thanks for the tip on water. I am a really bad water drinker!! That's why they pump fluids in me every so often. Must drink more!!!! Hope the birthday went well and your sickness eased off a little. Good luck for your little chemo next Tuesday. Enjoy your week off. Love n hugs to my chemo buddy. Izzy xxxxxxx

  • The sea-sickness wasn't really too bad. It came and went through the day. Took the dog out for about 3 hours and that helped a lot as it was a distraction. It came back early evening and as I like whisky and water thought I'd try that and it seemed to do the trick. I guess it's a matter of trial and error to find out what suits us best.

    Had a really lovely birthday lunch with my daughter, son-in-law and their 5 year old twin girls. Didn't eat much all day though. Just picked at stuff.

    Think it's worth measuring out water if you need to try to drink 2 or 3 litres per day. I got a bobble that filters water and you can keep it in the fridge. Reminds me to drink it all during the day -but more difficult to remember sitting attached to a chemo pump. Perhaps it's an idea to take in a bottle of water into hospital and add a flavour you like.

    I love your present ideas. It's started me thinking too.

    I'm just hugging myself with excitement at the moment as step-daughter 2 is about to have her baby girl any moment now. We had a text a couple of hours ago to say she's on her way. We're all waiting on the phone call - then down to Cornwall to meet our new grand-daugher. Forgotten all about my sea-sickness now!

    Love xxx Annie

  • Oh Annie again we have a similarity. I have 2 dogs. One old lady Staffordshire bull terrier who is 13 and going deaf. One young buck of a boy (8 years) who is a mixture, but has a lot of Irish Woolfhound in him. They are such a comfort when I am not feeling well. They seem to know when I am under the weather. I am going to set an hourly alarm to remind me to drink a glass of water. That should be enough YUK!!! I do hope your new baby arrives safe and well and your journey to Cornwall doesn't bring on travel sickness. That mixed with chemo sickness wouldn't be very nice. Please keep us up to date on the arrival. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxx

  • Martin's just brought me in wrist bands for car sickness but do you know I'm so excited I don't feel sea-sick any more. Must watch my blood pressure. Avastin sends it sky-high. I'm like a bottle of pop. Think of us dashing from Cardiff to Cornwall some time today/this evening.

    So good to hear you have two lovely dogs. I had a terrier for 19 years who died a couple of years before I was diagnosed. I got Monty as a rescue dog when I started my chemotherapy. He's a leggy tri-coloured Welsh Border Collie. Far too big for my Victorian terraced house really but he needed a home - and boy am I glad I've got him. He's my dear companion - likes yours are. I love Staffies, by the way, and Wolfhounds. Well I like just about any dog. xxxxx Sending love. x Annie

  • Hi Izzy... what are rollercoaster this disease puts us on. I'm glad you had your friend there to reassure you. It's a good idea to get the shopping in and things wrapped. It is a busy time and it means that you can get on looking after yourself and not worrying about the Christmas season. Love to you... Tina x x

  • Christmas is a lovely time but we all worry about it, don't we? It sometimes becomes so stressful. Why do we put ourselves through it. I cook a roast dinner every sunday and have all the family to eat. Sometimes, at most, there are 13 to sit and feed. Everything is timed to perfection. Come Christmas I am a total wreck lol. WHY????? It's only a bloody roast dinner with a few crackers chucked on the table :) Must admit I love it, especially wearing the silly paper hat and reading the not so funny jokes and being so pleased with the plastic ring or spinning top present. Oh dear I have rattled on far too much. Sorry to bore you. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Hope it turns good for you. Vxxx

  • Thank you V. Not looking forward to it but it has to be done so let's get on with it. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Hi Izzy

    Keep up with the upbeat - I think when things seem a bit shitty doing something positive and proactive must have an actual biochemical effect, producing endorphins or something. I know that people do laughter therapy which sounds like a load of bollocks but probably based on same thing... Anyway: getting ahead of Christmas seems like a great move. We should start a Christmas planning post to gather up all the good online shops and golden finds... esp if some of us are going to be doing a lot of remote shopping and lower impact Xmas stuff. Personally I am in economy mode what with my illness having buggered up my business quite a bit, as it turns out.

    Hang I there, get that chemo going, stun em all with a beautifully organised Christmas, and beat the bugger back again.


    Sue xxx

    Hmm, what a sweary post, I am not in a good place this morning, it seems!

  • Oh Sue, don't worry about a sweary post, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I am an old East London cockney girl who has heard and used far worse language that that lol!!!!! It's good to get it off your chest. Hope it's made you feel a bit better. Sometimes it's better to be in economy mode. I might do that this year. Set a budget for each person and try to stick to it. I don't have that many people to buy for, thank goodness. It's WHAT to buy is my biggest problem.

    Sue, I hope your business climbs back up soon. This cancer does bugger so much up for everyone. We will Keep up the positive attitude and get through it all together. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxx

  • I recommend the PICC line Izzy! I am learning to flush mine over Christmas as I am having a week off for being good and going to mey daughter's for Xmas. I ahve bought the presents just need to wrap them and add cheques for my grandsons!

  • Wow Margaret, you are way way ahead of me!!!!!! I must admit I am slightly jealous lol. Good news on hand PICC. I am looking forward to it. No more pricks in my arm. 4 times to get bloods!!!! Not their fault I know but it sometimes really hurts. My hubby is going be shown how to flush (poor man). My only worry is that i am so restless in bed that it might come out!!! Oh well onwards and upwards. Must do some housework and get off this lovely site Love n hugs Izzy xxxx

  • Hi Izzy!

    I cannot have chemo in my left arm because of the breast lumpectomy and lymph node removal, cannot find any veins in the right because of over use the PICC is in my upper right arm, went in like a dream. Tip! Ask for extra tube bandages so you can shower with it on and then change for a dry one, otherwise the tube dangles and catches. Beware getting it too soaked as the dressing starts to peel away!

  • PS! I have no bother at night and wear woollen jumpers and T shirts with long loose(ish) sleeves that hold things in place during the day. The tubular sleeve type bandage holds it in place very effectively at night!

  • Thank you for those tips. Bart's hospital are very good in giving you anything that makes life on chemo easier and my GP is just as good. I am trying to work out what's the best arm. I am Right handed so maybe they will put it in the left. Best leave it to the experts. I like to have a long soak in radox stress relief bubble bath. I will have to soak with one arm out ;) Bet that will make a nice site lol. I will let you know how I get on. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Oh good grief Margaret! Although why this surprises me I don't know....


  • I am late these days! I used to do my christmas shopping in the Jan Sales and kept a box full of (suitable) presents so I always had something for unexpected birthdays and never had to face the pre Christmas melee! Unfortunately my kids take after their dad in this!

  • As I shall be away over Christmas and I usually send (and receive) over 150 cards I have decided that this year, as I will not be here to enjoy them and putting them up and taking them down is going to be a pain, I will not send cards. I have asked people who were thinking of sending me cards not to do so but, if they wish, to make a donation to a charity of their choice instead. I have calculated that I can donate over £150 to my chosen charities this year because at least 20 of my cards go abroad! I can still send my good wishes electronically and make my grandsons the traditional hand embroidered ones!.


  • What a good idea Margaret. Can you imagine if everyone did this!!! Who would go out of business first. The Royal Mail or Clinton's Cards. With email, skype, FaceTime and the wonderful World Wide Web etc etc we can send Christmas greetings all over the world. I am sure the charities would appreciate this gesture. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Sorry you didn't get as long a break as you were hoping for Izzy but sounds like the wheels are all in motion very quickly and you can crack on.

    Have only just started to even think about Christmas, really must get going as we are now in November. Let the Christmas shopping begin :-) Apart from the kids presents which have to wait till later on. They have a tendency to change their mind or forget what they've put on Santas list. Not making that mistake again!

    All the best for Thursday


  • I wish I had a bit more time in between chemos. I had my last on 1st February 2013 and start again on 8th November 2013, so just a little over 9 months :( my biggest problem is that I feel so well!!!! I know having all that crap out inside me will make me feel ill. As one of the ladies said its a roller coaster if a ride. Love n hugs Izzy xxxx

    Oh yes I agree to wait for kiddies toys. My grandson changes his mind every minute. Happy days :) xxx

  • I,ve never seen sandra look and feel so well after stopping chemo, 4 years of struggle has come to an end, the days of being in a wheelchair during some treatments seem behind us. Xx

  • And long may Sandra look and feel well. Chemo really stuffs you up!!!! Love n hugs Izzy xxx

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