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Bloating with Gas


As I mentioned in a previous post, my current chemo has stopped working and I have a referral to RM on Thursday.

(Must say RM were quick to respond once the paperwork was sent).

Anyway back to my reason for posting.

For the last month I have bloated immensely, apparently the scan shows it is not fluid and I was told it's mostly gas but no-one has offered a solution.

Can they not vent it off, like they drain the fluid. They can set light to it and I can do an impression of an oil rig :-).

Alternatively any ideas how I can help myself, it's so uncomfortable.

I'm living up to my user name now, I was always the opposite - hence my nickname.


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Poor you! It must be so uncomfortable. The only thing my Mum found helpful, when she had a similar problem, was charcoal tablets. No you don't put them up your *** and draw a picture ;-) they should be ok with bother medication, but best to check first. You can get them from health food shops. Hope it helps

Love Wendy xx


What does charcoal do?


Have you tried Peppermint Tea - I drinks lots of it as I find it very good for

excess gas. I buy my tea from Holland and Barrett and at the moment it's

on offer.

Best wishes

Angie x


I know it's almost impossible when you're tired, but if you can manage to walk a bit that can help too. Also a hot water bottle I found can help soothe the pain. Chris


I know I shouldn't but this made me lgiggke; love the oil rig analogy and then Wendy chipped in... Joking aside though this is terribly uncomfortable, I know. One thing I found really (surprising me hugely) helpful was the yoga wind relieving position. How well one can do this depends on state of middle I suspect, or whether post Huston but: you lie on your back or side and raise one knee up and kind of hug it for a while, then do same on other side. Apparently it puts just the right gentle pressure on the right parts of the gastric system to encourage gas to shift along. See images here as my description is probably a bit dodgy Use earplugs. Hope it helps...


Sue xxx


Giggle, even.... Bloody ipad


Oh god: post hysterectomy!!


Thanks everybody. I'll try them.

IGiggle is there an app for that?


This gas that they speak of, do you think is it in the bowel or the cavity left after the debulking?

This has come on so quick.

I mean I'm huge.


Hope you read the reply I just left.



Debulking was a year ago, so I didn't mean post op wind.


Hi my oncologist told me bloating and wind is normal 12 months after op as most

of her ladies are suffering with it including me. Does your stomach go down

during the night. Mine does and I slowly bloat through the day.

I think the gas is in the bowel which has been spread into the cavity at the end of op..

so I am told by my oncologist.

A xx


No it's mostly there all the time now.

I used to just get it in the evenings and then I was assured it was gas.

Now this is just huge, and has come on in the last few weeks.

Anyway thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply.

If I don't pop first I will ask at my consultation on Thursday.

My first at RM as I asked for a second opinion after my local hospital ran out of options.


Good luck on Thursday ..... please let us know how you go on.

Best Wishes

Angie x


I have been taking prednisone for 16 months. I got a lot bigger in my stomach recently. I feel like I Am pregnant with twins. My stomach sticks out front and each side. I am swollen and it is really hard. Miserable. I did have them do paracenteses. The insert nova cane and tube into your lower belly. Pulled 2.5 liters fluid. I need to go back again. A gastro doctor can handle this. I also suffer from flatulence and gas. But I want gas out so I take Gas X. It never seems better except when they do paracenteses. Have them do an ultrasound to see if you have a lot of ascites. (Fluid). They haven't found where mine is coming from. I have lost 15 pounds. Not gained. The rest of my body is skinny.


Hi Judymelo, this post is a couple of years old! (It's not always obvious I know!) It would be better to post a new one! Best wishes, Sxx


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