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Update - Abdominal pain and cramps - results of scan


Hello all

I got results of scan that I had yesterday - there is a lot of peritoneal disease, more deposits in peritoneum than 6 weeks ago, and more ascites. Oncologist told me to try a liquid diet until tomorrow to "rest" the bowel, and take Buscopan for cramps and paracetamol for pain. If no improvement over the next few days he will bring me into to hospital to be drained.

Isn't it amazing to think that I feel this is good news! Last year I was devastated to be told I had more disease in peritoneum after 1st line of chemo, this year - after 3rd line of chemo - I'm so relieved that it hasn't spread to any organs. This, I think, is called living with the disease!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! ( or as nice as possible)


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Sounds like great news to me.

You are a great inspiration Juliet and your positivity shines through despite having to deal with a 3 rd reccurance. Am so pleased that your organs are clear and sounds like your team have a plan in place . You are certainly a great example of living with the disease and I wish you every success with your treatment . I hope I can be as strong and positive as you when the time comes .

Hope you are comfortable soon and have some good days between your treatment

Love and best wishes Kim x

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Thank you very much for your kind words Kim - and keep in mind your time might be a long time away!

Juliet x

Hi Juliet do we become conditioned to this or WHAT? It it good it hasn't spread. I hope you have a comfy weekend.

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Thanks Suzuki! I am just hoping now that I get less pain in the coming weeks!

See you Saturday 29th?


Hope your symptoms settle as predicted Juliette. Have a good weekend xx

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Thank you Lyndy - wishing you a good weekend also!


Totally agree with you. Ann xx

Hello juliet

I'm so sorry to hear the disease is spreading. Don't really have any advice just wanted to say " keep strong and hang on there"


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Thank you Marijke!

The only thing we can do is live with it. I'm always thankful to hear "the plan" as that alone brings hope. Hopefully the bowel will settle quickly and you get ease xo

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Hi Julie

Yes, that's all we can do and "live" being the operative word! The bowel settled somewhat this week, but last night I began to feel very bloated and crampy again. Bowel movements very frequent, so I decided to adjust my diet today, take Buscopan and Paracetamol. The weather was gorgeous today and I had arranged to meet a friend and walk by the sea, but I felt so bad at lunchtime that I considered cancelling- I had only taken liquids since yesterday. Anyway, I decided to go and I was so glad that I made the effort. ~Lovely walk by the sea and I ate some low fibre food (fish and a salad) and I'm hoping that I don't have a repeat of last night!

Have a nice weekend!


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