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Low white blood count

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Hi everyone

I am currently undergoing second line chemo combination carboplatin and gem cite. After my first treatments my white blood count was to low for treatment and a week latter is still too low at0.7. I am now going tomorrow to get injections to boost WBC. Has anyone had similar experience. Do the injections work and what are side effects.

Finding it all a bit frightening as did not have problem with bloods on my first line chemo.

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I had this a couple of times and had to have injections. Yes, they do work! Side effects will depend on the drug you are having - with me I became very achey.

Good luck

Monique x

Hi, we are on same but this is our 5th line. Only finished the first cycle ie week 1 and week 2 but during our rest week 3 Sandra temp started to rise above the 37.5 mark. We knew her white bloods were supposed to be at their lowest a few days earlier and she avoided going out to prevent catching anything. However we watched the temp over the weekend and it kept going up and then down. It peaked at 38 on Sunday but by Monday we had no choice but to ring the christie hotline. She was admitted and put on to antibiotics. Her white cells were down and her neutrophils also down hence she could not come home. She was given an injection to boost the WBC. We are expecting her to come home today Thursday since the WBC has recovered and now her temp has stopped fluctuating. Needless to say her 2nd cycle has been delayed until next week. Rgds Paul

Sorry to hear you are having such an awful time of it. My neutrophils are low as well. I am definitely keeping a close eye on temperature but up to now ok. It sounds as if it does work. Thanks for taking the time to reply and I hope Sandra gets home today .

All the best


Dear Sharon, Do you have a long journey to your cancer unit - or can you consult someone nearer at home. Having that on top of all the other worries must be the pits.

I think it might be worth ringing the Ovacome helpline after 9. They're so knowledgeable I'm sure they'd give you some advice on the side-effects linked to your particular chemotherapy prescription.

Sending lots of love and cyber hugs. xxx Annie

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Wiganw in reply to Whippit

Hi Annie

Thanks for that. I'm not to far away just thirteen miles so very easy compared to a lot of people I speak to at the unit. I am lucky that my dad comes with me and can drive if i dont feel like it. I went in yesterday and they gave me one injection as it looks like my blood is not going to improve on its own. Had pain in back and a bit achy and dry mouth hopefully that all means its doing something. Did have some good news at hospital my ca125 has come down from 161 to 128 after one treatment. That has made it all seem worth it.

Thanks again


Hi Sharon. I had the injections too. I don't remember much in the way of side effects but that might have been because I was feeling so yukky from the chemo.( I was told I might get pain in the legs.) Once I started having the injections I didn't have to have any more chemo sessions cancelled which ws the most important thing. Here's hoping they work for you and that you get through it ok.

Love Mary xx

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Wiganw in reply to citrine

Thanks for that its really encouraging hopefully it will all be worth it. I have had first injection and have discomfort in back and generally achy.

Thanks again


I am on 4th line treatment with carbo and gem and had to stop gem as I ended up in hospital for a week each time but my white cells were too low and i had to have 2 weeks delay till they came back up last week. I have had neulasta jabs and I do think they help and don't think I've had side effects. But of course we're all different and I know people who've been fine with carbo and gem too. Good luck

Francesca x

Hi! wigandi. During my 2nd. line chemo my white blood cells dropped to . My daughter had read that green tea and green vegatables bring them up. I started to drink the tea and my green veg. intake and when I went back the next week they were well above the norm.x

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Wiganw in reply to poleglass

Thanks for that. I have the tea got my brother to get me some he drinks it a lot. I am a terrible eater not eat vegetables or salad most of my life. I have improver over last year since having cancer. I just find taste so strong. I will be looking for recipes with more greens and trying harder.

Thanks again


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poleglass in reply to Wiganw

Wigan, my husband makes me this great soup. I actually call it super soup and I swear by it for getting me through chemos with no stops and no infections. I am going to give you the recipe and its all veg but tastes delicious. My son is not a veg eater but he eats this and loves it. if you took a bowl of this a day you would be getting all the vitamins you need. I put it into separate containers and freeze it .Just take one out every day defrost and heat up in pot. You chop up leeks ,celery , broccoli,a pepper any colour,an onion about 4 medium sized potatoes, spinach, some carrots . You can use frozen spinach and frozen broccilli and frozen peppers as you don't eat much veg, these would last longer and you can take out just what you need with no wastage...You add salt pepper seasoning and water and just boil it up and let it simmer, When it is cooked add couple chicken stock cubes for flavour and then take a hand blender and blend it until it is smooth. let it cool and put it into separate containers and then freeze. you can get 6 containers in poundland .It means if you don't feel like eating a large amount, this will fill you and at the same time be nutricious.Let me know if you make it and like it.xxx.

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Wiganw in reply to poleglass

Thanks for that I will definitely be trying it. I did make soup in my first line chemo and found I eat that much easier than straight veg but got out of habit when I went back to work. I will get everything tomorrow and give it a go.

Thanks again

It will be handy for you, especially when you are working. You just leave a container of soup out every morning to defrost and then eat it whenever you come home. I have went through 3 sets of chemo , my last 18 weekly taxol and never once was my chemo cancelled so it is really good for your bloods. hope you like it and only glad to help.xx

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