Green light to South Africa!

Green light to South Africa!

Hello lovely ladies

Following on from my call from my Oncologist last week, I saw her this afternoon. I took a list of questions the length of my arm with me and methodically went through each one (which I didn't do last time!). Anyway, she re-confirmed that everything had come back clear. I asked her how the tumour was initially removed by my first gynae surgeon (because for that op back in June, we didn't know what we were dealing with as it was merely a suspected large ovarian cyst). I asked, because had it been ruptured 'in situ' before being removed, that could have proved problematic. But, apparently, my first gynae had the nowse to pop it in a surgical bag before rupturing/removing it...had he not have done this, I would be looking at a minimum stage 1c (and thus, needing chemo).

Now...I don't know if this is all standard practice, but I almost feel like writing to my first gynae to thank him explicitly for being so cautious! Had he not have been, I may have been looking at a VERY different outcome altogether.

Anyway - she settled all of my worries about just 'being discharged' after 6 months and sent on my merry way. She very much gave me the confidence that I will never just be left dangling and that i have a direct route straight back to her at any time i want/need. Same goes for future scans...she would firstly be reviewing them herself as well as a properly trained radiographer (who knew what they were looking for based on my set of circumstances). Yes, we don't quite know if/when this might return, but I at least feel like i have been given all the relevant info to arm myself, should it rear its ugly head.

So, i'm booked in to see her in 6 months time, and until then, it's GO GO GO to South Africa this time next week! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate (again) i've celebrated with sausage, egg and chips for tea! Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life :)

Thank you again ladies for all your help and support over these last few months...I'll be sure to post some safari pictures with a big two fingers stuck up to the big 'C'!!

Jemima xx

p.s. had my hair done yesterday...first time since after my first op....gosh it felt good! Hadn't appreciated how all the anaesthetics/drugs had made me look (and feel) so drab!!

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  • Very happy to hear your news. Now go and have some fun. Have a lovely time. Angela x

  • Thanks Hun...I intend to ☺️ Xx

  • mmmm sausage, eggs and chips, sounds delish. Have a wonderful time in South Africa, you deserve it and I'm loving the hair, very glam, Kerry xx

  • It was delish!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€ thanks Hun...appreciate it xx

  • So, so happy for you! Have a fabulous holiday xx

  • Thanks Yosh...I intend to!! 😘😘

  • go chase those lions xxxxx

  • Absolutely what I intend to do ☺️ Thanks knoxie xx

  • I'm so pleased for you Jemima. Have a fab holiday. Xx

  • Thanks Ali, appreciate it xx

  • Woohoo Mrs A! Looking Fab! Have a fab holiday!!


  • Thanks D 😘 I'll do my very best!! Look after yourself xx

  • Yes its the simple things in life that make us happy, great news and have a great holiday,

  • Thanks Hun...take care xx

  • We want a postcard please! Xx L

  • Thanks L...will do my very best! ☺️ Xx

  • Have a great time, and yes take some lovely pics. Xx

  • Thanks Hun & I will, don't worry! Xx

  • Fantastic news Jemima.

    You have the most wonderful time,

    Debs xxx

    PS: You look gorgeous. xx

  • Thanks hunny 😘😘

  • Jemima

    What a fantastic post and one we all aspire to. I am so happy for you. You look fabulous and as you say . SA here you come ! It's obvious you had a brilliant team looking after you. Hope we hear from you now and then with a description of your latest adventure , Take care and safe journey


  • Thanks Molly...there's no getting rid of me ☺️ Xx

  • Have a great time, you deserve it ! xx Kathy

  • Thanks Kathy...look after yourself xx

  • Fantastic news go on holiday and enjoy yourself.

    Ellsey xx

  • Thank you Ellsey xx

  • Great news-please say hello to my lovely home country xxx

  • I will do lovely lady xx

  • Hope you insured with insurance with -they were the best for going to SA. X

  • Covered by existing insurer Aviva as booked & paid for this trip & others before all this OC nonsense began πŸ‘πŸ» but thanks x

  • Do double check as you may find that any recent medical stuff needs to be declared.... insurance companies can be sneaky buggers!! ;-) This is such fabulous news and you look great!! Keep on celebrating lovely! :-) xxxx

  • I did already πŸ™‚ (I'm in the financial world so it's kinda my thing!)

    All disclosed...all covered...letter confirming I'm fit to travel in the post too! πŸ˜‡ Xx

  • Excellent- lots of us find post diagnosis travel insurance a bit of a tricky thing so am delighted you're all over it!!!!! (& obviously not all who work in insurance are sneaky buggers... ;-) ) xxx

  • Good luck and have an amazing time. Hope you are "free" of OC for the long haul.

  • Thanks Marianna...appreciate it xx

  • Have a fab holiday ...... love your hair

    πŸ¦πŸ™ŠπŸ― xx

  • Thanks angelina πŸ’ Xx

  • Looking good girl! Glad for all your good news,I've heard South Africa is amazing,so have a fab time and forget all that has happened,you have a bright future

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you Carole...appreciate it xx

  • You look amazing. Amazing news and you've guessed it have an amazing hoiday xx

  • Thanks Gleedy 😘😘

  • V glad that you're recovering so well and that your results have been confirmed as a Mucinous Borderline Tumour.

    Just to reassure others with the same diagnosis... I had a 22cm MBOT removed 2 years ago. Also 1c. My surgeon told me I was 'cured by surgery'. He doesn't consider Borderline tumours as cancer. The cells are abnormal but different from ovarian cancer. Mine was 1c because part of the tumour did rupture - it was huge with a sister cyst the size of a grapefruit, floating somewhere up by my midriff. Impossible to remove without leakage.

    But even so, there was no question of chemo. It doesn't work very well because Borderline cells grow so slowly and you'd need high doses which would kill off normal cells. I just have phased out monitoring, u/s and a Ca 125. Now down to annual check-ups.

    I'm post-menopausal, so they would probably monitor a younger woman who's had conservative surgery more closely. And still very scary, but not as bad as it might have been.

    Just in case anyone is worrying because their tumour wasn't removed intact...

  • Thanks for your response Decca...I'm sorry to hear you've been through something similar. Your story (& treatment) were interesting to read. I hope you remain clear ☺️ Xx

  • Same to you! It's good to meet another MBOT. There aren't v many of us. Around 2 in 100,000. Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket!

  • πŸ˜‚ perhaps I should!! Aren't we the "special ones" ☺️ xx

  • Wow what fantastic news. You must be estactic! What a wonderful detail feeling to be going away with.

    It's lovely also to hear how wonderful and positive your team have been.

    Have a fantastic time and stay healthy. X

  • Thank you Alf xx

  • Good haircut. Enjoy South Africa! Looking forward to seeing some pics.

  • Thank Hun xx

  • Jemima you look amazing. Wow what good news.wish my surgeon had put mine in a bag and then I would not be sat here having chemo lol. I'm 1c after saying that I guess my cyst was too big weighed 6lb eeeek at least it's out now. Sooooo pleased for you enjoy your hols you deserve it πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • That's funny Shelly! I was stage 1 too but I never asked whether it was a or c! I had a laparoscopic procedure and had read that it was standard that they would put the cyst in a bag when removing it, mine was big too it was 16cm so I just assumed that it was put in the bag and didn't ask. The reason my consultant advised me to have chemo was that the cells they found in the cyst were grade 3/high grade and that was the reason why chemo was recommended! Anyway when people ask I say I was stage 1 and don't add an a or a c!!!

    Hope you are well!


  • D, I just assumed my first gynae just poked it 'in situ' & sucked out the contents (spilling some in the process) before retrieving the 'casing' as that was what I'd read how they do it. That's what my onco thought initially too but when she spoke to first gynae, he confirmed he'd put it in a bag...otherwise it would be 1c not 1a...

    J xx

  • That's really great πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒx

  • Thank D... I'm doing ok although found out today I have low magnesium πŸ˜–.. I was advised to have chemo because it was clear cell carcinoma which I've been told has high rate of recurrence ... Think having chemo gives us the best possible chance of beating this little sucker!! 😍

  • Interesting Shelly...mine weighed 1kg & was 15cm. I don't know what is & isn't standard practice when it comes to 'cyst removal'...

    But thank you! SA here I come! Xx

  • Wonderful news! Have fun in SA! X

  • Thanks Jen...hope you're well? Xx

  • Yes good thanks. Back at work and feeling good, although occasionally sore if I push myself. First appointment at the fertility clinic next week, fingers crossed! Enjoy SA, we are off there in Feb B-) x

  • You are so beautiful! Enjoy every moment of your holiday and hopefully, when you get back, you will forget all the difficulties you have been through and will leave behind your worries and anxieties. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Hun...can't wait to get away now!! Lots to celebrate & look forward to ☺️ Xx

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